Agni Yoga: Psychoenergetical Work


The mechanism of the development of many diseases, including cancer, is an intrusion of dark energies into one’s body through its weakened energy structures [3].

Many mental diseases of the schizophrenia type are caused by a dark entity settling in the body of a vicious person. The typical karmic reasons for this are betrayal or carelessness. [2]

“Those of pure heart are invulnerable to the sickness of possession, but putrid hearts can attract awful entities.” [3]

The situation of a mental disease of that kind is almost hopeless, but in case of a corporal disease caused by such factors one can resort to bioenergetical correction. [2; 40:AUM; see also 15]

Yes, cancer is an affliction of mankind, and it will grow. But those who do not eat meat, drink alcohol, use tobacco and drugs, who maintain pure psychic energy — such people should not fear cancer. [40:Agni Yoga]

Treating cancer in its initial stage can be surgical. However, the treatment is meaningless if such a person after being cured continues to live a vicious life. [40:Agni Yoga]

As for infectious diseases, one has to know that they should be treated in a combined manner: using both bioenergetical and medical means [1].

In any case — including energy attacks of dark entities — one can protect the organism by creating a Fiery Shield, i.e. by uniting oneself with the Flame of a Divine Teacher.* These battles are initiated by God with the purpose of teaching us to come closer to Him. If one does not have the Shield yet, the protection can be ensured by a protective network formed by the chakras filled with energy [2,3].

Every one of us has to accept that the health is necessary, first, for successful advancement along the Path of self-development and thus requires our attention, and, second, it is directly related to the spiritual efforts that we make.

The healing of oneself or of other people has to be comprehensive. It should begin with an analysis of the karmic reasons and removing them through repentance. Only then (or along with penitential work), one may perform psychoenergetical, medical, and other kinds of healing.

It is also important to remember that God always controls everything that happens to us. And He expects correct decisions from us. Such decisions can take place only if we have learned to view the situation not in the egocentric way but from the standpoint of God, i.e. feeling not ourselves but Him as the Regulator, the Goal, the Meaning, and the Center of everything happening in the universe.

“Verily, karma is frightening only to those who indulge in idleness” [2].

“Observe how each deed influences the fluctuations of karma.

“One can see how betrayal in all its forms causes a quick formation of (negative) karma. One can learn much from such observations. It is a pity to see people harming themselves! One can see how a viper strikes the inner being during these self-defeats. Nothing can avert the consequences, for the cause and effect are too close.” [2]

On the contrary: “The growth of the spiritual warriors as consciousnesses is verily a celebration for Us!” [2]

The one who encompasses active, creative love — conquers the negative karma and cognizes the Divine Fire. And “… the cosmic daring suffuses (such) a carrier of Fire” [2].

“Among the kinds of courage, the most invincible is the courage of the flaming heart when, with full resolve, with full awareness of the feat, the warrior knows only the Path of advance.

“Only the extreme degree of the courage of desperation is comparable to the courage of the flaming heart. With the same speed as the desperation flees from the past — the courage of the flaming heart advances to the future.

“Thus, if one lacks the courage of the flaming heart, let there be the courage of desperation! Only thus warriors can achieve victory when the pressure is great.

“All other kinds of courage are of no significance, for there is half-decisiveness in them. One has to avoid this quality, next to cowardice and betrayal.” [2]

“Which way is the most certain on the Path to Us? The most certain way is the selflessness of the feat! The most wondrous fire is the flame of the heart filled with love for the Hierarchy!” [2]

“Help each other, harken! Help in small and in great! … Help wherever the hand can reach, wherever a thought can fly! … The heart aflame with help is Our heart!” [2]

Vladimir Antonov

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