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This web site is ded­ic­ated to the Meth­od­o­logy of Spir­itu­al De­vel­op­ment — a new branch of mod­ern sci­ence cre­ated by a group of sci­ent­ists leaded by Vladi­mir Ant­onov, Ph.D. (in bio­logy)

Vladimir Antonov

Lecture from the film Spiritual Heart

So, the fire… in good or bad weather, be it rain or snow… but we build a fire in the forest, and it makes the place cozy — creates a feeling of a hearth, as if we are in the home.

But one should build a fire in a way to make no harm to the forest or to any living being. Plants, too, are living beings. Therefore, it’s better to build a fire on an old fireplace or on a place where no plants grow; on a sandy road in the forest, for example.

And one should never build a fire under big fir trees in dry weather, because under fir trees usually a lot of needles are accumulated; these needles begin to smolder… the roots of the tree get burned… the fire spreads further over the soil…

The flame of a fire can be of two kinds, two types. While the fire is flaring up, the flame is bright, intense, sometimes raging… But after the flame sank, when a lot of coals are formed, when the flame is soft, bringing calm… then it’s very good to attune to such a flame; such a fire heals.

It’s also very important to learn to look at the flame of a fire not with the physical eyes, as people usually do it, but with the eyes of the spiritual heart… Like this…

There is an expression “it warms the soul”. And in this case, the fire will warm the soul, will warm the spiritual heart — the most important in man. Staying near such a fire, contemplating it can be considered an important spiritual exercise.

Let’s talk about all this in more detail.

There is the Greek word HESYCHIA, which means inner quietness, inner calm.

The ancient Christian direction Hesychasm was named after it.

This direction is based on two methodological principles, which are closely related to each other: achievement of HESYCHIA — inner quietness and “opening” the spiritual heart

And then the development of man as a spiritual heart takes place.

Have you ever thought about for what purpose we live on the Earth? What is the meaning of our lives?

If you have never thought about this, then maybe it makes sense to do it right now: because many people, having found no right answer to this question, doom themselves to fatally wrong deeds, to degradation and suffering.

But don’t think that I am going to tell you that the meaning of our lives consists in avoiding the “everlasting torments of hell” and attaining the “eternal bliss of paradise”. No! We are going to discuss this subject seriously, from the scientific standpoint, from the standpoint of biology. For I am a scientist-biologist and with my colleagues studied this problem for several decades and have studied it in great detail.

Let’s talk about the evolution.

For sure, all we have heard this word, know about the theory of species formation of Darwin and Wallace. What they taught is true if one adds to their concept the modern knowledge about how genetic mutations occur.

It is not only biological species that evolve, but also, on the whole, planets, stars, galaxies, and the entire material universe…

But now let’s focus on another important problem of biology — on the evolution of Consciousness.

Let’s forget for a while that it’s a sunny day and imagine a starlit night. The sky full of stars… The stars are grouped into galaxies; in each galaxy there are a great many stars…

Around the stars there are planets… On some planets there is life, as on our Earth.

On our Earth also there are billions of various living beings, from microorganisms — to us, people…

But if to consider this problem — the problem of life —from the most general biological grounds, then there is more to it. The point is that the space is really multidimensional.

There are seven main strata of multidimensionality; they differ by the level of subtlety-coarseness. The most coarse spatial dimension is hell; the subtlest one is the Abode of the Creator.

In Greek, spatial dimensions are called eons; in Sanskrit — lokas; but also they are called planes of multidimensionality. At that, they can be really, really cognized by a developed human consciousness.

All these dimensions are inhabited by various forms of consciousness. In the subtlest dimension, abides boundless in size and eternal Primordial Consciousness, Which is called by people Creator, God-the-Father, Sabaoth, Jehovah, Yahweh, Primordial Consciousness, Adibuddha, Allah, Svarog, Odin, and by other names.

Some other eons are inhabited by individual consciousnesses or souls of different age and different qualities.

There are also eons filled with “building material” for formation of the well-known to us physical matter and for souls as well.

What is paradise? Paradise is the eon closest to the Creator’s Abode. But this eon is inhabited not by winged angels and archangels, but by those evolving souls that, during the life in the embodied state, became accustomed to living in such emotional states (that is the states of consciousness) as love-tenderness…, love-care about other beings.

If these states became habitual states of consciousness during the life on the Earth, then it is in these states that one continues to live after the death of the body. Thus, for sure, he or she will live in paradise.

There is an opinion, that it is deeds that predestinate the place where we will live after the death of the body. This is wrong.

Deeds form the destiny or karma, but this is a different matter…

The essence of this phenomenon is that God, as our Main Teacher, weans us away from… — by creating for us various difficulties — weans us away from ethically wrong deeds, that is the deeds which cause harm, suffering to other beings.

And if we do not reform and continue to behave egoistically, then we get adversities, pain, suffering from God, from our Divine Teachers.

People who have developed the habit of living in coarse emotional states (such as irritation, chronic annoyance about behavior of other people, grief, anger, hatred, despair, jealousy) — such people after leaving the body find themselves in hell, among other beings like them.

And every one of us has the possibility to choose: in which eon to live. This is what constitutes our freedom of will — the possibility to choose for oneself the eon where to live in the future.

Man is not a body. People are not bodies. Man is a consciousness or soul. Therefore, it’s wrong to say “my soul” or “his/her soul”. It’s body that can be someone’s: mine or someone else’s. But I am a soul.

Souls incarnate into physical bodies with the purpose of growing, developing. This is what constitutes the meaning of our lives.

Yet, incarnations into human physical bodies happen not in the beginning: the development of each soul starts with incarnations into bodies of microorganisms, plants, then — into bodies of different animal species, and only then — into human bodies.

That is, there are two parallel lines of the Evolution: the evolution of physical bodies of various species and the evolution of individual consciousnesses.

And the meaning of human life consists not in “earning paradise”. It’s much greater! The meaning is that we are to settle in the Abode of the Creator and thus to enrich Him with ourselves. But for this one needs to do much more than just to learn living without coarse negative emotions, emotional states of consciousness. In other words, we have to become perfect individual consciousnesses to get the right to settle in the Abode of the Creator and become His integral Parts.

So we have remembered that man, as any other incarnate living being, is not a body but a consciousness, a soul. With the death of the body, every one of us does not die but continues to live. Yet, what this life will be, what will be the quality of this life depends on how one has lived the life in the material body, what one has made of oneself.

We have discussed already that there is God and that He is cognizable for the people who have developed themselves in the qualities of the souls to the necessary level.

But one of the problems is that almost all people of the modern society have no even the slightest idea of what is God and where to find Him!  >>>


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