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Campfire at Night

November 30, 2017

The fire burns in the quiet night, sparks rise smoothly upward with smoke.



Only the wood crackles in the fire.

The tenderness of the night, filled with God, is around…

This is the place of power of the Holy Spirits — Adler, Thoth-the-Atlantean, and Eagle. A little further away, the Mahadoubles of Volhva and Khem are located.

And this is an opportune time to feel the space, filled with God, around the body. That is, do not feel yourself inside the Infinity and Eternity of God, but the Infinity as myself, where the unit of time is Eternity…

* * *

If it does not work at once, you can — as a preparatory stage — master the following:

I fly on the planet Earth in the Eternity and Infinity of the multidimensional Absolute. Around are visible clusters of stars, galaxies… They are right and left, I am in the middle…

The Earth is only an infinitesimal bit in Infinity and Eternity of cosmic space filled with the Life of God.

There is only the universe, I do not feel myself — as a creature living in a material body.

This means that there has been a dissolution-merging of me into it.

* * *

The Holy Spirit Martha asks to write down for the incarnate people the following:

“Anything that does not advance towards Mergence with God, but exists in human life ‘just like that’, as something neutral, is also, to a large extent, an evil! People and other creatures are incarnated by God on the Earth in order to improve themselves, to become — as a result — like We, to flow into Our common One Universal We. Anything that does not correspond to the realization of this task or interferes with it, are clots of filth, which should be removed by people from their lives!”

* * *

It lights up…

In the vastness of the valley is the Light-Fiery Mahadouble-Mountain of the Holy Spirit Khem.

With the help of a developed spiritual heart, one can move into Him, merge with Him.

There is immense Happiness from the Mergence with God in that “other world”!

Such Mahadouble-Mountains and other Light-Fiery Divine Formations, created by the Holy Spirits, are intended to help people, embodied on the Earth.

Khem asks to clarify this for our readers:

“There may be a Higher Happiness from Mergence with God in His Blissful Rest.

“And there is also another shade of the Higher Happiness: Happiness not from the Divine Calm, but from the Creating.

“I will say it again in other words. There are two types of Supreme Happiness: from the Bliss of being the Rest of Living God — and from the active creating the Divine Souls.

“The souls that have awakened for the spiritual growth are like workpieces for manufacturing perfect details — the Divine Perfect Souls, the Compound Parts of the One Total. Holy Spirits, perform this work.

“Throughout the Earth, the Divine Persons can seek and find such positively evolving souls, cherish them, love, kiss, embrace, lead the way, immerse into Themselves!

“Through the love for such souls, you can continue to improve yourselves.

“But most of incarnate human souls do not respond to the Appeals of God. These are not yet ready-made souls: mired in vices, have not yet cleansed themselves to the proper degree, or are preoccupied with other matters that do not directly coincide with the desire to cognize the Creator.

“But incarnate people should strive to become like Us: to become Holy Spirits, being equal in Us — as per the Standards.

“And in personal spiritual perfecting, egocentrism should not dominate. On the contrary, the desire to better serve the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, that is, God — should dominate. It is necessary to reach, then to turn back and — to help, help, help…”


How Can We Fall in Love With God?

March 8, 2015


Our love for God must guide us not towards attainment of paradise but towards reaching even greater spiritual heights — towards Mergence with the Creator in His highest eon. This is what He expects us to accomplish, because this constitutes His Evolution, His very Life! And if we love Him, we have to do this — for His sake, not for our sake!

It is good to fall in love with Him — to such a degree that we long for Him, being unable to find any peace without Him!

Being in love with God must become similar to being passionately in love with another person! It implies longing for the real Mergence — the Mergence of consciousnesses, just like human souls, flaming with love for each other, merge.

In order to fall in love with God like this, one has to know about Him as much as possible.

And He can be cognized in reality, not only intellectually.

But He becomes audible, visible, and tangible only for those who have reached the Godlike state of the soul.

God is Love. And only those who have also become large, refined, and strong Love can perceive Him like this. And Mergence with God for them becomes not just mere words but their own experience.

… Those who attained Mergence with the Creator become integral Parts of Him forever. But, when necessary, in order to accomplish Their Missions on the Earth or on other planets — They can separate a Part of Themselves without losing unity with Him.

Jesus described this, using the image of a vine (John 15): from the “Soil” (that is from the Consciousness of Universal God-the-Father) comes the “Trunk” — the Consciousness of a Divine Teacher, Who supports with the “Hands-Branches” many embodied souls.

In this way Divine Teachers manifest Themselves for embodied people. At that, They can either have physical bodies (be embodied) or not.

Incarnate Divine Teachers work not only where Their physical bodies are present: They can be with Parts of Themselves-Consciousness in any place on our planet and work there. They (as Consciousnesses) are incomparably greater than our planet; They place only very small parts of Themselves in Their bodies.

* * *

Let me dwell on it some more to clarify the difference between pagan “deities” and personal Manifestations of God-the-Father. Confusion regarding this issue is primarily due to the fact that almost all religious people do not know about the multidimensionality of space.

The criterion here is the following: only that One is a Part of the Creator Who lives in the state of Mergence with Him in the highest primordial eon, which is one for the whole boundless universe.

As for pagan “deities” — they are either fictitious folklore characters or real spirits of a certain (but not the highest) level of evolutionary advancement.

God in the aspects of the Creator, the Highest Teacher and the Ultimate Goal for all of us, is One, though He consists of a multitude of Perfect Consciousnesses merged together. What They have in common is that all of Them live in the Abode of the Subtlest Consciousness and act on various “islets” of the Creation by coming out from this Abode.

It is clear now, is it not?

All that we have to do is to get into There and to establish ourselves There in Mergence with the Creator.

* * *

The most fundamental landmark in the beginning of this Path is realization of the functions of the spiritual heart (the energy of the anahata chakra or the middle dantian). This energy structure of the human organism is the organ responsible for generation of the emotions of love.

Very few people have a developed spiritual heart “from birth” (i.e. from the previous incarnation).

Some women can easily succeed in developing the functions of this organ in a harmonious marriage, since the female organism with its typical hormones and erogenous mammary glands directly connected to anahata, and which also provides an opportunity to perfect one’s love by taking care of children, gives the souls embodied into female bodies a matchless advantage over the “stronger” (in coarseness and violence) sex.

For the rest of people, the use of special psychic techniques, which have been developed by spiritual schools of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and other religious traditions, remains the only possibility to change themselves dramatically.

… God is Love. He asserts this Himself. Everyone who has really cognized God can also confirm this.

And in order to become Godlike, we have to become Love in the literal sense of this word.

One begins to accomplish this with accustoming oneself to living permanently with the concentration of the consciousness in the anahata chakra.

That brings the energy of the consciousness to the state of emotional love.

After that, with the help of meditative training, one gradually expands in this state to become significantly larger than the body and then to encompass the whole Earth with the spiritual heart, and later to embrace God with oneself turned into Love.

In this way we can become “universal spiritual hearts” and infuse ourselves into the Ocean of the Universal Creator.

But in order to realize this simple scheme, one has to perform an enormous amount of work. The problem is that God does not let in Himself the unworthy.

Now let us talk about realization of this scheme — gradually, from the very beginning, — so that the unworthy may become worthy of complete spiritual self-realization even in the current incarnation.

* * *

One has to begin spiritual work with studying and accepting the concept of the Path. Then follows initial ethic self-transformation, and only then one enters on the spiritual Path and starts walking it.

The word spirituality originates from the expression of Jesus Christ: “God is Spirit”. That is, spirituality stands for association with or likeness to God-Spirit. And the spiritual Path is the Path of gradual transformation of oneself into Him. This transformation is realized through growth and qualitative change of the spiritual heart first of all. In other words, the spiritual growth is one’s growth as a spiritual heart.

I have described already how one can become a spiritual heart and transmute oneself further. Now I want to note that the criterion of the first success is the ability to look at the outer world from within the chest with the “eyes” of the soul (not in a figurative but in the very literal sense!).

When we begin to experience ourselves not as bodies but as free consciousnesses, then we begin to see with the eyesight of the soul.

It is with this eyesight that unembodied spirits see. And with this eyesight God sees what happens to us in His Creation.

One can say also that the Creator is the Heart of God — God in the aspect of the Absolute.

This is why one can know Him and merge with Him only after having become a perfect spiritual heart.

* * *

In one of the greatest spiritual scriptures — the Bhagavad Gita — there is an omission that resulted in a multitude of errors of people who tried in vain to attain Perfection without love, not through love.

Namely, in a talk with Arjuna, Krishna, pointing to His chest, said that between these “eyebrows” one has to open an exit of the Atmic Energy (it was a joke: He pointed to the hair on His male chest)…

But His gesture was not mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, and the joke was not understood by the readers and later many people were trying to “open the third eye” — the eye of the soul — not from the spiritual heart but from the one of the most coarse chakras — ajna.

But the results were always sad: dramatic coarsening of the consciousness and sometimes stresses and health disorders. (In some cases people acquired the ability to see the colors corresponding to various emotional states of other people, but it had no value for the spiritual Path; it only “strengthened” this vicious tradition).

That is, one has to open the “third eye” (trikutta) not on the forehead but in the center of the chest.

If you do not believe me now — you may ask Krishna, as I did. But first you have to get close to His state and, having become a developed spiritual heart, learn to see Him as a Divine Consciousness. (Otherwise you will hear anything from a demon who calls himself as Krishna).

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Practice of the Straight Path: Basic Methods

November 19, 2014

Cross of Buddha

It is good to start each practice session with emotional attunement and purification of the energy of the surrounding space. For this purpose there exists a wonderful technique known as the Cross of Buddha. It is performed in the following way.

For the best performance of this exercise we have to accept the so-called student posture: we sit down on the heels holding the spine straight, toes looking backward, and the palms of our hands resting upon the thighs. Then we send waves of our benevolence and love from the chest forward, saying mentally:

“May all beings have peace! May all beings be calm! May all beings feel bliss!”

We produce each of these three states inside the chest first and then radiate them forward. Then we repeat this to the right, to the left, backward, up, and down. This is a powerful technique that allows us to bring harmony to ourselves, to the surrounding space, and to the living beings around us.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Ecopsychology: Comments on the Patanjali’s Scheme

May 28, 2014


This stage includes a range of the highest spiritual achievements — from the first Samadhis — up to Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness and with the Absolute.

The consciousness of the spiritual seeker prepared at the previous stage becomes capable of getting in contact with the Consciousness of God in the highest eons. These first contacts give one a vivid novelty of bliss, which is what the term Samadhi denotes [6,11].

In contrast to Samadhi, Nirvana is a stable Mergence with the Consciousness of God in which the feeling of the localized “I” disappears. The term Nirvana means “complete burning away”, i.e. losing the individuality through Mergence with God in the aspects of the Holy Spirit or the Creator. And it really happens.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna speaks about Samadhi and about two principal stages of Nirvana: Nirvana in Brahman (the Holy Spirit) and Nirvana in Ishvara (the Creator).

But in India, the term Nirvana became widely used by Buddhists at some point in time, and later on, this term along with Buddhism, was “forced out” from India by Hindus. Instead of using the term Nirvana, Hindu schools started to expand the meaning of the term Samadhi by adding to it various prefixes. Various schools used these composite words, and because of this the term Samadhi became “diffused” and lost its unambiguity. This is why it makes sense to get back to the accurate terminology that God introduced into spiritual culture through Krishna.

So, in order to get from Samadhi (Bliss of Contact) to Nirvana (Mergence) one has to have a large and strong consciousness, developed by preceding trainings. In addition to this, it has to be firmly established in Divine subtlety.

If these conditions are fulfilled, then all one needs to do is just to find an entrance into the required eon, to enter it, and to dissolve oneself in its Consciousness using the method of total reciprocity, which one has to master in advance.

This task requires not only meditative skills but ethical preparation as well: destroying the lower “I” in every possible way and replacing it with the collective we first, and then with the universal “I”, i.e. with Paramatman.

This is the only way man can connect to the unlimited Divine Power.

“… We have an inexhaustible reservoir of psychic energy!” [2] (Hierarchy: 394), says God.

But “if one were to expound the conditions and the aims of Yoga, the number of applicants would not be great. Terrifying for them would be the renunciation of selfhood…” [2]

In connection to the above said, I want to cite the Carlos Castaneda’s book The Power of Silence: “… War, for a (spiritual) warrior, is the total struggle against that individual “I” that has deprived man of power.” (see [6]).

… One explores the highest eons of the Absolute one after another. Before starting exploring the next eon, one has to accumulate the power of the consciousness for a long time, sometimes for years, in order to be able to enter it and remain in it. The only exception is people who approached these stages in their previous incarnations and maintained the necessary amount of personal power and the level of the subtlety of the consciousness.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Ecopsychology: Comments on the Patanjali’s Scheme

May 16, 2014


Dharana means “maintaining a proper concentration”. Proper concentration means keeping the indriyas on God. In other words, this is a real manifestation of our aspiration for God, for Mergence with Him.

But God in the aspect of the Creator or the Holy Spirit is inaccessible for direct perception at this stage of apprenticeship.

Our loving thirst for God can be partially quenched by working with an Image of a Divine Teacher, for example, Jesus Christ, Babaji, or Sathya Sai Baba — the One Whose form from His past Incarnation is familiar to us.

If we hold such an Image in anahata on the background of the emotion of the most intense love that we are capable of, we gradually enter the state when it is not I who look at the world from anahata but He. This denotes the Yidam (this is what this Image is called) becoming alive; we are partially merged with Him. After that we may live in Unity with Him in anahata; having moved the concentration of the consciousness to the chakras located in the head, we can address Him in anahata as an Advisor and a Teacher.

This is not an illusion but the real Divine Teacher entering into His Image created by us. He may also become an Instructor in our meditative trainings. He will lead His devoted and loving disciples through Himself — into the Abode of the Creator.

“If you can visualize the Image of the Teacher in your consciousness with the most complete clarity, you can transfer your consciousness into His, and thus act through His Power, as it were. But for this, you must visualize the Image of the Teacher with utmost precision, to the minutest detail, so that the Image does not flicker, suffer distortion or change Its outlines, as it frequently happens. But if following the exercise of concentration one succeeds in invoking the steady Image of the Teacher, through this one may gain the greatest benefit for oneself, for those around one, and for the work.” [2].

“You may be asked how the entrance upon the path of Service is defined. Certainly, the first sign will be renunciation of the past and total aspiring towards the future. The second sign will be realization of the Teacher within the heart not because it is one’s “duty”, but because it is impossible otherwise. The third sign will be rejection of fear, for the one who is armed by the Lord is invulnerable. The fourth will be non-condemnation, because the one who strives into the future has no time to occupy oneself with the refuse of yesterday. The fifth will be the filling of the entire time with labor for the future. The sixth will be the joy of Service and completely offering oneself for the good of the world. The seventh will be spiritual aspiration for the far-off worlds as a predestined path. According to these signs you will discern warriors that are ready and manifested for Service. They will understand where to raise the sword for the Lord, and their words will be from the heart.” [2]

If work with Yidam does not bring immediate results, one may benefit from practicing visualization. One may practice creating images that help develop the chakras or visualize blissful pictures of communion with living nature, etc. But only those images, which are filled with exultation of happiness, harmony, joy, subtlety, and bliss, will make for one’s correct spiritual development. Corresponding types of paintings, musical compositions and art photography, etc. may also serve as an aid.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


May 1, 2014

Eternal Law — Sanatana Dharma

So, sects are those religious associations that deviated from the true Teachings of God.

But the Teachings of God were brought to us through sayings and writings of Thoth-the-Atlantean (He was Hermes Trismegistus in His next incarnation), Krishna, Lao Tse, Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba and other Divine Messengers, prophets, great disciples of God, and spiritual heroes. (The essence of their preachings is summarized in our books [6,11]).

One can also find several valuable passages in the Old Testament.

But we can see that in the entire Bible, there is no description of God-the-Father — the main object of worship of all believers. How can one lovingly aspire to Him, about Whom… one does not know anything? Is not this the reason why He got almost forgotten in the mass Christian Churches?

The Bhagavad Gita provides a comprehensive description of Him and of the Path to Him. The only problem is that the Bhagavad Gita has been translated by people who did not quite understand it. Only those who put into practice the entire Teachings of Krishna could do a reliable translation.

Throughout the entire history of mankind God has been teaching people the same thing: how we have to develop ourselves, seeking Divine Perfection and aspiring to Mergence with Him. But people tend to forget the essence of the concrete Teachings given to them, distort something in them, sometimes to their exact antithesis, and start conflicting with those who perverted the Teachings in a different manner [9].

This is why God needs to incarnate Parts of Himself into human bodies again and again or to speak through new prophets — in an attempt to revive Sanatana Dharma. But people tend to consider His Envoys as enemies of their “true” faith, to taunt at Them and to kill Them.

Currently, the Avatar Sathya Sai Baba preaches these pure Teachings in this way (His Teachings are integrated in the books [6,11]).

The essence of Sathya Sai Baba’s Teachings as well as of the Teachings of all other Divine Teachers can be summarized in short as follows.

The main goal of man is to merge — as a developed consciousness — with the Consciousness of God. In order to realize this, one has to study oneself and God as multidimensional phenomena, including cognition of the Abode of the Creator and settling there with the consciousness.

In order to accomplish this, one has to prepare oneself by spiritual practices — such as pranayamas, techniques of pratyahara, and meditative trainings.

But no training is of use if we lack steadfast faith and longing for the Creator, or do not have a developed ability to love. Love is a function of the spiritual heart, and one has to start developing it through interaction with people and other incarnate beings.

Basic principles here are compassion for every living being and serving every living being according to Karma Yoga postulates. Karma Yoga is a practical expression of one’s love for God and for people; it is the best method of self-development. Faith without active service is dead.

One should also cultivate faith by remembering constantly about God. Religious conversations, various rituals, and public worships that involve praising God’s name, etc. can help one in this.

All main principles of one’s relationships with people and other creatures are summarized in the short precept of Vyasa: “Help ever (in everything that is good), hurt never!”

Sathya Sai Baba gives detailed explanation of this precept with reference to a great number of concrete Earth’s situations.

He teaches that there are two major landmarks in every person’s earthly life: God — as the Goal, and the death of the body — as a reminder of our limited opportunity to improve.

Let us remember this! Let us cast aside all the insignificant and unnecessary things and devote ourselves totally to the realization of the meaning of our lives!

This is the way to liberation from bonds of karma, from diseases, from the necessity to submerge into the world of sufferings again. This is the way to Merging forever with our most Beloved!

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


March 26, 2014

Nutrition Recommendations

God once gave people principles of nutrition through a prophet: “… See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food!…”. This commandment was written in the Jewish Bible (Genesis 1:29). After some time He added through another prophet: you may eat everything, “… only, you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood” (Genesis 9:1-4). What did He mean in this phrase? He was talking about the killing-free diet: you may eat any edible plants, use milk, eggs but do not kill for food those creatures in whose bodies you see blood.

But what did sly and gluttonous Jews, who received this commandment, contrive? They started to let the blood of animals that they were killing flow out into the ground and to eat their meat after that… — yes, without blood. They pretended to have understood that the animal’s soul is its blood… Later gluttonous “Christians” began using the same way of fooling God. And… they simply did not include the protests of Jesus Christ against this in the New Testament [6,11]…

But true Christianity is Teachings of Love. Is it possible to call these people Christians who are capable of causing other creatures to suffer just for satisfying their own gustatory cravings?

True Christians are not those who have been formally baptized but do not follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ. And especially not those who were baptized at a very young age. Or those who wear crucifix around their necks. It was crusaders who wore crucifixes, was it not?

True Christians are people who follow the Teachings of God that He has been giving to us through Jesus Christ and other Messiahs. The essence of these Teachings can be expressed in short in three phrases:

1. God is Love.

2. We have to infuse into Him for the sake of enriching Him with ourselves.

3. In order to do this we need to become Love, like Him.

Those who do not follow these Teachings do not have a right to call themselves Christians. They are simply perverts: “Christians” in quotation marks.

… In this incarnation I was born and grew up in a family of communists and atheists. Nobody thought about sin and compassion there, as almost in every “soviet” family. And I, too, ate meat and fish since my childhood: this was widely accepted. I even became a hunter and a fisherman — and I tortured and killed animals without even thinking that somebody other than myself could feel pain.

Only when I became a senior research assistant, I started to question my right to kill animals. But I immediately came up with a justification for myself: we cannot live without eating meat and fish, therefore I have an objective right to procure this kind of “food” for myself without any assistance from anyone else — since I can and know how to do it.

But then there was this incident. Once I came up to a lakeside and flushed a duck family: a mother-duck and about ten ducklings, which could not fly yet. They swam away from the shore heading towards an island fifty meters away — they swam in a tight group close to one another. But an unknown hunter was hiding on that island. And when the duck family swam up to the island he shot them all down with two gunshots…

This was the first time when I took the death of the victims of this cruel entertainment — hunting — as a drama. My confusion was aggravated by the fact that I became the cause of their death. And right after this I saw a contradiction: I would not get upset if I were the hunter who killed them! On the contrary — I would rejoice at such luck of getting a great hunting trophy!…

Later I happened to ride on a bus in Karelia with workers of a forestry. They drank vodka after work and were going night fishing — to spear fish with a fish-fork in a beam of light. But one of them got “deeply moved” and started to think aloud: “How is it possible: to spear live fish with a fork?! It is live, don’t you see! With a fork!…” He repeated these phrases many times in a heartfelt way, addressing these questions both to himself and to his friends. It was obvious that he was on the verge of illumination, of awakening…

But his friends just smiled at him slightly without saying anything: this happens if one has drunk a bit too much…

Then, seeing no support from his friends he suddenly felt ashamed of his “weakness” and exclaimed: “Yes! We are going to spear live fish with a fork!”

And the issue was removed from the agenda…

Once I was hunting ducks. I wounded one. I was shooting again and again trying to kill her off, but the duck saw me firing and managed to plunge every time before the shot reached her. Then I resorted to cunning and, steering my boat, drove the duck to a shallow place, where she could not plunge. And she realized it — and gave up. I was shooting at her again and again and every time her little body got pierced with the leaden hail. Severely wounded, with her wings broken, she cried from terror and pain, unable to escape. Her screams, as perhaps, the screams of all those innocent creatures, which get cruelly killed, sounded like this: “What for?! I did not do anything bad to you or to anybody else! Have mercy! Why are you causing me such terrible pain?!” But I rowed up closer and closer and kept aiming and shooting…, but she just would not die. And only after I got next to her I shot her head off.

We ate her body, riddled with shots, afterwards, but somehow I could not enjoy it then…

My last hunt was an elk one. The beaters drove an elk-cow to the shooters’ line. The hunters started shooting and wounded her. She dashed back to the beaters’ line, but they opened fire, too. Two of my bullets broke her spine. Other hunters kept shooting. I recall that the chasseur got into ecstasy over the sound of many shots and was screaming rapturously: “Here’s what I call music!!!” She fell down, eventually.

By the time I came up to her she already had stop breathing. But the hunters told me that after she had fallen, she crawled about fifty meters, leaving a wide bloody trail behind her. They laughed and felt happy when they were telling this. There was no compassion in a single soul…

I was shooting as well, thinking about meat and not about the pain, which this beautiful animal was experiencing…

Since that incident I quitted hunting and even sold my gun.

… When I later met a person, whom I respected and who for the first time seriously told me about the existence of God and that He did not want us to eat bodies of animals, — by that time I was quite ready to completely give up this terrible vice…

Later, I studied scientific literature on physiology of nutrition and learned that in the bodies of animals there are no nutritional components essential for the human organism, which can not be found also in vegetable products, milk or milk products, and eggs. Moreover, milk and eggs contain all the indispensable amino acids — the most important protein components. I came to the conclusion that eating meat and fish is not at all a necessity, but a striking manifestation of the human vice of gluttony, of the desire to satisfy one’s gustatory whims regardless of the fact that others have to suffer pain and to die for that!

And let no one seek an excuse like this: “I do not kill anyone — ‘they’ do, I just eat the meat”. No, we are those for whom “they” kill. We participate in this killing of innocent creatures, which have been embodied not for us to kill them at all, but in order to undergo the next stages of their evolution in the bodies that were granted to them by God. The souls that live in those bodies are just like us, only younger — they are like children…

… I killed lots of animals.

From my childhood I was taught to bait live worms onto a fish-hook. It never occurred to me then what it is like what each of those worms feels… And later fish suffered on those hooks.

Fish do not “fall asleep”, as many cruel parents comfort their children who show compassion for dying fish. Each fish experiences terror, pain from wounds, and sufferings of asphyxia…

Then I began shooting at living targets: birds and animals.

Later, I became an ecologist-zoologist — and thousands of animals died from my hands. This time I did not kill them for food but for purposes of “scientific research”…

Later, working in the medicine field, I used to cut and kill rats and rabbits — these gentle, lovely animals…

When awakening finally came to me, I suddenly realized all their pain… I repented and asked them for forgiveness… But apparently I did not suffer all their pain through in my repentance…

And when many years later a two-meters-tall primitive attacked me from an ambush — without any external cause and when I could not resist him, and fatally injured my body — then, dying in severe pain, I could also be puzzled: “What for? — I did not do anything bad to anyone, didn’t I?…”

And some day, perhaps, in their future incarnations, he and all the members of that gang will be dying in pain, groaning: “What for?!…”

Often people, who never cared before what it was they were eating, upon hearing a sermon about compassion and having agreed with it suddenly get perplexed: what is there to eat if not meat and fish?! So, here we will talk very briefly about general principles of nutrition.

First, as a rule, it is advisable for our diet to include all five groups of nutritional components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and microelements. Deliberately scanted diets including mono-diets (those, which imply only one product — for example, only rice, wheat sprouts, oats or apples, etc.) can be very successfully used for therapeutic purposes, but they should not be adhered to for an excessively long time. So, after consulting with a specialist one may get on a diet like this for 1, 3, 7, 30 or 45 days — depending on how serious the disease and on the tactics of the treatment.

Complete fasting (with obligatory drinking of water!) that does not exceed three days is also helpful for therapeutic purposes and is an effective means of purification of the body. If one is willing to fast for a longer period of time, one should do this only under the supervision of a specialist in therapeutic fasting. Break of the fast must be gradual. Best things to eat first, when you break a complete fast, are juices and fruits. No salt is allowed for the entire recovery period, which may last for several days — otherwise there is a high risk of edema of the body tissues.

Almost every natural type of food: milk, grains, vegetables, etc. — contains proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, though in different proportions. Depending on these proportions, they are usually classified into proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Milk and lactate products, curds, cheese, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, soybeans, peas and beans belong to the protein group. Proteins can be different, depending on the type of the amino acids that they are composed of. The amino acids in their turn can be divided into two groups: the dispensable (i.e. necessary, but which can be generated within the human body) and the indispensable (which are also necessary, but usually are not generated by the body, therefore their external supply with food is vital for the human organism).

So, the most valuable from the standpoint of supplying the organism with proteins are those foodstuffs that contain a complete set of indispensable amino acids. These are milk and eggs. Milk and eggs, if included in one’s diet, make it protein-balanced. If there are neither milk products nor eggs available — one should compensate for this by diversifying other components of one’s diet, especially those of the protein group.

But it would make sense to take into account that beans, when consumed in big quantities, result in generation of gases in the intestines. This also can be caused by barley and rye, and in case of adults — by milk (but not curds and cheese). In such cases, it is better to drink milk in the evening in small quantities and without combining it with anything else. By the way, in cases like that substituting milk with clabber would be even better.

Gases form also as a result of combining large quantities of protein or fat food with sweets.

One should not eat eggs and fat food before going to bed at night: these products remain in the stomach for a long time, but during a night sleep the digestion process in the stomach slows down (in contrast to that in the intestines). Food can stay undigested in the stomach for the whole night, which causes the multiplication of microbes in it and inflammation of the stomach walls first and then of the walls of the intestines.

Let us discuss also two issues in regard to eating eggs.

First, there is a postulate that we should not eat eggs for ethical reasons, since chickens could hatch out of them. But chickens can in no way be hatched from the eggs, which were laid by battery farm hens. The point is that domestic hen is a unique biological species (bred through a selection process), which lays eggs without being impregnated by a cock. Chicken cannot hatch out of these eggs. (At battery farms, cocks and hens are brought together only for making those eggs that would go to incubators for subsequent hatching of chicken).

But it would not make sense not to eat even impregnated eggs: since there is no embryo in a non-incubated egg, therefore it has no embodied soul; such eggs can feel neither fear nor pain when fried or boiled.

Eggs that we eat are merely ovules. But if we are to spare all ovules — how much more we should grieve over dying human ones! Since every menstruation is a sign of the lost opportunity of a human being to be born! Does not it follow from this line of reasoning that all women should be constantly pregnant in order to save all ovules from dying unnecessarily? (Joking!).

The second objection against eating eggs comes from the physiologists: eating eggs, they say, inevitably causes atherosclerosis, since eggs contain great amounts of cholesterol.

Once I participated as a laboratory assistant in the experiments on rats conducted under the supervision of academician N.N.Anichkov — the experiments that subsequently allowed him to “pronounce an anathema” against eggs. I myself then, with my own hands, was making atherosclerosis in those rats. However, they were fed not with eggs but with pure cholesterol powder mixed with oil. And the doses of that chemically pure cholesterol were quite impressive compared to the weight of the rat’s body: they measured grams per one intake, several times a day. And this is for a small rat! Of course, the rats developed atherosclerosis. But the doses of cholesterol were exceeded by millions of times — as compared to those contained in several eggs a day for a human being!

In reality cholesterol is quite an important substance for the human organism, since it serves as a material from which all sex hormones — both male and female — are formed.

Cholesterol gets generated within human bodies as well. And its high concentrations can be found not only in eggs but also in the bodies of animals, especially in the liver, brain, and fat tissues.

But in order to identify the cause of atherosclerosis one should start with finding out first whether those people, who adhere to the killing-free diet, suffer from it.

… Fats can be of vegetable and of animal origin. The latter include both butter and fats obtained from corpses of killed animals.

Scientists say that consumption of fats significantly increases risk of cancer, but we need to know that for butter this is not true.

Both vegetable oils and butter are good for people. The former contains vitamin E among other things and can dissolve cholesterol deposits, if any. Butter is rich in vitamins A and D.

It is better to use butter for frying and heating of food, since all oils get oxidized when heated in presence of oxygen, forming harmful substances. The more liquid the oil is the quicker it gets oxidized.

There are also margarines, which represent mixes of various oils. If someone wants to use them, it would be better to read the list of ingredients on the package first.

All vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, greens, jam, honey belong to the group of carbohydrates… All bodies of plants and grains are rich in fiber, which is important for proper functioning of the intestines, and in vitamins, especially of the C and B groups. Sugars among other things provide the body with energy that is easily assimilable.

It is currently widely known that bread is a source of the necessary vitamins of the B group. But it is important to know that bread made of high-grade flour contains almost no vitamins of this group, as well as almost no proteins. Bread made of coarse grinded grains or with bran added is a much healthier food.

The same can be said about rice. Unpolished rice is rich of the vitamins of the B group and in protein.

As for vitamins, we have discussed them enough already. I will just add that if we drink milk and eat eggs, vegetable oil, butter, carrots, greens, fresh fruit and berries, — then we provide our bodies with all necessary vitamins. In case one doubts it or if there are special medical indications — one can buy poly-vitamins or specific combinations of them in a drug store according to a physician’s recommendations.

Vitamin C is worth special attention. It is important for the resistance power of the organism; in particular, it helps in curing catarrhal diseases. But it is not heat-resistant. This is why herb, fir needle, or hip brews should be made without bringing the water to a boil. Garlic and nettle contain great amounts of vitamin C.

We provide necessary microelements to our bodies when our menu is diversified to include milk, mushrooms, and many other kinds of foodstuff. But the best source of microelements, which contains a full set of them, is sea kale (laminaria). It is sold in many grocery stores either canned or dried (the latter is also sold in drug stores). One can simply add sea water or sea salt to food.

… Lives of those, who love and know nature, not only are full of beauty, healthier and more efficient in terms of spiritual growth but also require less money. A true nature-lover will always store up jam and self-made flower honey and dry up delicious herbs for using in place of tea for the winter. But the most useful thing to store is, of course, mushrooms.

Fried or boiled mushrooms are very delicious, but they are hard to digest, since the membranes of their cells are not easy to destroy for our peptic enzymes. Drying mushrooms up also does not improve this situation. But prolonged exposure to acetic or lactic acid — when mushrooms are marinated or made sour (salted) — destroys the membranes and makes mushrooms easy to assimilate.

One can store salted mushrooms in one’s own house; the only thing that needs to be done regularly is taking off the mould from the surface over the brine (approximately once a week). But do not try to pickle honey fungus (armillaria) only with salt separately: the process of its fermentation goes without producing lactic acid — thus the result will not be good. One may either add this kind of mushrooms to the vessel with other salted mushrooms or pickle it using vinegar and salt.

* * *

The most important thing about correct nutrition is adherence to the fundamental ethical principle of not harming. Only those who have developed compassion for the pain of other living beings can make progress on the spiritual Path, for God will let get close to His Abode only those, who become embodiments of the principle of LOVE.

The Divine Teacher Huang Di taught this way of life in ancient China. Pythagoras, Gautama Buddha and then Jesus Christ taught the same [67,11]. (Jesus made several exceptions only when He talked to fishermen and to crowds of common people, when He was feeding them with bodies of fish). Nowadays God is teaching the same through Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba [6,11,19,4555].

This opinion of God seemingly contradicts to His words in the Quran. But we should keep in mind that during the first years of the establishment of Islam, which were marked with the continuous state of war, the situation was not appropriate for introducing new nutrition habits among cattle-breeders and desert inhabitants. God, Who guided prophet Muhammad at that time, had another purpose — to establish a monotheistic faith in that region of the Earth. And only after Islam had been established and accepted by people, Muslims were presented with an opportunity to think about the ethical aspect of their nutrition.

If one ignores the ethical aspect of nutrition, then one becomes subject to special mechanisms, created by God, that make for the development of diseases.

Deposits of salts of uric acid, of which meat and fish dishes are the major sources, start to form gradually in the blood vessels, in the skin and in the cartilaginous tissues. This disease is called gout. Among its symptoms there are memory failure, headaches, disturbed sleep, sexual malfunction, and muscle and joint pain. And an urgent need to eliminate the states of discomfort of the brain provokes smoking and alcoholism.

Energy aspect of such nutrition should be considered as well: the chakras and meridians get contaminated with the energies of dead bodies, and this causes disorders of bioenergetic supply of multiple organs and contributes to the development of cancer. The same energies adversely affect the organs of digestion, thus acute and chronic inflammations and ulcers develop. This also provokes the development of aggressiveness in people. Their energy of the consciousness coarsens, and they become incapable of attaining subtle states.

The well-known postulate that meat and fish are the only sources of necessary proteins, as we have discussed above, is absolutely invalid, and those who defend it only demonstrate their ignorance in medical issues. The complete set of amino acids (the elements of proteins) necessary for the human organism is found in milk and eggs.

The best testimony to the correctness and adequacy of the killing-free nutrition is the dramatic improvement of health and disappearance of diseases in those who switched to this type of diet. In addition to this, their ability to perform various kinds of activities increases.

I want to note also that people, who eat bodies of killed animals to satisfy their gluttonous habits, should be aware that the time may come for them to experience their own pain. This is the way God teaches us Love. This is the law of karma in action: those who disregard the pain of others have to learn compassion through their own pain, experiencing it themselves.

The ethically correct behavior in regard to the “pure” foodstuff — plants, milk and milk products, and eggs — is to use them sparingly and with respect. They should not die in vain.

One should avoid using too much salt as well as drinking alcohol, which by no means contributes to attaining Perfection, also to restrain from excessive consumption of caffeine-containing drinks (coffee, cacao, tea, etc.) and from frying food using vegetable oils. And of course, under no circumstances one should drink urine, which has become quite popular “foodstuff” in Russia recently. Regular drinking of urine intoxicates the brain and causes mental disorders.

What should we eat then? What is the best diet for one and for one’s whole family? Of course, everyone has their own tastes and nutritional habits. The set of the four basic products: rice, mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes (fresh or as various sauces, ketchups, or pulp) — became the basis of my nutrition. In addition to these, I use mayonnaise, greens, potatoes, carrots, wheat bread, jam, berries, butter, vegetable oil, cheese, and other. This type of diet is satiating and provides a sufficient amount of energy for any kind of work, including meditation. Only at the last stages of my spiritual ascent I had to give up eggs: the energy derived from them was not favorable for settling down in the Abode of the Creator.

And the last piece of advice: we should not think about food too much! Upon eliminating vicious nutrition habits, you should establish a new thinking “algorithm” — and think about God and your Path to Him, including your service to Him. Beware of repeating the mistake, which so many people have made by focusing all their attention only on “nutritional rules” and forgetting about more important things.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Rose of Love — Divine Teachers about Themselves

May 15, 2013


We are on a visit to a southern city. In the suburb area with many houses and gardens, we see a Mahadouble of a Divine Lady.

It is springtime! Apple trees and other fruit-trees bloom everywhere in the gardens. Many insects crawl around in the tree blossoms. Merrily chirping sparrows fly from one branch to another and examine the blossoms. Their faces became yellow of the pollen. At first, we could not even recognize them as sparrows: we decided that this is a bird species unknown to us!

It turns out that birds (not only hummingbirds) can be pollinators of garden trees. Why does it happen? They seek flies in the blossoms! And thus they pollinate the blossoms!

We enter with the consciousnesses Her Mahadouble. Inside It we find overwhelming Bliss and a strong (non-material!) fragrance of spring flowers!

“Who are You? What is Your name?”

“Rose. You may call Me — Rose of Love!”

“We are glad to meet you! You give to us so wonderful spring Divine Bliss! You look like a Goddess of spring fragrance! Will You teach us something?”

Rose shows the following meditation:

There is Her Great Anahata. In it there are many caressing hands. With these hands one can touch flowers, trees, birds and give them Divine Love… These touches are like mutual kisses with those you kiss… The kisses make the emotional field of Love more intense! It grows and grows!

“It is wonderful, dear Rose! Thanks to You we had a good rest after our long trip! We will try to master this meditation of Yours!

“Will You tell us about Your personal life? How did You attain Divinity, how did You learn to create so intense field of Love?”

“In My last incarnation I taught this meditation in Japan and Korea. Before it I was embodied in the land of Iran and worked in Sufi tradition. And yet earlier I had a male incarnation among Buddhists and was already a Master of Buddhi Yoga.

“But I approached the Divine status even earlier — in the School of Carthage. He told you about His disciples. I did not manage to become one of the seven Masters: I had not learned all of My karma lessons.

“Next time I was embodied in this land. You know how auspicious for spiritual growth this place is: the expanse over the sea favorable for development of the soul and the presence of greatest Divine Teachers! Sulia showed to us Divine States; Carthage, Pythagoras, Larisa helped us!

“Try to retain the meditation that I showed to you: it will be very important for you in the most near future! And yet it is but an intermediate link in the series of new stages of your further growth!

“I wish you success! Surya and Sarkar will show to you tomorrow the next steps you have to make!”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Moksha Dharma

February 6, 2013

“I was a personal disciple of Gautama Buddha. Later on, I witnessed also the beginning of the degradation of Buddhism.

“In that life I gave a vow of not recalling oneself and not talking about oneself — so that only the Primordial Consciousness remains.

“In general, I attained the fullness of Nirvana.”

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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Divine Teachers — about Themselves: Lin

February 4, 2013
Working site of Divine Lin.

Working site of Divine Lin.

We are resting near a fire under tall dense fir trees. Nearby, a dozen of meters away, there is a place where one can feel the Embrace of Lin — inside His Mahadouble.

Subtlest Divine Fire-Light arising from the Abode of the Creator consumes and dissolves one in Itself — it is enough just to open the arms of the spiritual heart towards Lin. And then with His embrace Lin submerges one into His Universal Heart, into the deepest Quietness!

“I am so glad that you decided to publish a collection of Our biographies, which gives living examples of the methodology of how virtually every common person can begin striving for the cognition of God and after some time merge into Me, into all of Us Who represent the Primordial One and constitute His Essence!”

“Lin! Tell us please about Yourself! How did You attain Divinity?”

“My first teacher was love

“… I was born in the north of Korea. I was the only son of wealthy and noble parents. My mother lived in the state of tender love. She always radiated soft love and tenderness towards everyone. I grew in this field of hers.

“She died when I was only seven years old. To comfort Me, My father explained that every soul is immortal and that without a body the soul feels itself even better. I understood this… as a possibility to make My mother come back.

“I began to seek her, tried to see her as a soul, to embrace her, to feel her love. And I succeeded! She embraced Me gently and said:

‘If you feel sad and lonely, if you miss love, remember how much I love you and try to give your love to other people as I give love to you. Then love always will be with you, and you will never be alone! If you weep and ask for love, you can never be satisfied. All the love which you receive from others can end…, but love which lives in you never ends!’

“She embraced and stroked My body and filled the room with her love…

“I remembered those words all My life… And I tried to live as she taught. I lived radiating the light of love. People felt this light and wanted to be with Me… And I, thanks to radiating love to all creatures, learned to see beauty and harmony…

“Then beauty became My second teacher.

“Even in childhood, the state of attunement with sattva was natural for Me — the attunement with morning tenderness, with subtle light of the rising sun, with clear purity of morning freshness, with fragrance of flowers that fills the air, with singing of birds praising every new day. For Me it was the first step towards God in that incarnation, because it allowed Me to know subtle, tender states which cannot be found among the everyday concerns of people.

“Then in mergence with beauty, I began to enter a special state of the soul when My personal ‘I’ disappeared and I became beauty.

“I sought beauty and found it everywhere: in the sunset over the expanse of the sea when the evening fills everything with its warm calm, in the best works of art, in the patterns of natural landscapes…

“With time I developed a desire not just to merge with beauty, but to be in the state of constant mergence with it. And I wanted to find a teacher — a master of beauty who could reveal to Me its laws…

“… Soon My father sent Me to a Buddhist monastery for receiving education.

“There quietness became My third teacher.

“In that monastery an old Chinese-Taoist lived. I liked to converse with him. He told Me about other lands. My world expanded beyond the monastery’s walls…

“Sometimes we sat together, and he suggested listening how in his distant native land water murmurs in a river… I did not hear how water murmurs, but I heard the quietness, which was below the ground.

“… The quietness was vast, transparent… It reached the place where the old Chinese lived years ago… Then the quietness appeared everywhere, inside and outside of Me…

“Often we sat so, immersed into inner quietness and calm. The entire vanity of the world remained outside, it could not penetrate into the quietness… It had no right to cross the border of the quietness of the heart filled with calm and love…

“… I liked to study, especially to study the scriptures kept in the monastery. They were priceless… I thirsted for knowledge and could absorb it as a sponge absorbs water.

“Then knowledge became My forth teacher.

“I got acquainted with a group of Buddhist monks, who taught Me a lot of new things. They were not spiritual Masters, but they told Me about their views and about some truths: about the principle of non-harming, serving others, etc. The acquaintance with them became for Me an impulse for further development; it awakened My interest to searching for spiritual Self-Realization. I sincerely wanted to find in life something higher, something that could give a higher meaning to life… I felt a need to seek a higher meaning of life, to realize it, and to tell others about it!

“I went to China and began studying art in a Buddhist monastery. Thanks to this, I soon met several monks who were not just followers of the religious tradition but spiritual seekers. Communication with them opened new horizons to Me.

“They had contacts with a spiritual center in China, which possessed serious spiritual knowledge and methods. Only few people were admitted to studying in this center — those capable of comprehending the higher knowledge and using it properly.

“When I learned about the existence of this center, I wanted very much to come to it.

“Only after being admitted to that center did I enter on the real path of developing Myself as a consciousness with the help of practical techniques.

“I mastered the initial stage of work, which included studying the principles of sattvic nutrition, cleansing the energy systems of the body, exercises for the body and for developing the ability of moving the concentration of the consciousness to various parts of the body.

“On the next stage, My instructor taught Me to flow out from the chest as love and to embrace the expanse around — the forest, the mountains… I embraced with Myself-heart the nature and for a long time stayed in this state. In this way I cognized calm much more fully.

“I grew as a consciousness in these states of calm, among the quietness of mountains.

“… But one day a new head was assigned to the monastery. The new order, established by him, was harsh. I was frightened by the thought that I had to spend all My life in this abode. I left and went traveling…

“Thus life became My fifth teacher.

“I learned a lot then. I visited different Taoist and Buddhist monasteries, looked at the life of people who lived there, at their joys and sorrows.

“I could easily make a living thanks to the knowledge gained in the process of studying. I could write a petition or suggest medicinal plants for curing different diseases, or perform any other work… I saw a lot of different people. I also cognized the love which can unite two souls — a man and a woman… I acquired invaluable experience of life, which allowed Me later to understand many things…

“One day I heard in the quietness a voice suggesting that I go home because My father was going to die soon.

“I came back but could not heal him… After his death I inherited great wealth.

“… I decided to build My own monastery, where I could unite all the best that I saw in My travels. I chose a place of amazing beauty and hired builders.

“Soon other people, inspired with My plans, joined Me. My friends and teachers also came to Me.

“I was burning with the idea of creating the most remarkable monastery! The work went on. I was proud of My creation!…

“Then humiliation became My sixth teacher.

“… A traveler came to the monastery…

“All who came to Me liked everything in the monastery. Proudly I showed them what had been done and told about My plans…

“But this guest looked around… and only shrug his shoulders…

“At the end he said:

‘The main thing is missing here: here there is no God!’

“… God talked to Me through the mouth of that man.

“… The traveler went away. And I remained… in the ruins of My pride

“From that moment, I never allowed self-conceit to delude Me…

“I had wanted to create a beautiful abode — an abode of Love. But this could be done only with God, only for Him. And for whom had I been doing it?…

“Moreover, I forgot about meditations, which I considered unnecessary for the head of the monastery…

“And meditation* became My seventh teacher.

“I set My goal to cognize the Primordial One! And I began seeking Him fervently! I forgot about the rest! Now I walked only to Him!

“Meditation became the means of overcoming the distance between Me and Him…

“And then He — Primordial, Omnipresent — allowed Me to feel Him!

“I was astonished… I merged with Him! I cognized the Primordial One!

“I submerged into Him again and again. I spent days and nights in the meditations of Mergence. I was amazed with His Greatness and Love!… I wanted only one thing: to stay in Him forever!… I strove to achieve that fullness of the state of Nirvana which would never end…

“… Then one day, when I was walking through the monastery, He began to show Me… the desolation which came over the monastery since the time when I dedicated Myself only to meditation…

“He showed Me My people… They spent their free time in all kinds of ways!…

“Lacking My attention, the monastery became similar to a withering young tree…

“The Primordial One reproached Me:

‘Let your love for Me sprout with love and care about every being! Only then will you become a Great Teacher! And now — be ashamed that you deprived My children of your love and care!…’

“Thus, care became My eighth teacher.

“… Since then, I had students, and they were numerous…

“… My further path was simple. ‘Under the weight’ of all those whom I supported with My palms, I submerged deeper and deeper into the Abode of the Primordial One — the Main Teacher for Me and for all people.

“And He told Me:

‘You have to go always only to Me! And I — in you — will go to other children of Mine: to those whom I entrusted to your care!’”

“Tell us: how did You teach them?”

“Love develops in souls through their help to other beings in everything good — in great and in small. Meditation techniques allow knowing something new, yet this new transforms into one’s beingness only through love-giving, love-service.

“So God taught Me.

“It is through care about My children, that I learned to feel and to see people as He does. I learned to look with His eyes — and to see a step which a concrete person can take right now. I never said: ‘Come here! Do so!’ I gave tasks which made the disciples take certain steps on transforming themselves. The disciples took decisions themselves, they made efforts themselves and achieved new stages in their development. The disciples were led only by their love for the Primordial One and by their love for all beings.

“I helped everyone who asked for My help and accepted My guidance.

“Some of My disciples paved with stones a trail to a pond — so that everyone walking this trail could enjoy handmade harmony… Or they taught meditation methods to other disciples… The task was always hard but accomplishable. One needed to collect all strength of the soul and to be burning with love — for making every such a step towards the Light.

“Not every disciple of Mine cognized the Primordial One, but everyone advanced on this Great Path.

“As one digs a well, I dug ‘dense layers’ of souls exposing their common Source*, so that My disciples could satisfy their thirst for cognition.

“As one opens a window to let in the light, so I opened souls to the Eternal Light. And then this Light — through the opened hearts of My disciples — flowed outside to every being.

“And every Soul that achieved the Summit continued service from the Abode of the Primordial One. The end of the human Path became for such a Soul the Great Beginning of new Divine Beingness.

“… Thus I grew souls collecting wisdom of ages and sowing knowledge, so that the Primordial One may collect the fruits of wisdom.

“I gave love and sowed its seeds, so that the flowers of love with their fragrance may please everyone, so that its fruits may produce seeds and produce new shoots! I gave power to all who grew properly.”

“Tell us please how did You master materialization and dematerialization?”

“I never aspired to mastering materialization and dematerialization. I just merged with the Primordial Consciousness so deeply that My physical form became similar to a ‘protrusion’ of Its Abode into the material world. My body merged with the Primordial One so deeply that He could easily reproduce this corporeal appearance on the material plane in any corner — wherever He needed.

“I became united with the Ocean of the Primordial One. His Will manifested through My body. His words came from My mouth. His eyes looked from My body. His Wisdom became My Wisdom. His Calm became My Calm. His Love became My Love. His Care became My Care.

“… Man’s flesh has to be free from the ‘I’, so that He may enter it. This is realized through the great mystery of Mergence.

“When an Individuality, which has achieved Perfection, dissolves in the Primordial One and remains in Him, then the body does not belong to sansara** anymore.

“The eyes which look in the depths of the Whole allow the Primordial One to look through the eyes of the body.

“The Arms of the Consciousness which gained the ability to act from the Primordial One allow the arms of the body to be filled with the power of the Most High.

“And then your boundless Heart becomes connected forever with the United Heart of all of Us.

“All this opens an Entrance, through which other consciousnesses can infuse into the Primordial Ocean and become It…

“Buddhists call this Nirvana, the state of Buddha, Liberation.”

“Lin, please tell us a few words for beginners…”

“Let the quietness of morning calm and freshness touch every heart! In Korea this is called choson: this is the name of My country, the name of My nation…

“Also I want to tell you about working with the arms of the consciousness. I, as you did, always paid special attention to working with the arms of the consciousness in teaching students.

“What can an armless person do on the Earth? Not much. It is the same with living in subtle worlds: to live there, to help, to work, to love, one necessarily needs developed arms of the consciousness!

“The arms of the physical body grow from the chest, where the anahata chakra is located. In the beginning, the spiritual heart resides in this ‘chest’ as in cage. “With the aspiration to giving, presenting — the heart breaks free from this ‘cage’. And from this moment the proper growth of the consciousness begins; gradually such a soul becomes a large and free spiritual heart. Its organs for performing actions, as it is with the material body, are the arms of the consciousness. These arms are coessential to it. They, too, consist of love.

“The ability to act with the arms of the consciousness determines one’s ability to move through the eons of the multidimensional universe; later it determines also the firmness of Mergence with Me and staying in Me. ‘Armless idlers’ cannot stay in My Universal Depths: they cannot dissolve themselves in Me: they just pop up to the surface like corks…

“God is the Greatest Worker in the universe, and millions of His Arms, growing from the United Universal Heart, constantly take care of all living creatures: embrace, caress, stroke, support, feed, heal, dissolve, defend, help, teach…

“To learn to work with the arms of the consciousness now, while possessing a body, is much easier than after disembodiment. It is so because when working with the arms of the consciousness one may feel their connection with the arms of the physical body. Moreover, if the arms of the body are skillful, strong, able, it significantly helps to develop the arms of the consciousness.

“… The size, form, and functions of the Divine Arms of the Consciousness can be quite different.

“They can be Rays of Atmic Light emanating from the Abode of the Creator, for example in case of healing — to make a pointed, powerful effect.

“Or they can be big Arms of a Divine Mahadouble, which can be stretched to any distance, which can reach any corner, any place on the planet’s surface to help those who need help.

“With the Arms of the Consciousness stretched from the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, one can heal by bringing the ‘Curtain’*** close to the patient’s body and then accurately, with the tips of the Fingers, cleanse the diseased parts of the patient’s organism.

“The Arms can be similar to a shining Ray of Joy and Bliss — when one needs to support instantly someone in their good deeds.

“The Divine Arms can caress, can submerge souls into the Heart of the Absolute, can fill them with calm and power, can give rest to tired souls who aspire to Me.

“God works hard without cease! This constitutes His Life. Through this, in particular, His Evolution goes on!”

* * *

“Meditation implies feeling His presence constantly.

“Meditation is a means of entering Him.

“Meditation is a means of merging with Him, when an individual soul can touch Him, know Him, dissolve itself in Him.

“The state of the True Beingness is a disappearance of everything but Him. It is the state of His Life, His Love, His Evolution…

“Life in Me is Infinite Freedom! Consciousnesses living in Me are not shackled by the manifested world.

“In order to become Me, one must learn to be free here, on the Earth. A soul accustomed to the life of a slave simply cannot merge into Me!

“I am Infinite! I experience My Beingness in all its fullness. To merge into Me means to live My Life; it is not about getting for oneself a nook in paradise.

“Live My Life in all fullness!

“And one more thing:

“One has to go to Perfection firmly and resolutely! I will guide everyone who are ready to work like this; I will help them to cognize fully Tender Tao and become It!”

*  Here Lin means the higher meditative steps. Earlier meditative training began in His life in childhood — in meditations of merging with the living nature.
**  The material world, where maturing of embodied souls takes place.
***  The Curtain is a boundary between the Abode of the Creator — and all other eons. See the Gospel of Philip.

Revelations written by Anna Zubkova, Mikhail Nikolenko, Maria Shtil, Larisa Vavulina, Svetlana Eremina, Olga Stepanets, Anton Teplyy, and Vladimir Antonov.

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