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Campfire at Night

November 30, 2017

The fire burns in the quiet night, sparks rise smoothly upward with smoke.



Only the wood crackles in the fire.

The tenderness of the night, filled with God, is around…

This is the place of power of the Holy Spirits — Adler, Thoth-the-Atlantean, and Eagle. A little further away, the Mahadoubles of Volhva and Khem are located.

And this is an opportune time to feel the space, filled with God, around the body. That is, do not feel yourself inside the Infinity and Eternity of God, but the Infinity as myself, where the unit of time is Eternity…

* * *

If it does not work at once, you can — as a preparatory stage — master the following:

I fly on the planet Earth in the Eternity and Infinity of the multidimensional Absolute. Around are visible clusters of stars, galaxies… They are right and left, I am in the middle…

The Earth is only an infinitesimal bit in Infinity and Eternity of cosmic space filled with the Life of God.

There is only the universe, I do not feel myself — as a creature living in a material body.

This means that there has been a dissolution-merging of me into it.

* * *

The Holy Spirit Martha asks to write down for the incarnate people the following:

“Anything that does not advance towards Mergence with God, but exists in human life ‘just like that’, as something neutral, is also, to a large extent, an evil! People and other creatures are incarnated by God on the Earth in order to improve themselves, to become — as a result — like We, to flow into Our common One Universal We. Anything that does not correspond to the realization of this task or interferes with it, are clots of filth, which should be removed by people from their lives!”

* * *

It lights up…

In the vastness of the valley is the Light-Fiery Mahadouble-Mountain of the Holy Spirit Khem.

With the help of a developed spiritual heart, one can move into Him, merge with Him.

There is immense Happiness from the Mergence with God in that “other world”!

Such Mahadouble-Mountains and other Light-Fiery Divine Formations, created by the Holy Spirits, are intended to help people, embodied on the Earth.

Khem asks to clarify this for our readers:

“There may be a Higher Happiness from Mergence with God in His Blissful Rest.

“And there is also another shade of the Higher Happiness: Happiness not from the Divine Calm, but from the Creating.

“I will say it again in other words. There are two types of Supreme Happiness: from the Bliss of being the Rest of Living God — and from the active creating the Divine Souls.

“The souls that have awakened for the spiritual growth are like workpieces for manufacturing perfect details — the Divine Perfect Souls, the Compound Parts of the One Total. Holy Spirits, perform this work.

“Throughout the Earth, the Divine Persons can seek and find such positively evolving souls, cherish them, love, kiss, embrace, lead the way, immerse into Themselves!

“Through the love for such souls, you can continue to improve yourselves.

“But most of incarnate human souls do not respond to the Appeals of God. These are not yet ready-made souls: mired in vices, have not yet cleansed themselves to the proper degree, or are preoccupied with other matters that do not directly coincide with the desire to cognize the Creator.

“But incarnate people should strive to become like Us: to become Holy Spirits, being equal in Us — as per the Standards.

“And in personal spiritual perfecting, egocentrism should not dominate. On the contrary, the desire to better serve the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, that is, God — should dominate. It is necessary to reach, then to turn back and — to help, help, help…”


How Can We Fall in Love With God?

March 8, 2015


Our love for God must guide us not towards attainment of paradise but towards reaching even greater spiritual heights — towards Mergence with the Creator in His highest eon. This is what He expects us to accomplish, because this constitutes His Evolution, His very Life! And if we love Him, we have to do this — for His sake, not for our sake!

It is good to fall in love with Him — to such a degree that we long for Him, being unable to find any peace without Him!

Being in love with God must become similar to being passionately in love with another person! It implies longing for the real Mergence — the Mergence of consciousnesses, just like human souls, flaming with love for each other, merge.

In order to fall in love with God like this, one has to know about Him as much as possible.

And He can be cognized in reality, not only intellectually.

But He becomes audible, visible, and tangible only for those who have reached the Godlike state of the soul.

God is Love. And only those who have also become large, refined, and strong Love can perceive Him like this. And Mergence with God for them becomes not just mere words but their own experience.

… Those who attained Mergence with the Creator become integral Parts of Him forever. But, when necessary, in order to accomplish Their Missions on the Earth or on other planets — They can separate a Part of Themselves without losing unity with Him.

Jesus described this, using the image of a vine (John 15): from the “Soil” (that is from the Consciousness of Universal God-the-Father) comes the “Trunk” — the Consciousness of a Divine Teacher, Who supports with the “Hands-Branches” many embodied souls.

In this way Divine Teachers manifest Themselves for embodied people. At that, They can either have physical bodies (be embodied) or not.

Incarnate Divine Teachers work not only where Their physical bodies are present: They can be with Parts of Themselves-Consciousness in any place on our planet and work there. They (as Consciousnesses) are incomparably greater than our planet; They place only very small parts of Themselves in Their bodies.

* * *

Let me dwell on it some more to clarify the difference between pagan “deities” and personal Manifestations of God-the-Father. Confusion regarding this issue is primarily due to the fact that almost all religious people do not know about the multidimensionality of space.

The criterion here is the following: only that One is a Part of the Creator Who lives in the state of Mergence with Him in the highest primordial eon, which is one for the whole boundless universe.

As for pagan “deities” — they are either fictitious folklore characters or real spirits of a certain (but not the highest) level of evolutionary advancement.

God in the aspects of the Creator, the Highest Teacher and the Ultimate Goal for all of us, is One, though He consists of a multitude of Perfect Consciousnesses merged together. What They have in common is that all of Them live in the Abode of the Subtlest Consciousness and act on various “islets” of the Creation by coming out from this Abode.

It is clear now, is it not?

All that we have to do is to get into There and to establish ourselves There in Mergence with the Creator.

* * *

The most fundamental landmark in the beginning of this Path is realization of the functions of the spiritual heart (the energy of the anahata chakra or the middle dantian). This energy structure of the human organism is the organ responsible for generation of the emotions of love.

Very few people have a developed spiritual heart “from birth” (i.e. from the previous incarnation).

Some women can easily succeed in developing the functions of this organ in a harmonious marriage, since the female organism with its typical hormones and erogenous mammary glands directly connected to anahata, and which also provides an opportunity to perfect one’s love by taking care of children, gives the souls embodied into female bodies a matchless advantage over the “stronger” (in coarseness and violence) sex.

For the rest of people, the use of special psychic techniques, which have been developed by spiritual schools of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and other religious traditions, remains the only possibility to change themselves dramatically.

… God is Love. He asserts this Himself. Everyone who has really cognized God can also confirm this.

And in order to become Godlike, we have to become Love in the literal sense of this word.

One begins to accomplish this with accustoming oneself to living permanently with the concentration of the consciousness in the anahata chakra.

That brings the energy of the consciousness to the state of emotional love.

After that, with the help of meditative training, one gradually expands in this state to become significantly larger than the body and then to encompass the whole Earth with the spiritual heart, and later to embrace God with oneself turned into Love.

In this way we can become “universal spiritual hearts” and infuse ourselves into the Ocean of the Universal Creator.

But in order to realize this simple scheme, one has to perform an enormous amount of work. The problem is that God does not let in Himself the unworthy.

Now let us talk about realization of this scheme — gradually, from the very beginning, — so that the unworthy may become worthy of complete spiritual self-realization even in the current incarnation.

* * *

One has to begin spiritual work with studying and accepting the concept of the Path. Then follows initial ethic self-transformation, and only then one enters on the spiritual Path and starts walking it.

The word spirituality originates from the expression of Jesus Christ: “God is Spirit”. That is, spirituality stands for association with or likeness to God-Spirit. And the spiritual Path is the Path of gradual transformation of oneself into Him. This transformation is realized through growth and qualitative change of the spiritual heart first of all. In other words, the spiritual growth is one’s growth as a spiritual heart.

I have described already how one can become a spiritual heart and transmute oneself further. Now I want to note that the criterion of the first success is the ability to look at the outer world from within the chest with the “eyes” of the soul (not in a figurative but in the very literal sense!).

When we begin to experience ourselves not as bodies but as free consciousnesses, then we begin to see with the eyesight of the soul.

It is with this eyesight that unembodied spirits see. And with this eyesight God sees what happens to us in His Creation.

One can say also that the Creator is the Heart of God — God in the aspect of the Absolute.

This is why one can know Him and merge with Him only after having become a perfect spiritual heart.

* * *

In one of the greatest spiritual scriptures — the Bhagavad Gita — there is an omission that resulted in a multitude of errors of people who tried in vain to attain Perfection without love, not through love.

Namely, in a talk with Arjuna, Krishna, pointing to His chest, said that between these “eyebrows” one has to open an exit of the Atmic Energy (it was a joke: He pointed to the hair on His male chest)…

But His gesture was not mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, and the joke was not understood by the readers and later many people were trying to “open the third eye” — the eye of the soul — not from the spiritual heart but from the one of the most coarse chakras — ajna.

But the results were always sad: dramatic coarsening of the consciousness and sometimes stresses and health disorders. (In some cases people acquired the ability to see the colors corresponding to various emotional states of other people, but it had no value for the spiritual Path; it only “strengthened” this vicious tradition).

That is, one has to open the “third eye” (trikutta) not on the forehead but in the center of the chest.

If you do not believe me now — you may ask Krishna, as I did. But first you have to get close to His state and, having become a developed spiritual heart, learn to see Him as a Divine Consciousness. (Otherwise you will hear anything from a demon who calls himself as Krishna).

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


May 1, 2014

Eternal Law — Sanatana Dharma

So, sects are those religious associations that deviated from the true Teachings of God.

But the Teachings of God were brought to us through sayings and writings of Thoth-the-Atlantean (He was Hermes Trismegistus in His next incarnation), Krishna, Lao Tse, Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba and other Divine Messengers, prophets, great disciples of God, and spiritual heroes. (The essence of their preachings is summarized in our books [6,11]).

One can also find several valuable passages in the Old Testament.

But we can see that in the entire Bible, there is no description of God-the-Father — the main object of worship of all believers. How can one lovingly aspire to Him, about Whom… one does not know anything? Is not this the reason why He got almost forgotten in the mass Christian Churches?

The Bhagavad Gita provides a comprehensive description of Him and of the Path to Him. The only problem is that the Bhagavad Gita has been translated by people who did not quite understand it. Only those who put into practice the entire Teachings of Krishna could do a reliable translation.

Throughout the entire history of mankind God has been teaching people the same thing: how we have to develop ourselves, seeking Divine Perfection and aspiring to Mergence with Him. But people tend to forget the essence of the concrete Teachings given to them, distort something in them, sometimes to their exact antithesis, and start conflicting with those who perverted the Teachings in a different manner [9].

This is why God needs to incarnate Parts of Himself into human bodies again and again or to speak through new prophets — in an attempt to revive Sanatana Dharma. But people tend to consider His Envoys as enemies of their “true” faith, to taunt at Them and to kill Them.

Currently, the Avatar Sathya Sai Baba preaches these pure Teachings in this way (His Teachings are integrated in the books [6,11]).

The essence of Sathya Sai Baba’s Teachings as well as of the Teachings of all other Divine Teachers can be summarized in short as follows.

The main goal of man is to merge — as a developed consciousness — with the Consciousness of God. In order to realize this, one has to study oneself and God as multidimensional phenomena, including cognition of the Abode of the Creator and settling there with the consciousness.

In order to accomplish this, one has to prepare oneself by spiritual practices — such as pranayamas, techniques of pratyahara, and meditative trainings.

But no training is of use if we lack steadfast faith and longing for the Creator, or do not have a developed ability to love. Love is a function of the spiritual heart, and one has to start developing it through interaction with people and other incarnate beings.

Basic principles here are compassion for every living being and serving every living being according to Karma Yoga postulates. Karma Yoga is a practical expression of one’s love for God and for people; it is the best method of self-development. Faith without active service is dead.

One should also cultivate faith by remembering constantly about God. Religious conversations, various rituals, and public worships that involve praising God’s name, etc. can help one in this.

All main principles of one’s relationships with people and other creatures are summarized in the short precept of Vyasa: “Help ever (in everything that is good), hurt never!”

Sathya Sai Baba gives detailed explanation of this precept with reference to a great number of concrete Earth’s situations.

He teaches that there are two major landmarks in every person’s earthly life: God — as the Goal, and the death of the body — as a reminder of our limited opportunity to improve.

Let us remember this! Let us cast aside all the insignificant and unnecessary things and devote ourselves totally to the realization of the meaning of our lives!

This is the way to liberation from bonds of karma, from diseases, from the necessity to submerge into the world of sufferings again. This is the way to Merging forever with our most Beloved!

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


March 26, 2014

Nutrition Recommendations

God once gave people principles of nutrition through a prophet: “… See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food!…”. This commandment was written in the Jewish Bible (Genesis 1:29). After some time He added through another prophet: you may eat everything, “… only, you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood” (Genesis 9:1-4). What did He mean in this phrase? He was talking about the killing-free diet: you may eat any edible plants, use milk, eggs but do not kill for food those creatures in whose bodies you see blood.

But what did sly and gluttonous Jews, who received this commandment, contrive? They started to let the blood of animals that they were killing flow out into the ground and to eat their meat after that… — yes, without blood. They pretended to have understood that the animal’s soul is its blood… Later gluttonous “Christians” began using the same way of fooling God. And… they simply did not include the protests of Jesus Christ against this in the New Testament [6,11]…

But true Christianity is Teachings of Love. Is it possible to call these people Christians who are capable of causing other creatures to suffer just for satisfying their own gustatory cravings?

True Christians are not those who have been formally baptized but do not follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ. And especially not those who were baptized at a very young age. Or those who wear crucifix around their necks. It was crusaders who wore crucifixes, was it not?

True Christians are people who follow the Teachings of God that He has been giving to us through Jesus Christ and other Messiahs. The essence of these Teachings can be expressed in short in three phrases:

1. God is Love.

2. We have to infuse into Him for the sake of enriching Him with ourselves.

3. In order to do this we need to become Love, like Him.

Those who do not follow these Teachings do not have a right to call themselves Christians. They are simply perverts: “Christians” in quotation marks.

… In this incarnation I was born and grew up in a family of communists and atheists. Nobody thought about sin and compassion there, as almost in every “soviet” family. And I, too, ate meat and fish since my childhood: this was widely accepted. I even became a hunter and a fisherman — and I tortured and killed animals without even thinking that somebody other than myself could feel pain.

Only when I became a senior research assistant, I started to question my right to kill animals. But I immediately came up with a justification for myself: we cannot live without eating meat and fish, therefore I have an objective right to procure this kind of “food” for myself without any assistance from anyone else — since I can and know how to do it.

But then there was this incident. Once I came up to a lakeside and flushed a duck family: a mother-duck and about ten ducklings, which could not fly yet. They swam away from the shore heading towards an island fifty meters away — they swam in a tight group close to one another. But an unknown hunter was hiding on that island. And when the duck family swam up to the island he shot them all down with two gunshots…

This was the first time when I took the death of the victims of this cruel entertainment — hunting — as a drama. My confusion was aggravated by the fact that I became the cause of their death. And right after this I saw a contradiction: I would not get upset if I were the hunter who killed them! On the contrary — I would rejoice at such luck of getting a great hunting trophy!…

Later I happened to ride on a bus in Karelia with workers of a forestry. They drank vodka after work and were going night fishing — to spear fish with a fish-fork in a beam of light. But one of them got “deeply moved” and started to think aloud: “How is it possible: to spear live fish with a fork?! It is live, don’t you see! With a fork!…” He repeated these phrases many times in a heartfelt way, addressing these questions both to himself and to his friends. It was obvious that he was on the verge of illumination, of awakening…

But his friends just smiled at him slightly without saying anything: this happens if one has drunk a bit too much…

Then, seeing no support from his friends he suddenly felt ashamed of his “weakness” and exclaimed: “Yes! We are going to spear live fish with a fork!”

And the issue was removed from the agenda…

Once I was hunting ducks. I wounded one. I was shooting again and again trying to kill her off, but the duck saw me firing and managed to plunge every time before the shot reached her. Then I resorted to cunning and, steering my boat, drove the duck to a shallow place, where she could not plunge. And she realized it — and gave up. I was shooting at her again and again and every time her little body got pierced with the leaden hail. Severely wounded, with her wings broken, she cried from terror and pain, unable to escape. Her screams, as perhaps, the screams of all those innocent creatures, which get cruelly killed, sounded like this: “What for?! I did not do anything bad to you or to anybody else! Have mercy! Why are you causing me such terrible pain?!” But I rowed up closer and closer and kept aiming and shooting…, but she just would not die. And only after I got next to her I shot her head off.

We ate her body, riddled with shots, afterwards, but somehow I could not enjoy it then…

My last hunt was an elk one. The beaters drove an elk-cow to the shooters’ line. The hunters started shooting and wounded her. She dashed back to the beaters’ line, but they opened fire, too. Two of my bullets broke her spine. Other hunters kept shooting. I recall that the chasseur got into ecstasy over the sound of many shots and was screaming rapturously: “Here’s what I call music!!!” She fell down, eventually.

By the time I came up to her she already had stop breathing. But the hunters told me that after she had fallen, she crawled about fifty meters, leaving a wide bloody trail behind her. They laughed and felt happy when they were telling this. There was no compassion in a single soul…

I was shooting as well, thinking about meat and not about the pain, which this beautiful animal was experiencing…

Since that incident I quitted hunting and even sold my gun.

… When I later met a person, whom I respected and who for the first time seriously told me about the existence of God and that He did not want us to eat bodies of animals, — by that time I was quite ready to completely give up this terrible vice…

Later, I studied scientific literature on physiology of nutrition and learned that in the bodies of animals there are no nutritional components essential for the human organism, which can not be found also in vegetable products, milk or milk products, and eggs. Moreover, milk and eggs contain all the indispensable amino acids — the most important protein components. I came to the conclusion that eating meat and fish is not at all a necessity, but a striking manifestation of the human vice of gluttony, of the desire to satisfy one’s gustatory whims regardless of the fact that others have to suffer pain and to die for that!

And let no one seek an excuse like this: “I do not kill anyone — ‘they’ do, I just eat the meat”. No, we are those for whom “they” kill. We participate in this killing of innocent creatures, which have been embodied not for us to kill them at all, but in order to undergo the next stages of their evolution in the bodies that were granted to them by God. The souls that live in those bodies are just like us, only younger — they are like children…

… I killed lots of animals.

From my childhood I was taught to bait live worms onto a fish-hook. It never occurred to me then what it is like what each of those worms feels… And later fish suffered on those hooks.

Fish do not “fall asleep”, as many cruel parents comfort their children who show compassion for dying fish. Each fish experiences terror, pain from wounds, and sufferings of asphyxia…

Then I began shooting at living targets: birds and animals.

Later, I became an ecologist-zoologist — and thousands of animals died from my hands. This time I did not kill them for food but for purposes of “scientific research”…

Later, working in the medicine field, I used to cut and kill rats and rabbits — these gentle, lovely animals…

When awakening finally came to me, I suddenly realized all their pain… I repented and asked them for forgiveness… But apparently I did not suffer all their pain through in my repentance…

And when many years later a two-meters-tall primitive attacked me from an ambush — without any external cause and when I could not resist him, and fatally injured my body — then, dying in severe pain, I could also be puzzled: “What for? — I did not do anything bad to anyone, didn’t I?…”

And some day, perhaps, in their future incarnations, he and all the members of that gang will be dying in pain, groaning: “What for?!…”

Often people, who never cared before what it was they were eating, upon hearing a sermon about compassion and having agreed with it suddenly get perplexed: what is there to eat if not meat and fish?! So, here we will talk very briefly about general principles of nutrition.

First, as a rule, it is advisable for our diet to include all five groups of nutritional components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and microelements. Deliberately scanted diets including mono-diets (those, which imply only one product — for example, only rice, wheat sprouts, oats or apples, etc.) can be very successfully used for therapeutic purposes, but they should not be adhered to for an excessively long time. So, after consulting with a specialist one may get on a diet like this for 1, 3, 7, 30 or 45 days — depending on how serious the disease and on the tactics of the treatment.

Complete fasting (with obligatory drinking of water!) that does not exceed three days is also helpful for therapeutic purposes and is an effective means of purification of the body. If one is willing to fast for a longer period of time, one should do this only under the supervision of a specialist in therapeutic fasting. Break of the fast must be gradual. Best things to eat first, when you break a complete fast, are juices and fruits. No salt is allowed for the entire recovery period, which may last for several days — otherwise there is a high risk of edema of the body tissues.

Almost every natural type of food: milk, grains, vegetables, etc. — contains proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, though in different proportions. Depending on these proportions, they are usually classified into proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Milk and lactate products, curds, cheese, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, soybeans, peas and beans belong to the protein group. Proteins can be different, depending on the type of the amino acids that they are composed of. The amino acids in their turn can be divided into two groups: the dispensable (i.e. necessary, but which can be generated within the human body) and the indispensable (which are also necessary, but usually are not generated by the body, therefore their external supply with food is vital for the human organism).

So, the most valuable from the standpoint of supplying the organism with proteins are those foodstuffs that contain a complete set of indispensable amino acids. These are milk and eggs. Milk and eggs, if included in one’s diet, make it protein-balanced. If there are neither milk products nor eggs available — one should compensate for this by diversifying other components of one’s diet, especially those of the protein group.

But it would make sense to take into account that beans, when consumed in big quantities, result in generation of gases in the intestines. This also can be caused by barley and rye, and in case of adults — by milk (but not curds and cheese). In such cases, it is better to drink milk in the evening in small quantities and without combining it with anything else. By the way, in cases like that substituting milk with clabber would be even better.

Gases form also as a result of combining large quantities of protein or fat food with sweets.

One should not eat eggs and fat food before going to bed at night: these products remain in the stomach for a long time, but during a night sleep the digestion process in the stomach slows down (in contrast to that in the intestines). Food can stay undigested in the stomach for the whole night, which causes the multiplication of microbes in it and inflammation of the stomach walls first and then of the walls of the intestines.

Let us discuss also two issues in regard to eating eggs.

First, there is a postulate that we should not eat eggs for ethical reasons, since chickens could hatch out of them. But chickens can in no way be hatched from the eggs, which were laid by battery farm hens. The point is that domestic hen is a unique biological species (bred through a selection process), which lays eggs without being impregnated by a cock. Chicken cannot hatch out of these eggs. (At battery farms, cocks and hens are brought together only for making those eggs that would go to incubators for subsequent hatching of chicken).

But it would not make sense not to eat even impregnated eggs: since there is no embryo in a non-incubated egg, therefore it has no embodied soul; such eggs can feel neither fear nor pain when fried or boiled.

Eggs that we eat are merely ovules. But if we are to spare all ovules — how much more we should grieve over dying human ones! Since every menstruation is a sign of the lost opportunity of a human being to be born! Does not it follow from this line of reasoning that all women should be constantly pregnant in order to save all ovules from dying unnecessarily? (Joking!).

The second objection against eating eggs comes from the physiologists: eating eggs, they say, inevitably causes atherosclerosis, since eggs contain great amounts of cholesterol.

Once I participated as a laboratory assistant in the experiments on rats conducted under the supervision of academician N.N.Anichkov — the experiments that subsequently allowed him to “pronounce an anathema” against eggs. I myself then, with my own hands, was making atherosclerosis in those rats. However, they were fed not with eggs but with pure cholesterol powder mixed with oil. And the doses of that chemically pure cholesterol were quite impressive compared to the weight of the rat’s body: they measured grams per one intake, several times a day. And this is for a small rat! Of course, the rats developed atherosclerosis. But the doses of cholesterol were exceeded by millions of times — as compared to those contained in several eggs a day for a human being!

In reality cholesterol is quite an important substance for the human organism, since it serves as a material from which all sex hormones — both male and female — are formed.

Cholesterol gets generated within human bodies as well. And its high concentrations can be found not only in eggs but also in the bodies of animals, especially in the liver, brain, and fat tissues.

But in order to identify the cause of atherosclerosis one should start with finding out first whether those people, who adhere to the killing-free diet, suffer from it.

… Fats can be of vegetable and of animal origin. The latter include both butter and fats obtained from corpses of killed animals.

Scientists say that consumption of fats significantly increases risk of cancer, but we need to know that for butter this is not true.

Both vegetable oils and butter are good for people. The former contains vitamin E among other things and can dissolve cholesterol deposits, if any. Butter is rich in vitamins A and D.

It is better to use butter for frying and heating of food, since all oils get oxidized when heated in presence of oxygen, forming harmful substances. The more liquid the oil is the quicker it gets oxidized.

There are also margarines, which represent mixes of various oils. If someone wants to use them, it would be better to read the list of ingredients on the package first.

All vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, greens, jam, honey belong to the group of carbohydrates… All bodies of plants and grains are rich in fiber, which is important for proper functioning of the intestines, and in vitamins, especially of the C and B groups. Sugars among other things provide the body with energy that is easily assimilable.

It is currently widely known that bread is a source of the necessary vitamins of the B group. But it is important to know that bread made of high-grade flour contains almost no vitamins of this group, as well as almost no proteins. Bread made of coarse grinded grains or with bran added is a much healthier food.

The same can be said about rice. Unpolished rice is rich of the vitamins of the B group and in protein.

As for vitamins, we have discussed them enough already. I will just add that if we drink milk and eat eggs, vegetable oil, butter, carrots, greens, fresh fruit and berries, — then we provide our bodies with all necessary vitamins. In case one doubts it or if there are special medical indications — one can buy poly-vitamins or specific combinations of them in a drug store according to a physician’s recommendations.

Vitamin C is worth special attention. It is important for the resistance power of the organism; in particular, it helps in curing catarrhal diseases. But it is not heat-resistant. This is why herb, fir needle, or hip brews should be made without bringing the water to a boil. Garlic and nettle contain great amounts of vitamin C.

We provide necessary microelements to our bodies when our menu is diversified to include milk, mushrooms, and many other kinds of foodstuff. But the best source of microelements, which contains a full set of them, is sea kale (laminaria). It is sold in many grocery stores either canned or dried (the latter is also sold in drug stores). One can simply add sea water or sea salt to food.

… Lives of those, who love and know nature, not only are full of beauty, healthier and more efficient in terms of spiritual growth but also require less money. A true nature-lover will always store up jam and self-made flower honey and dry up delicious herbs for using in place of tea for the winter. But the most useful thing to store is, of course, mushrooms.

Fried or boiled mushrooms are very delicious, but they are hard to digest, since the membranes of their cells are not easy to destroy for our peptic enzymes. Drying mushrooms up also does not improve this situation. But prolonged exposure to acetic or lactic acid — when mushrooms are marinated or made sour (salted) — destroys the membranes and makes mushrooms easy to assimilate.

One can store salted mushrooms in one’s own house; the only thing that needs to be done regularly is taking off the mould from the surface over the brine (approximately once a week). But do not try to pickle honey fungus (armillaria) only with salt separately: the process of its fermentation goes without producing lactic acid — thus the result will not be good. One may either add this kind of mushrooms to the vessel with other salted mushrooms or pickle it using vinegar and salt.

* * *

The most important thing about correct nutrition is adherence to the fundamental ethical principle of not harming. Only those who have developed compassion for the pain of other living beings can make progress on the spiritual Path, for God will let get close to His Abode only those, who become embodiments of the principle of LOVE.

The Divine Teacher Huang Di taught this way of life in ancient China. Pythagoras, Gautama Buddha and then Jesus Christ taught the same [67,11]. (Jesus made several exceptions only when He talked to fishermen and to crowds of common people, when He was feeding them with bodies of fish). Nowadays God is teaching the same through Babaji and Sathya Sai Baba [6,11,19,4555].

This opinion of God seemingly contradicts to His words in the Quran. But we should keep in mind that during the first years of the establishment of Islam, which were marked with the continuous state of war, the situation was not appropriate for introducing new nutrition habits among cattle-breeders and desert inhabitants. God, Who guided prophet Muhammad at that time, had another purpose — to establish a monotheistic faith in that region of the Earth. And only after Islam had been established and accepted by people, Muslims were presented with an opportunity to think about the ethical aspect of their nutrition.

If one ignores the ethical aspect of nutrition, then one becomes subject to special mechanisms, created by God, that make for the development of diseases.

Deposits of salts of uric acid, of which meat and fish dishes are the major sources, start to form gradually in the blood vessels, in the skin and in the cartilaginous tissues. This disease is called gout. Among its symptoms there are memory failure, headaches, disturbed sleep, sexual malfunction, and muscle and joint pain. And an urgent need to eliminate the states of discomfort of the brain provokes smoking and alcoholism.

Energy aspect of such nutrition should be considered as well: the chakras and meridians get contaminated with the energies of dead bodies, and this causes disorders of bioenergetic supply of multiple organs and contributes to the development of cancer. The same energies adversely affect the organs of digestion, thus acute and chronic inflammations and ulcers develop. This also provokes the development of aggressiveness in people. Their energy of the consciousness coarsens, and they become incapable of attaining subtle states.

The well-known postulate that meat and fish are the only sources of necessary proteins, as we have discussed above, is absolutely invalid, and those who defend it only demonstrate their ignorance in medical issues. The complete set of amino acids (the elements of proteins) necessary for the human organism is found in milk and eggs.

The best testimony to the correctness and adequacy of the killing-free nutrition is the dramatic improvement of health and disappearance of diseases in those who switched to this type of diet. In addition to this, their ability to perform various kinds of activities increases.

I want to note also that people, who eat bodies of killed animals to satisfy their gluttonous habits, should be aware that the time may come for them to experience their own pain. This is the way God teaches us Love. This is the law of karma in action: those who disregard the pain of others have to learn compassion through their own pain, experiencing it themselves.

The ethically correct behavior in regard to the “pure” foodstuff — plants, milk and milk products, and eggs — is to use them sparingly and with respect. They should not die in vain.

One should avoid using too much salt as well as drinking alcohol, which by no means contributes to attaining Perfection, also to restrain from excessive consumption of caffeine-containing drinks (coffee, cacao, tea, etc.) and from frying food using vegetable oils. And of course, under no circumstances one should drink urine, which has become quite popular “foodstuff” in Russia recently. Regular drinking of urine intoxicates the brain and causes mental disorders.

What should we eat then? What is the best diet for one and for one’s whole family? Of course, everyone has their own tastes and nutritional habits. The set of the four basic products: rice, mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes (fresh or as various sauces, ketchups, or pulp) — became the basis of my nutrition. In addition to these, I use mayonnaise, greens, potatoes, carrots, wheat bread, jam, berries, butter, vegetable oil, cheese, and other. This type of diet is satiating and provides a sufficient amount of energy for any kind of work, including meditation. Only at the last stages of my spiritual ascent I had to give up eggs: the energy derived from them was not favorable for settling down in the Abode of the Creator.

And the last piece of advice: we should not think about food too much! Upon eliminating vicious nutrition habits, you should establish a new thinking “algorithm” — and think about God and your Path to Him, including your service to Him. Beware of repeating the mistake, which so many people have made by focusing all their attention only on “nutritional rules” and forgetting about more important things.

Ecology of Human Being in Multidimensional Space >>>

Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Parable about Variants of Teachings on One Truth

October 3, 2013

One day the disciples asked the Master casting no shadows:

“Why are there so many differences in the Teachings about God and the Path to Him? Why even among Sufi teachers are there so many variants of what they teach, not to mention various religious faiths of different people? They argue and quarrel with each other about how to worship God! Why does this happen?”

“Well, I’ll tell you about this later, not right now. My close friend invited us to visit his home. So prepare yourself for the road!”

… The next morning the Master and His disciples went on their way. A beautiful valley spread out before them. The majestic mountains were seen far away cloaked in the blue haze. The sun, rising over the tops of mountains, gently lighted all around. The road, on which the Master and His disciples walked, was illuminated by the sunlight. It was so beautiful that it seemed that this light connected the surface of the planet with the shining disk of the sun!

The Master suggested His disciples admiring this beauty and imprinting its majesty:

“Here it is — the road to the source of light!”

By evening, they reached the house of the Master’s friend. A lovely supper and wise conversations awaited them.

After the meal, they all went to a garden.

Blossoming fragrant trees, flowerbeds, and small babbling fountains created a blissful atmosphere of beauty and harmony. The rays of the setting sun painted the garden with golden glow. The path, faced with flat stones arranged with elaborate patterns, was lit up so beautifully that it seemed one can enter the golden shine of the sunset directly…

The Master said:

“Remember this picture too! This is another road that also leads to the source of light!”

They stayed in the house of the Master’s friend for some days and then started making their way home.

When they were close to the house of the Master, He again suggested them admiring the beautiful scenery spread out before them. The sun illuminated the path gently and endearingly, as if welcoming them back home. The happiness of seeing this beauty overfilled them all again!

The Master asked:

“Do you still remember that you asked Me why there are different beliefs about the Path of the cognition of One God? Should I speak more about this now? Or, perhaps, some of you can explain this…”

The disciple of the Master called Sufy replied:

“Can I try to say what I have understood?”

The Master smiled tenderly:

“Well, try to convey what you have comprehended to others!”

Sufy began to speak:

“When one of the devotees comes to the end of the Path towards the Light, to the direct cognition of Allah — he or she becomes fascinated with the Beauty of the Beloved and wants to tell everyone about how it is possible to cognize His Blissful Love! So this devotee describes his or her own Path and everything that helped him or her on this.

“Another devotee also cognizes the Wonderful and Great Light of Love of Allah and describes for people everything that has helped him or her, every detail of the Path that seems important to this person!

“This is similar to the beautiful views of the sunrise or sunset that we contemplated. So one could see the sunrise in the east, another the sunset in the west… In one case, the path led to the mountain peaks, in another, it passes through the quiet contemplation in the midst of a blooming garden…

“Many call the spiritual Path the road to their true Home, the Way Home! And there is no greater joy than to merge with the Greatest Beloved in His Abode, where the soul obtains the Highest Happiness of the Unity and complete understanding of the Truth, Which is Allah!

“All successful devotees and seekers of the Truth cognize the same Universal Creator, in the same way we have seen the beauty and splendor of the same sun but with little differences.

“If the followers of Those Who have cognized the Creator also saw and understood the essence, they would cognize the shining Splendor of the Divine Love and Wisdom. In this case, there would be no disagreement between them.

“But people begin to argue about the directions which they should worship or about the stones with which the steps are faced… In such cases, discordances multiply indefinitely.”

“Well done, Sufy! You can explain complicated things with simple examples!”

“But You are the One Who showed this to us!”

“Allah has showed this during thousands of years. But bloody discords due to the differences in faith, stirred up by people living in the states of hatred and aggression, continue taking place up to this day.

“We should learn to see and distinguish the true and the false in the doctrines about the cognition of God!

“When doing this, we should remember that the Truth always shines with the Light of Love!

“That version of the spiritual advancement is true in which the basis is the ethical purity and the development of oneself as a spiritual heart. This is the Path of Love, the Path of the Spiritual Heart! This is the Straight Path!

“Yes, the Path of the Spiritual Heart may have variations. And it makes sense to know these variations and use them intelligently. Each next generation of the spiritual seekers will be able to benefit from the experience of their predecessors and make their own contribution to the treasury of knowledge about the purification of the souls and about the Path that allows them to come closer to the Divinity. All this helps to accelerate the progress of the true seekers on the Path of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness!”

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

Parables of the Masters  >>>

Parable about Offense, Forgiveness, and the Purification of the Soul

October 1, 2013

One day a middle-aged woman came to the Master casting no shadows.

She told Him her sad story about her life:

“I came to You for help, because my life is full of sorrow and makes no sense. I have no joyous hope anymore that someday everything will change, and Allah will send happiness to my home…

“I am a widow…

“My father was a Sufi. He taught me to love Allah and explained that such love lives in the beauty of nature, music, words, and wise thoughts. He taught me to read and write, to perform music and beautiful dances…

“But he died early.

“And then my relatives married me off. I was very young, almost a child, and obeyed… My husband was much older than I. I even did not know that a woman can truly love her husband. I was to him like a slave-concubine that fulfilled his indisputable will obediently even when everything inside me resisted… Time went on… My husband became old and no longer ordered me about as before. Nevertheless, I continued to serve him…

“We didn’t have children…

“… Then my husband died and I stayed all alone.

“At that time, I woke up from a bad dream, so to speak. I started, like in my childhood, seeing the beauty around, hearing the singing of the birds and the murmur of the water in the river. I began to see the stars and the sun…. This beauty gave me the hope…

“I fell in love with one man, my neighbor. We could have become a good match… We spoke about the important… It seemed to me that we always understood each other… It seemed to me that he loved me too, that he wanted to marry me and soon would offer me to connect our lives…

“But the time passed, and he still did not speak about the marriage…

“And then… he married a young girl… Yes, she was very beautiful… But this was her only virtue… She was moody and not clever… She ordered her husband about and made him satisfy all her whims…

“I still loved him… It was the light in my life, even though my love was not reciprocated. I forgave him his choice. We remained good friends.

“And then… he offended me gravely. It was as if the light grew dark in the soul… I realized that I no longer could, as before, live giving my love to him, because he didn’t need my love…

“His contemptuous and angry words continue to sound in the soul and poison my life!…

“I will never be young and beautiful again. No one needs my skills… Loneliness and emptiness… I don’t know how to live out the time that I still have on the Earth… I almost have no means of livelihood. I cannot maintain the property of my ex-husband, which has already fallen into decay…”

“Do you know that you have come to a Sufi? I will not give you advice on how and where you can find a husband. I’ll talk with you about something else. Do you want to change your life before the Eyes of Allah?”

“Yes, I want to try if something still can be done…”

“The first thing you need to learn is to forgive offenses. Look, everything bad that happens to you now comes from your resentment!

“Each one must learn to change the situations in his or her own life ‘from his or her end’.

“It often happens that we cannot change the events that come into our lives, because they are beyond our control. But we can always choose our own point of view on those events, our attitude to what happens.

“And we should always remember that everything that comes to our lives is sent by Allah — and He sends it for our good!

“For example, it’s raining. You can be sad that the weather is bad and that you can’t even leave your house. Or you can be happy that this living moisture is nourishing the crops and grasses, trees, and shrubs.

“Or you can be sad because the strong solar heat does not let you enjoy a stroll. Or you can be glad that this heat will help the harvest to ripen.”

“You are speaking like my father, and I listen to you like a little girl!”

“You were offended, and I even know that what happened to you was unfair if we look at this situation with the eyes of an ordinary human. But it depends on you whether you continue to accumulate the bile of bitter resentment and suffer because of it — or forgive and let the whole situation go in order to become opened for a new clean life in harmony with Allah!

“Many people live dreaming of revenge for years, hatching up the plans of murder… You are not like them: you do not want to harm that man. But you’re doing bad to yourself! You are causing harm to yourself spoiling all the best that is in you! And this is the sin before Allah! You poison the soul slowly with your state of resentment! And this can result in a serious illness and then in an untimely death of your body.

“To continue to be offended or to forgive depends only on your decision! Look, you could forgive him that he hasn’t chosen you as his life partner!

“Each time we can decide how we should react to what is sent by Allah to our lives. And the only correct decision is to thank Him for all that He sends to us. We can become better: kinder, cleverer — from these lessons!

“It is completely in our power to choose how to react to what comes to us from Him! And you once learned to do this a long time ago.

“You do not know yet what a wonderful gift from Allah was brought into your life by that event! And you now have the opportunity to change a lot in your destiny!

“Your father was a great master and could teach you how to live by the spiritual heart. A heart with wings is a symbol of Sufis. This heart can soar in the world of Love and Light even when everything develops in the most unfavorable way!

“But you have recalled the lessons of your father only a few times during your entire adult life! This is why, many things in your life were not as good as they could have been…

“Now you can recall how you were taught to live being full of love for Allah and for everything around! You can live as the developed spiritual heart and no longer break down because of the outside events that seem to be unwanted at first sight…

“See what happens when a soul immerses into the emotions of resentment, anger, sadness, despair, desire ‘to get’, or envy… Any low state of a soul makes this soul move to that layer of the multidimensional universe where the winds of the same emotions reign. They capture this soul, enslave it and do not let it swim out to the light, to the joy of life in Purity and Love…

“One must learn to purify the soul, accustoming oneself to living in the Subtlety and Light, so that the layers of Love, Harmony, Tenderness, and Care will be one’s natural habitat!

“Look, the one who lives being entangled with low emotional states, such as depression, creates around oneself the same dull and lifeless space… Or if a soul is splashing the filth of hatred and anger — those black and sticky states intensively pollute the area around it! This evil negatively affects other people and all other souls, including plants and animals, and everything around! From this, sadness and filth multiply in the space of our planet!…

“The longer the soul resides in heavy and dirty states, the harder it will be to get up, to cleanse and accustom itself to living in the transparent purity, kindness, and tenderness!

“Sufi path is the Path of Purity!

“And you need to start with obtaining the purity of yourself as a soul! And only then you will be able to transform the space around you with this purity!

“If one, waking up in the morning, opens the spiritual heart, fills it with peace, love, and tenderness, and sends these emotions to all directions: forward, backward, left, right, up, and down, wanting to give love and peace to everything around — then the pure and subtle space of the spiritual heart becomes opened and filled with the Joy of Allah!

“You can also learn to merge with the Flow of Light of Allah that runs from top to bottom and ask for His help in the purification of the body and soul. Then a waterfall of Purity will flow down abundantly! This Shining Flow will help to cleanse the body and the soul, to bathe yourself, to dress yourself in the Light and become filled with this Light!

“It is very simple! You should do it every day!

“Having filled yourself with Purity, you will be able to merge with the River of the Divine Light That flows above the expanse of fields, meadows, steppe, or desert. Besides, in this way you will give love — together with Allah — to everything and everyone around you!…

“These several methods of purification of the soul will be enough for you to begin with. Then I will teach you other methods. There are many of them! This is the Path of Purity — the Path of a Sufi!

“Now another very simple technique can help you. If suddenly dark and heavy thoughts and emotions — due to your habit formed during years — try to overcome you once again, then you can cultivate the habit of appealing immediately in such situations to Allah. Exclaim in your spiritual heart: ‘Allah — Akbar!’ And thank Him, remembering that He — the Great and Omnipresent! — is looking at you, loves you, and wants to help you… His Love then will kindle in your heart in response!

“You will surely be able to do this if you want!”

“But I’d like to bring at least some benefit to others!… It’s so hard to live, knowing that you are useless, that your life does not warm anyone, does not give fruits!…”

“You’ve received a good education. Could you rewrite some of the books that contain the wise sayings of Sufi Masters and didactic stories? I have some very valuable manuscripts that exist only in one or few copies in the entire world. You could help a lot of people to become familiar with the wisdom that these texts contain…”

“Yes, I’ll be able to do this well!”

“Then My disciples will bring you the texts and some money, so that you do not have to think about how to buy food… This work is very important for many people. But it will also bring the great benefit to you if you do not only copy these texts but use the wisdom contained in them in your life.”

… Master gave her one of the manuscripts, and she, full of gratitude, went home to try to start a new life.

* * *

Some time passed since then. On the surface — almost nothing changed in her life. But her attitude to everything that happened became quite different.

The disciples of the Master brought new books and some money to her. They also helped her sometimes with housework. Besides, at the request of the Master, they told her about the new methods of work for cleansing and development of the soul.

But more often she found valuable advice on the pages of the books that she copied for others. When she was working with these books, it seemed to her that she was speaking with the Master and that He was indicating to what she should pay special attention. She tried to follow His advice at all times.

Yet one day one of the young disciples gave her latest work back to her. He said that the Master was not satisfied with the ornament: there was no harmony in the design. He asked her to do this work over again…

The young man hurried on without lingering on.

She stayed alone…

Despair seized her: “Can it really be true that I wasn’t able to do even this simple work? Oh Allah! Is there any hope for me?”

Tears streamed from her eyes…

Then she set to work again, trying hard to feel harmony and Love for Allah…

She repainted the ornament and then began to rewrite a new text. The words were falling into place, forming nice and neat lines:

“If a person has made a mistake and then understood it and repented, be sure that in his or her life there will be a similar situation in which it will be necessary to make the right decision. This person will have to prove to Allah that His lesson was learned.

“But if the mistake persists, then the tests will be also repeated until this person erases all the facets of the concrete defect of the soul.

“And the same with every defect.

“As the result, the soul must become like a crystal clear glass vessel, in which the Light of Allah shines!

“The one who understands this accepts difficulties of these tests with joy and humility! And this one praises Allah for every possibility to become better!”

She laughed happily, realizing that she had understood the idea of this lesson received from Allah: she repeated her mistake! How unstable her achieved level of purity and love turned out to be!…

She saw the smiling face of the Master, consisting of Light, and thanked Him for this lesson!

Light and Love filled her! She realized how Allah was helping her to become better!

The happiness of life under the Guidance of Allah embraced her!

And she again set to work.

* * *

Time went… She continued learning to feel the Will of Allah and the joy of the life dedicated to Him.

The disciples of the Master liked to be in her house. They liked both the simplicity and purity that now reigned there. They also liked how she rewrote books, decorating them with delicate ornaments, and how she took part in discussions, sometimes humbly and simply expressing wise thoughts.

The Master was also pleased with the success of His disciple…

Villagers started coming to her with their requests or questions, and she never refused anyone and explained to them what she knew. She also retold stories that she copied. She told them in a very simple way, and what was difficult to understand turned into wise tales or parables with her words…

Now children frequently came to her, because they love stories and fairy tales very much! Thus her house became filled with laughter and joy. And now she could teach children the Laws of Love of Allah… Even though these children were not her own, they loved her and called her among themselves — Sufi storyteller.

Her neighbor changed as well. He apologized for having offended her once and even offered her to become his second wife… She answered him kindly that she no longer remembered that offense, but the past couldn’t be returned, and now both — he and she — had new lives…

One day some travelers from the distant land came to the village and began to ask where the famous Sufi woman lived. All the people were very surprised and didn’t know how to answer them…

* * *

It so happened that the Master sent to her a new disciple who was not young already. He was traversing the path of the heart slowly, since in his long life there was no earthly love and that’s why, his love for Allah was not filled with vivid emotions. His efforts were either obedient execution of the instructions or the attempts to conquer his bad qualities… He succeeded greatly in the understanding of the ethical truths, was diligent… But he tried to perform the meditative training offered by the Master as just some given tasks. His spiritual heart did not start singing because of the love for Allah… And he asked again and again the new initiations from the Master, for he truly wanted to become better…

The Master once suggested that he live in the house of that woman and learn her simple way of life in which she did everything only for Allah. The Master told him that she visited Him only once and was not looking for new initiations. But she was one of His best disciples: she successfully developed herself as the soul and helped others to do the same. And Allah guided her!

… And what happened next was the gift of Allah for those who seek to become better and realize the acts of kindness: their mutual love tinged their life together!

All around them was lit up by the Presence of Allah, since they lived and worked for Him!

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

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Parable about How to Learn True Love

September 29, 2013

Once a man came to the Master casting no shadows to ask for His help and advice.

“You are a wise Master, so help me! I see my imperfections and weaknesses, but I can’t handle them! I have tried for many years to restrain myself from manifesting my bad emotions or perverted desires… But when a new situation, sent to me by God, overtakes me suddenly — I repeat the same mistakes! I repent again and again and promise to myself not to sin anymore… But again and again, anger, irritation, and fear overcome me. Great desires or little whims enslave my will and force me to fulfill them until I become satisfied. Am I hopeless and is there no salvation or remedy for me? I wish to become better very much…”

The Master looked kindly at that man. They were near a beautiful pond. Wonderful white and pale-pink lilies bloomed in the water, whose smooth surface was calm and clear like a mirror.

The Master said to the man:

“Look at your reflection.

“Now make this reflection raise its hands to its face without moving your body!”

“But this is impossible!”

“Then move your body, but order the reflection to remain motionless!”

“This can’t be done since the reflection repeats all the actions of my body!”

“Yes. In the situation of ‘you and your reflection’, you are the cause, and the reflection in the water is the effect.

“The correlation between the properties of you as a soul and your emotions, thoughts, and actions is the same.

“You need to change yourself as a soul — and then all your emotions, thoughts, and actions will be beautiful.

“If you want, stay with Me: I can show you the techniques that will help you in this.

“But you need to take into account one thing…

“Look, this bud of a white lily is not open yet… And even if you desire this intensively — it will not open its petals immediately.

“It takes time for a flower to form. The sun needs to caress it every day and the water needs to nourish its roots! Only then, over time, a beautiful flower will be born! Only then its petals will open, and all its inner beauty will be visible!

“Similarly, the transformation of the soul takes a lot of time and efforts. So be patient…”

* * *

The man stayed in the house of the Master.

And the Master began to teach His new disciple to move the center of the soul to the spiritual heart.

He explained thus:

“To start the transformation of the soul — one should know that man can live, perceiving the world not only with the mind, eyes, and ears of the body, but also by the loving soul that consists of the spiritual heart!

“Now inhale deeply… and exhale. Do this several times.

“Feel the space inside your body to which the air is inhaled and from which it is exhaled. Now try to do the same not only with the air but also with the light, similar to the sunlight.

“Now let that part of the light which you inhale stay forever in your chest. Get accustomed to the fact that you as a soul live now there. And love is born there too. Let it illuminate your path in life — among all other people and among all other living beings on the Earth, and even in the intangible spaces.

“After that, you can learn each day to radiate this light — like the caressing sun, shining from within.

“Then you should expand this light to all directions, as far as your strength allows you.

“You can learn to live inside this space of light, to perceive yourself there, to look from it, to speak, and to stretch the caring arms of the soul, caressing everything in the Creation of Allah!”

* * *

The new disciple of the Master began to repeat these exercises every day.

A new enchanting perception of the world started arising in him! It was an amazingly joyful and blissful touch to everything and everyone by the soul consisting of tenderness and peace!

The Master showed His disciple the methods for cleansing the body and increasing the energy of the consciousness.

The flower of the soul started blossoming, giving off the fragrance of the Love of Allah, because the love for Him arose and gained strength in this man!

Now he tried to never forget about the Love of the Creator, Who is always around and inside each one of us!

Gradually, this man learned to embrace every situation with his love and peace.

Now it was not difficult for him to cope with his evil thoughts and emotions, which surged sometimes. These negative states appeared in him less and less.

Now he looked at everything through the eyes of love from the spiritual heart. He already could do this without any special effort.

And his spiritual heart increased many times!

Thus the man cognized the great bliss, in which a spiritual warrior can live on the Path to Allah! He mastered that state in which man can always feel the presence of the Almighty and find in Him the Support for all his or her life situations.

A year went by. The man cognized a lot, living with the Master casting no shadows, in His house together with other disciples.

* * *

Once the Master said to him:

“You have mastered the first stage of discipleship: you have learned to keep yourself in the center of peace and love, called the spiritual heart. However, you have mastered this in the conditions of the ashram, where there is always harmony.

“Now you might go into the world where ordinary people live and learn to keep these states also in those situations in which not everything is favorable.

“Moreover, you could teach what you have learned to those people who will ask for your help.”

“Are You sending me away, my Master? But I still know and can do only a little!”

“I’m not sending you away! I’m just giving you the next task: to learn to do all the same but without My help. I’ll meet you here again when you’re ready to continue.”

“How will I know this? I still cannot perceive always the Thoughts of Allah and His Words! I haven’t learned enough! How will I distinguish between the right and the wrong? How can I learn to act correctly if I can’t ask Your advice?”

“God can speak with the soul not only with the help of the words.

“Those who have mastered the ability to be love can easily master the rest!

“Do you remember that day when you came to Me for the first time?

“You then looked at your reflection…

“That’s how most people live in the world. They live as if they are looking only at their reflections in everything. Their horizons are limited. This is how small individual souls who think only about themselves live. Such souls perceive everything in the world in relation to how it concerns them personally: ‘People love me — or people don’t love me’, ‘I’m pleased by someone… — or I’m not pleased’, ‘I want this and that and that…’

“This happens because a person usually sees only what he or she looks at!

“If you, for example, look now at the reflection in the pond, you will see much more than you had seen before, won’t you?”

“Yes, now I will see also the reflection of this beautiful sky with light clouds and soaring birds, as well as tender flowers, which are reflecting on this smooth surface so amazingly, as if they are growing in Heaven! All this beauty and harmony is like music that glorifies the Creator! And I see You and myself with You. I can’t see yet the One Who has created all this, but I know that He is reflected here as well! He is always with us. And I feel His Presence in everything…”

“Well, now you can assess how your horizons have expanded!

“In all that surrounds you, in everything that happens to you — you can now learn to see the Manifestation of the Will of Allah, of His Power, Beauty and Wisdom!

“The whole Creation is the Manifestation of His Plan!

“The whole world around you is like the message of Allah to you! And you can learn to perceive it. If you ask the question to Allah — be sure that you will receive His answer after a while!

“Even if you still can’t hear the revelation from Allah in the inner silent space of your spiritual heart — you, however, will be able to understand His answer!

“This answer may come to you through the words of people you will meet or through a book opened to the right page. Or some other event — big or small — will answer your question and suggest a solution.

“Don’t be afraid of the lessons of Allah! And don’t be afraid of your mistakes! Then you will gradually learn to hear His Voice clearly and know His Wishes always!”

* * *

The Master continued:

“True love is devoid of selfishness. This is the criterion that always permits differentiating between the right and the wrong in oneself and in others.

“Love in this way!

“Help others, too, to cognize such pure love!

“In this case, the Laws of Kindness and Care that you’ve cognized, learning from Me, never let you fail!

“Now you can learn to live feeling the presence of Allah always!

“You will be able to feel Allah and at the same time to walk or sit, to be silent or speak, to eat, or just to enjoy the beauty!

“You will be able to look at and see the Manifestation of the Will of Allah in everything around you and in everything coming to you! The understanding of His Love and Wisdom will grow in you every day!

“Live so, helping all other beings sent to your destiny by Allah!

“Thus you will prepare yourself for that time when you are ready to see the Manifestation of Allah in yourself as well. You will cognize Him as your own Higher “I”, identical to the Universal “I”! Then we will meet again!”

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

Parables of the Masters  >>>

Parable about the Sight of the Master

September 25, 2013

“You’re completely dirty,” — the Master said to a disciple.

“Absolutely not! It’s not worth mentioning! It’s just a speck!” — he answered, looking at the small dark spot on his white clothes.

“Let Me repeat it again: you are shockingly dirty! Go and clean this dirt right now!”

“You are wrong, Teacher! It’s just an insignificant speck! Perhaps, you can’t see well…”

“No, My friend, I see everything well enough to warn you about the great danger! And I will be happy if you hear My advice!

“When a drop of dirt stains white clothes — it is clearly visible and easy to be washed off.

“But if even a small drop of pride or self-conceit contaminates the pure waters of the soul, then it dissolves in them and turns into turbidity, becoming barely noticeable. And then it is not easy to remove it!

“If you want to keep learning from Me, you have to accustom yourself to the fact that My sight is like a magnifying glass.

“If I see a vice of My disciple, I increase it with My attentive sight to such an extent that a disciple understands the pernicious character of this vice and thus can destroy that which darkens his or her spiritual purity.

“On the contrary, if I look at the achievements and successes of My disciple, then My sight makes them small and insignificant in comparison with that wide expanse which Allah opens for the future achievements of the soul.

“However, I am not forcing you, and you can continue to consider yourself as pure and innocent and to live in an illusory world, cherishing your imperfections… But then Allah will give you those lessons that will help you to understand the truth through your pain and disappointments.”

The young man lowered his head and obediently hastened to act upon the advice of the Master. He washed the speck on his clothes for a long time in running water, cleansing carefully himself at the same time of the sprouts of pride and egotism that appeared in him…

The Sight of the Master has great power. It can help a disciple to see his or her problem before it turns into an illness or other affliction.

But only one by oneself can erase this or that vice and cleanse one’s own future!

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

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Parable about Good and Evil

September 24, 2013

The Lord of everything was evident for Me —
and I perceived His Presence in the manifested
and unmanifested, in people whom I met on My Path,
and in everything that His generous Hand gave Me!
I did not divide these gifts into good and bad ones,
for Allah does not give what should not be received!

Every minute of your life is the message of Allah to you
and your response to Allah.
You can read every moment like the Quran,
because everything around is the Book of Existence,
and He teaches you to read it!
When you learn to read it, you will
experience only the Bliss of His Love!

And when you talk after this —
your words will be the song of thanksgiving to the Creator!

Haji Bei Murat

Once a woman came to the Master casting no shadows and brought a sick girl to Him.

This woman, who called herself the mother of the girl, said:

“If you really know Allah — then heal this child! But if all that you can do is only to deliver homilies, with which you deceive those miserable who come to you, then take this girl! While she was little, I carried her in my arms, and people used to give me alms out of pity. But now she has grown, yet still cannot walk. I have no more strength to carry her and nothing to feed her. I cannot raise a child who is going to be a cripple till its last day!”

“This is a very difficult case. It will take a lot of time to heal her,” — the Master said quietly.

He looked at the girl, then at the woman, and said:

“Do you really want to leave her to Me? If this child, given to you by Allah, is a burden to you… — then, well, I agree. But don’t complain later!…”

* * *

Many acquaintances reproached the Master for allowing the sick girl to stay in His house:

“What will those who want to learn from You think about You? They will think that You are a bad healer and not a true Master if a cripple lives in Your house!”

But the Master calmly replied:

“I accept what Allah sends! And I thank Him for His gifts!”

The disciples of the Master began to call the girl Sufy, since she lived in the house of Sufi sheikh. Thus this endearing nickname had become her spiritual name long before she received her first serious initiation.

Almost every evening, the Master told stories or parables to Sufy, but He never finished them.

He spoke as if the heroes of His stories came to life, as if the sounds of their speeches were heard and their figures and movements seen. Even the fragrance of flowers and a breath of wind seemed to reach the little listener…

The Master finished His every incomplete story with a question about how this or that hero should continue to act.

The next day Sufy answered Him, and depending on her response — the tale took a new turn and had a happy or bitter end.

The girl was used to thinking about the answers seriously — as if on her right or wrong decisions depended whether a real person, and not a fairy tale hero, got into trouble or avoided it. And if she made a mistake, she was very upset about it and tried to correct it. And then the fairy tale had a happy end!

Every day the girl was taught by the Master and His disciples to read and write, to wash and cook. She tried to do everything that she could with all her still weak strength.

… Once Sufy asked the Master:

“How can I learn not to make any mistake in my answers?”

“It is difficult or, perhaps, even impossible to make no mistakes at all… Everyone in his or her life learns not only from right but also from wrong words and deeds.

“Do you remember how I once asked you to wash glass containers for medicine and explained how to do it better? But you were stubborn and broke them… I recall that you were very upset then. Nevertheless, you remembered that case, and since then you have listened carefully to My advice. When you manage to understand something important from your own error — from that moment on, you know very well how to behave right!

“Still there is one method that allows making fewer mistakes.”

“Teach me it!” — Sufy asked.

“Every human has the spiritual heart. Inside it, love for everything can be born: for blossoming flowers, tender animals, the infinite beauty of nature around us, kind people, and Allah Himself, Who has created all this and gives life to everything and everyone! The spiritual heart is in the chest. You can feel it in that place to which you inhale and from which exhale the air.

“Right here, in your chest, you have this especial center of you-soul. Love is born in this place. From here, it grows and embraces those whom we love, no matter how far they are. If love is strong and pure — it can expand immensely and fill everything and everyone regardless of distance!

“It is in the spiritual heart that one can understand the advice of Allah. It is here that we can decide how to act correctly. And the Love of Allah can be felt only here as well: in the spiritual heart when it becomes big and developed enough!”

And the Master taught Sufy how to submerge oneself into the spiritual heart, how to look with the eyes of the heart at the world and at people, how to listen to Allah in the silence of the spiritual heart, filled with love and peace, and how to expand this heart love more and more.

And Sufy mastered all this and changed drastically! She stopped being a sickly girl who longed for the care and special attention from others!

With each day she became more joyful and healthier! A smile of happiness lit up her face more frequently! Soon her pure laughter, similar to a ringing bell, began to sound in the house of the Master, emphasizing the beauty of the transparent silence that usually reigned there. And Sufy started giving everyone the warmth and gentle peace of her heart!

* * *

Once Sufy asked the Master:

“Why do the diseases exist? How nice it would be if they did not!”

“Are you sure?”


“But then you and Me would never have met!”

“Oh!… I didn’t think about this…”

“Allah brought many people to Me through their miseries and diseases. And I was able to help some of them.

“Everything is more complex than people usually think…

“When you grow up, Sufy, I will teach you to see the hidden causes of everything that happens. Now just remember that in this world, and in the world beyond the death of the bodies, and in the Infinite Light of the Love of Allah — everything is connected! Everything is created by His Love and rests on the foundation of this Great Love! Therefore, no matter how difficult and hopeless the situation seems to be — love lets you resolve it!

“I too wish that diseases and misfortunes didn’t exist… But many things have to be changed in the world and in people living in it so that they never forget about kindness…”

* * *

Time passed by…

The Master taught Sufy other methods of purification of the body and soul. Sufy grew and became a beautiful girl. The light of her spiritual heart transformed and healed her body each time deeper and deeper.

But she still walked with great difficulty…

… In those days sheikhs sometimes sent their disciples to learn from other sheikhs. In this way, disciples, by listening about the Truth from other sources and learning from different teachers, could obtain wider vision and knowledge of life.

And so it happened that the Master and Sufy stayed alone in the house that day. The Master was writing a book, and Sufi was washing in the patio when the burglars entered the house.

Deep silence was there; that is why, the thieves did not suspect that the Master was in one of the rooms. They quickly put in their bags all that they believed were of value. (People often thanked the Master with different gifts; this is why, in the house there were items that could be sold for a lot of money).

Having gathered all that they found, they saw the Master, Who came up to meet them like welcome and kind guests.

The burglars behaved in the same way as people led by fear behave usually… One of them, having approached the Master from the back, hit Him on the head with a heavy lamp… The Master fell and lost consciousness. The bandits ran away hurriedly, taking the stolen with them…

Sufy heard a strange noise and ran into the house… She saw the body of the Master on the floor with trickles of blood around… She ran up to Him…

“This is the end, My girl!” — the Master said happily and opened His eyes…

“No, no, don’t die!…”

“I don’t think to die! Don’t be afraid: the wound is superficial! Yet now you are completely healthy!”

Only in this moment Sufy realized that she could move freely on her legs!

* * *

“Look how beautiful today’s gift of Allah is!” — the Master said, while Sufy bandaged the wound. — “People often cry and complain when difficulties and adversities befall them… They talk about how terrible the evil is!… But often the good and evil exist in the world as two sides of one hand of the destiny. And this hand works in accordance with the Will of Allah and the laws of the existence of the universe created by Him. So let’s thank Him! After all, if these thieves hadn’t come — we would have to spend some more years trying to heal you…”

“But what about them? By causing harm to you, they caused great harm to themselves, to their destinies…”

“Today they did what they have been doing always. But those gifts of love and gratitude that they stole will change their lives in some way. We will see this soon…”

Sufy finished bandaging the wound and looked anxiously at the face of the Master. He smiled reassuringly. At this point, He mentally observed the sixteen years of their common hard work and the sudden complete recovery of Sufy…

The girl wanted to suggest that the Master lay down, but she heard from Him something so familiar:

“Well, it’s time for you and Me to start working! Let’s put the things in order and clean the house! Cleanliness everywhere and in everything brings us closer to the Perfection!”

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

Parables of the Masters  >>>

Parable about the Master Casting no Shadows

September 21, 2013

“Shadow cannot fall on the source of light!”

There were times when many Sufi schools flourished, and people, looking for wisdom, went from one master to another, choosing that one of them from whom they would like to learn.

Once some young men, who decided to go on a journey and find a great and wise sheikh, gathered together.

They discussed different stories about those teachers about whom they had heard remarkable legends. Most of all, they were impressed by the legend of the Master Who was so perfect that no shadows were even cast by Him!

So they went to Him to become His disciples.

They expected to see a wonderful man — a magician endowed with great abilities and knowledge by the Grace of Allah.

* * *

When the travelers approached the house of the Master, He was standing at the gate. It seemed that He was waiting for them.

The Master kindly welcomed the travelers.

The sun was shining. And… to the sadness of the seekers, the shadow of His body obediently followed His every movement…

Disappointed young men did not know what to do now…

But the Master regardfully invited them to enter:

“I knew that for dinner I would have some guests and prepared a meal. Don’t upset Me and eat here with Me! You have made a long journey and are tired! Your efforts should be rewarded!”

To avoid hurting Him and to hide their disappointment, the young men agreed, thinking that they would continue their journey and searches after having a rest.

They washed their hands near a spring and began their meal with the Master.

“You probably were told nonsense about Me,” — the Master said, looking at them knowingly. — “But it isn’t worth believing everything that people say! It is better to seek the Truth!

“A lot of legends are fabricated about each Master Who works to help people. That is why, it is said about Me that I can do whatever I want, that I can heal any illness and return the dead to life… Rumors like to crowd around the Truth!

“But I never do what people only want! I always do only what Allah wants. And the happiness of My life is that My will and the Will of Allah do not differ anymore. I am just a humble executor of His Will.”

* * *

When, after the meal, the young men settled themselves in a garden to take a rest, a sick person came to the Master. His body was covered with scabs.

As the Master spoke with him, his face gradually became brighter and brighter; a smile blossomed on it; the understanding increased, and the love for Allah and for all beings in the Creation began to shine in his heart.

He thanked the Master, bowed low and walked to the door… Suddenly his skin became clean!…

Shocked by that miraculous healing, he came back and thanked the Master again with tears in his eyes, hardly believing in what had happened…

The young men were amazed…

“Forgive us,” — they said, — “we were wrong! You are the great Healer and Expert in human souls! Tell us, how do You do this?”

“I helped this man to understand and see the cause of his disease. And when the cause is recognized and corrected through the right understanding and repentance — it is not difficult to heal the body as well.

“If the shadow of the past is erased with repentance and with the correct understanding of how one should live and act, then it is possible, by removing the cause, change it consequences.

“Every action and every thought of a person form traces in the Absolute. Sometimes such traces are dark, sometimes — light, sometimes — deep, sometimes — very insignificant. But everything that was done in the past has its influence on the present destiny of a person. And the way a person thinks and acts now will reflect on his or her future destiny.

“Nevertheless, everyone has the ability to purify and transform himself or herself as the soul, thus coming closer to the Purity of Allah!

“We can really purify ourselves from the dark shadows of the past! In this case, our lives will change for the better!

“When such a transformation of the soul is reached — the healing of the body becomes possible.”

* * *

Thus the young men stayed with the Master and became His disciples.

Many years had passed — and they learned to see by the souls both the causes and the effects of events. They learned to cleanse the organs inside the human bodies with the Light of Allah and to hear His instructions in the silence of their spiritual hearts. They learned to feel love for people, love that impel the souls to help those who suffer. They also learned to preach Love and Truth…

… When, going to the world to serve people with that knowledge which they had received from the Master, they turned around — they saw Him standing at the gate of His house like in the first day they met. Behind His body, they saw shining Light, similar to the huge risen sun. That was the Light of Allah, flowing, illuminating and penetrating all around. And indeed there were no shadows at all anywhere.

Now they could see it.

Sufi Parables

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov

Translated into English by
Anton Teplyy and Vladimir Antonov

The corrector of the English translation — Hiero Nani

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