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The Ninth Parable: Pearls of Wisdom are the Seeds that Can Sprout

April 21, 2018

Lao Tse began explaining to the recovering young man the laws according to which everything in the Under-Heavenly World lives.
He told him:
“Tao is the First Cause of the existence of the Earth and of all creatures that inhabit all worlds — tangible and intangible. All this is created by Tao and develops according to the Will of Tao…
“Yin and yang live in harmony, and their mutual attraction can be called love. This love is the greatest motive force in all that exists.
“Te permeate with Their Light and embrace with Their Love the entire Creation. They maintain order and control all events. Yet They don’t intervene in all of them.
“The destiny of every person is created by him or her through the thoughts and actions of that person. The destiny of every person is the result of the manifestation of his or her free will.
“The Great Te carry out destinies, creating educational situations for incarnate people.
“The first direct contact with the Immortal Te, the first immersions into Their Love and Bliss overwhelm the soul by the great miracle of Touching the Divine!
“But after this, a seeker can move to the Perfection only through a long series of one’s own efforts.
“It’s not possible to reach that place where The Great Te come from by the common roads! The real Path is hidden from the eyes of fussy people and inaccessible for those with impure thoughts.
“And only the one who is full of love, unshakable during the difficulties, moderate in desires — has a chance to walk this Path fast!
“The Heavenly, Which is hidden from the ordinary eyes, is not a half of the world, but much more!
“Tao manifests Its Will in everything that exists. But only those people who dedicate their lives to the cognition of this — are capable of cognition of Tao.
“This process should be started with the comprehension of the difference between good and evil — as Tao understands them. Such comprehension will become the guidance in life and allow avoiding many mistakes and losses.
“The Path to Tao can’t be found through searching in the material world.
“And it is very important on what you will spend your life.
“Have you ever thought about what will happen to you when your life in this body comes to the end?”
“Yes, when I was sick, I thought about this. When I almost died, it seemed to me that I had glanced at the worlds where the souls live without bodies, where our ancestors live… I realized how important it is to find the meaning of life in order not to waste the years of our lives on the Earth on idle concerns or amusements.”
… When the young man fully recovered, Lao Tse taught him special techniques that allowed developing the energy of consciousness.
He said:
“A human body has seven main chakras-cavities. They are like vessels, in which vital energies are accumulated and then directed to the different parts of the body.
“These cavities, as well as channels, through which energy flows, should be clean and bright. In this case, a human body will be healthy.
“Learn to move yourself as soul between these seven main cavities. And look with the soul from each one of them like out of windows — both forward and backward.”
… When the young man mastered this, Lao Tse showed him the next exercises:
“The energies inside and outside of our bodies can be perceived like air-light. If you inhale and exhale this air-light through your arms, legs, trunk, and head — you can make everything inside your body pure and filled with the radiant light. Then both the soul and the body will obtain purity and strength.
“The inner purity changes a person and gives him or her health and longevity, among other things.”
… The young man was an able disciple and learned quickly how to control of the movement of the consciousness. From that moment, he could easily direct the flows of consciousness — like streams and rivers of light — and make them pass through his body.
Then Lao Tse explained to him new methods:
“Have you ever observed the apparent motion of the Sun around the Earth? This is an illusion. But it can, by analogy, help you to learn to rotate your energy through the orbit around and then inside the body, filling it with light.
“Place your body properly and let the glowing light rise behind your body and fall in front of it.
“Do this until the whole space around and within your body becomes filled with the light and starts emitting the light.”
… Then Lao Tse taught His first disciple the most important: to expand as the spiritual heart, building inside it a huge Heavenly Palace — in order to be able to invite Huang Di and other Te into it.

* * *

        Many people from the surrounding villages got to know about the wise man and came to listen to the conversations of Lao Tse and to learn from Him the miraculous methods of healing bodies and souls.
He often asked questions to His audience — and people began to think before getting a ready answer. For example, He asked:
“Why do we consider some events as evil, others — as good, and to some of them we remain indifferent?”
“Have you thought about what should motivate people to behave in a good way?”
“Everyone has heard that man doesn’t need only food for the body, but also the nutrition for the soul. What kind of food feeds the soul?”
… At first, Lao Tse always taught to understand the ethical laws of Tao. Then He offered the meditative techniques that helped to master these ethical laws:
“Changes begin from the inner. When one changes the state inside oneself, changes start happening in one’s life and around that person.
“The equilibrium and peace of mind are achieved through submerging the consciousness into the spiritual heart.
“The usefulness of the inner calm is great! When it’s achieved, no anxiety from the material world can shake the inner peace of a seeker! No noise, discords, or talks can perturb the silence attained inside!
“Those who are capable of learning transmute calm — into power, misfortunes — into lessons, fortunes — into the mastered steps of development on the Path.
“Joyful harmony and bright serenity are obtained by those who accumulate virtues, and not earthly gold.
“Happiness is a property of the soul dwelling in its abode — the spiritual heart, where only love can be born!
“Grief can’t penetrate into the spiritual heart since that place is already occupied by love!
“If one has chosen for oneself the way of love and mastered it — that person withstands any difficult situation, without loosing the Essence. This Essence can be perceived only in the purity of the spiritual heart!
“Those who know about the true meaning of life won’t engage in the meaningless and useless. Such people consider as useful only those things that bring good, as it is understood by Tao and Te!”
… Soon the small shack on the outskirts of the village turned into a place where people gathered, coming from distant and from nearby lands and looking for the answers to their questions, as well as for the healing of souls and bodies.
The old parents of the healed young man now took care of the guests who came to Lao Tse. Their lives became filled with joyful labor, and their old age was lit up with love and gratitude of many people, as well as of Tao and Te…

* * *

        But the time arrived for the lessons of Lao Tse to come to an end, and He had to leave His transformed disciple.
The young man learned to perceive the Great Te and listen to Their advice!
And he began — as he could — to do what Lao Tse did, helping people.
Yet he was really sad, seeing his Master off:
“I still know very little and can’t do many things! How then can I help others?”
But Lao Tse said:
“You’ve learned everything that you need now. In due time, you will get to know all that I know and, perhaps, even more. After all, now you know the way to learn all this. You can do this most successfully through helping others. All secret knowledge will be revealed to you by the Great Te when you are ready to understand it correctly and use it properly!
“Don’t deviate from the Truth in your life: follow the principles of good and justice — and Tao will guard your peace! And your actions will be guided by wise Te!”
“Huang Di used to tell me this:
‘We should learn to feel Oneness with everything, trying to see situations through the eyes of Tao and Te.
‘Then, in particular, You will feel everyone You meet as clearly as You feel yourself. You will see their thoughts and understand their desires and abilities.
‘Moreover, You’ll know the attitude of Tao towards this person and see what good You can do for him or her.
‘It will be clear for You if You should help this concrete human being in his or her good intentions — or simply allow that person to do foolish acts and let that one create one’s own destiny.
‘This is how people’s destinies are formed. Destiny “follows behind” the thoughts and actions of each one.
‘There are no accidental significant encounters in life! Through these encounters, the Will of Tao comes to people.’”
… And Lao Tse continued His way on His donkey.

[to be continued]


The Seventh Parable: Trials Will not Cease until the Very End of the Path

April 7, 2018

Time passed by. Daily meditations became a usual work for Lao Tse.
Nevertheless, at some point He noticed that His ceaseless efforts did not bring Him the same joy and satisfaction…
On top of that, the weather had changed: the rain had been falling for several days already…
Even the donkey did not like the gusty wind with the rain and the clay, which became slippery under its hooves.
The cold penetrated the body of Lao Tse wearing wet clothes, and the nights spent under the open sky did not give Him any rest.
It was harder and harder to meditate, although He tried His best.
Lao Tse could not understand what Huang Di wanted from Him. And when He asked Huang Di about this situation — the silence was the only answer…
Lao Tse tried to overcome fatigue, but…
Finally, Huang Di said:
“So, are You tired of all this? Do You want to go back to your old life and forget about the Path to Tao?”
“No! Of course, no! But why is everything so bad?…”
“The fatigue or the diseases of the body hinder the spiritual work. It’s necessary to maintain the body’s energies in good conditions.
“Find a house and take a rest! After that, We will discuss all Your problems.”
… Suddenly, the weary travelers saw an old abandoned house.
Lao Tse came in and looked around. It was dry and quiet. The dampness and the wind did not enter here; only the steady sound of rain was heard through the walls, which were damaged in some places.
A large pile of fresh hay was in the corner. Anyhow, Lao Tse got a warm bed, and the donkey — a good supper under the roof…
“Thank You, Huang Di!”
“I accept Your gratitude. And answering Your question, I will say that it was just a little test.”
“But I thought all tests were over a long time ago since I am totally with You!”
“Testing doesn’t cease until the very end of the Path. A possibility to fall, to abandon further efforts or to make a wrong choice is also a part of God’s ‘hardening’, which the soul must pass in order to achieve the Divine Perfection!
“Well, now take a rest!”
… The donkey began eating its supper.
Lao Tse also ate some rice flatbread that He had with Him and fell asleep.
He dreamed about the space of the Blissful Light, in Which He was soaring like a bird and resting as a soul. Meantime, His body also restored its strengths…

* * *

Closer to the morning, Lao Tse saw himself among His friends during one of the lessons of Huang Di.
They met again in the room for conversations.
Huang Di said to His disciples:
“Today we will talk about some important aspects and conditions of mastering the stages of the Path. It will be useful both for you and for your future students.
“Routine and monotony of spiritual exercises and of efforts directed to the service can hide Me from a seeker. This is similar to the situation when gray thick clouds hide the light of the sun for a very long time…
“But even in such situations one should never forget that all spiritual efforts can produce the correct results only if they are made by the soul that persistently transforms itself into Love!
“I don’t come to those who don’t love Me!
“And that one who forgets about love will embrace only… the dead emptiness in the meditations. That person won’t get satisfaction from such a spiritual work and may even consider as wrong the methods and the very formulation of the Purpose and tasks of the spiritual efforts…
“The problem in such cases is rooted in the loss of love for Tao. If one loses this state of love even for a moment, then That Sacredness Which, as it seemed before, was almost in the hands becomes imperceptible.
“’I’ of the soul and the Infinity of Tao can merge in the indissoluble Unity. But the only way to achieve this is love!
“Therefore, one needs to return again and again to the state of love for Tao, especially in difficult situations.
“As the result, the state of Mergence with Tao may become habitual.
“On the way to that state, one should learn not to oppose oneself to the Will of Tao in anything: either in large issues or in small!
“After that, on the next big stage of the perfection, man has to learn to live coming out from the Infinity of Tao. But this, too, can’t be archived immediately.
“Initially, each soul is evolving as an individual soul. This is necessary for its qualitative development and the quantitative growth .
“And only if the soul becomes very large and obtains all Divine qualities — it can completely dissolve itself in My Transparent Calm!
“At the beginning, those who explore Tao come to the Abode of Tao — as guests. The Great Te, on the contrary, come and disappear in Tao, for They return to Their common Home! This means that They have become the Hosts since They have learned how to be in Unity with Tao all the time! They can also come from the Abode of Tao to act in the material world.
“Let Me add that until a human body hasn’t obtained the perfect and total Divine Calm of Tao, it can suffer because of the influence of adverse factors.
“The destruction and the death of a body — by themselves — don’t harm a soul. So don’t be afraid of the death of the body.
“Yet bodies are given to us so that we can grow and develop ourselves in them. That is why, we should make effort to keep them healthy and strong. One should eliminate the fatigue and the illnesses! Don’t surrender to them!
“A material body is necessary for a person to walk the spiritual Path. Therefore, a body should be treated with care, as some sort of dress given to me by Tao for my entire life on the Earth.”

* * *

At that moment Lao Tse woke up. The joy because of the gained understanding overfilled Him!
The sun was shining outside and the water drops were sparkling on the wet leaves.
Lao Tse washed His body under a small waterfall flowing from a mountain ledge.
He perceived himself truly awakened and began to wash himself, like with water, with the streams of the Light of Love coming from the Heavenly Source. Sparkling streams, which gave Bliss, were flowing and flowing through His body and around it…
Lao Tse realized once again that the Great Te are always ready to help abundantly those who seek purification!
The Divine Light of Love pervaded both the body and the soul, and Lao Tse felt the unquenchable desire to give this Light to all living beings, including all the people, who live without knowing about this great Light of all Te! These Te are always ready to help with the healing and the transformation of the bodies and of the souls and to open the great Path of the cognition of Tao!
Lao Tse saw a peach tree in bloom. Its flowers opened themselves to the sunlight and were giving their beauty and fragrance to everyone. Lao Tse felt himself like a similar tree, which just yesterday stood bare and was absorbing with its roots the moisture from the depths, but today bloomed with fragrant flowers!
He used this image as the basis for a new meditation: He stepped into the depths of the Light-Fire, already known by Him, dissolved himself in It and began to ascend, being this Light-Fire, to His own body and pass through it.
The streams of life-giving Divine Love were flowing inside and were opening in the chakras, like buds full of bliss and purity.
A minute later the energy channels of the body became filled with this radiance. Lao Tse felt like the spring and the fragrance flowed into every corner of His body! Now the Light-Fire ran freely inside all energy channels.
Lao Tse felt himself filled with the Light — and this Light was radiating irrepressibly out of His body!
It seemed incredible, but not the young body of Lao Tse acquired lightness, youthful flexibility, and mobility — and started radiating the Light so that the halo of Love-Bliss covered all the space around!
Huang Di praised His disciple:
“Well done! You’ve demonstrated Your creativity and come really close to mastering the meditation ‘Tree’.
“You can see now how all living beings on the Earth get the life strength from Tao, like growing plants. This meditation should be started from the Sea of Light-Fire or from the Ocean of the Great Calm of Tao. And as You master it, You will feel all beings of the Under-Heavenly World as branches of the great Divine Tree.
“By mastering this meditation, You will be able to restore the work of the internal organs of Your body and make them function harmoniously. You also will be able to heal other people.
“Still You need to remember that energies, which flow inside the bodies of different people, are not equal in the levels of their subtlety, but correspond to the state of the soul that lives in that body.
“If the level of subtlety of these energies inside the body corresponds with the Transparent Calm of Tao, then the matter of that body will change gradually as well.
“When all chakras and main meridians are purified and all three dantyans are developed and refined — You can fill completely even the smallest energy channels of Your body, using that image of a tree. In that case, the Divine Power of Tao will permeate the entire body from inside, saturating its flesh with the Divine state.
“And after a while, the matter of this body will become totally Divine. Such a body then will obtain the immortality, and the owner of this body — all the qualities of Tao: Love, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence!
“Thus Tao gets the possibility to act through our bodies in the material world in the most effective way.
“However, to achieve this, You still need to work hard.”

[to be continued]

The Sixth Parable: Find the Treasure!

March 30, 2018

One day, riding on His donkey, Lao Tse saw people digging diligently under the ancient walls.
“What are you looking for?” — Lao Tse asked them.
“If you are a sage who can see through all things, then tell us where the treasure is buried here?”
“Is it worth spending so much effort on a treasure hunt? Gold and other jewellery will not make you better or happier! If you dug up the ground and planted some seeds — the land would reward you with the harvest for your hard work. You would be well fed and happy and be able to live in peace. Why do you want to obtain that which you haven’t created?”
“We don’t need your teachings! If you can’t see through the stones, then don’t play wise and go away!” — the treasure seekers became outraged.
… Lao Tse realized that these people did not need His words and went His way.
However, He recalled that once He read about the great Treasure that must be found by a person who seeks Tao.
“Huang Di, tell me about the Treasure mentioned in the ancient tales. They say it has to be found on the Path of cognition of Tao. They also say it is like a spring that lifts the mortal to the cognition of the Immortality.”
“You’ve asked a good question! It’s just the right time for it,” — Huang Di replied.
Lao Tse dismounted from His donkey and wanted to start writing down the words of Huang Di, but Huang Di stopped Him:
“Don’t write about this Treasure now. Just hear Me out.
“The time has come for You to know this. It will also come — when it should — for every seeker of Tao. And then they will hear My words and see the priceless sacred depository of the energy of consciousness that they accumulated during many lives in many bodies…
“Every person, living in the world, begins to collect — incarnation after incarnation — precious particles that make up this Treasure gradually.
“Loving unselfishly and tenderly, souls grow as the spiritual hearts, preparing themselves for the life in paradise. Giving the bliss to others and admiring the beauty — they become subtle, approaching gradually the Abode of Tao. Thus the consciousnesses grow, enriching themselves with the best, the subtlest components.
“And to prevent squandering this real wealth of the soul on worldly affairs only, some of this energy is saved for the future — for the activities on the Path to Tao.
“A lot of people have this Treasure, but only few of them know about it.
“Some people have more of it, others — less…
“If a treasure is buried under a house, but the owner of this house doesn’t know about it — that owner can’t get any benefit from that treasure. In the same way, if a person doesn’t know about the real Treasure, he or she can’t get any benefit from it!
“And there is no point in trying to find this Treasure in order to use it in the material world.
“Only the one who knows the essence of this Treasure and is able to use it for the real spiritual progress can be its owner.
“People don’t need much in the entire material world, but they don’t know about this. They are looking for a lot of things, but of little significance, whereas the great Treasure is near them! This Treasure gives the worthy one the power on the Path. In India, yogis know it as Kundalini.
“But if people who are unworthy because of their negative qualities of the soul try to use this ‘spring’ of the great power of this Treasure to dominate others, then this force will throw them to the foot of the stairs leading to the Heavenly… Their existence will become miserable, and their destinies — sad… They will fritter away their lives and have to begin accumulating this Treasure again…”
“Do I understand right that a person who has found this Treasure can’t return to a usual worldly life?”
“If a good person chooses a worldly life and wants to return to the external — Te will never stop him or her. Everyone is free in one’s choice…
“Nevertheless, it is impossible to take into a material life those values that were intended for the Path to Tao. In that case, they will disappear, become elusive, so to say. This is similar to the situation with gold and pearls, jade and jasper, which can’t be brought into the worlds of Tao and Te! There — different ‘gold’ shines!
“The Treasure lost by a person because of the wrong choice is saved for him or her in the Absolute. And then that person will be able to find it again in the next incarnations.
“When the soul is ready, I give it this Treasure. And all Te are always glad about the successes of everyone on the spiritual Path!”
… Huang Di continued His explanation, directing the attention of Lao Tse to the subtle worlds:
“Look, here is Your Treasure! All Your anterior subtle states of the consciousness — drop by drop — have created this sea of diamond light, stored in a special huge container that extends in the depths of the multidimensionality. Now unite yourself with this Divine part of You!”
In the depths under His body, Lao Tse saw with His vision of the soul a huge reservoir filled with radiance, looking like some diamonds sparkling in the sunlight. He touched this Treasure with the arms of consciousness — and the bliss overfilled His body… He perceived that the diamond radiance was turning into the flow of radiant and transparent Heavenly Bliss and uniting with the embodied part of the soul…
Huang Di recommended:
“Now make a comfortable place where you could lie down and let this Heavenly Bliss pass through all parts of your body. Whenever You connect with the Divine part of yourself, You will be able to use all the power and all the skills of the soul that has been accumulated by You during many lives, during all the time of learning from Me!”
Lao Tse spread a mat and lay down comfortably.
As soon as He placed His arm of consciousness into the container with the Treasure, the flow of Bliss again filled His body up to the top of His head and poured from there… It was as if His body had become a transparent hollow vessel, and the diamond shining stream was flowing through it like a spring river that has broken the ice…
For several days, Lao Tse lived in this Blissful Mergence interrupted only briefly.
Now He could feel himself like the Great Te, becoming a huge consciousness consisting of Light. This consciousness could take the form of a human body and had a face and arms. Thus He could stand above the land, touch and cleanse His material body with the arms of the soul…
It seemed to Him that He achieved the fullness of the Divinity and that nothing would ever shake this state!
It seemed to Him that He cognized everything, that the Perfection was attained and that the Supreme Ultimate was reached!
Huang Di did not “open His eyes” since His Disciple really was in the state similar to that of the Great Te. Yet… Huang Di knew that this state of Lao Tse was only a small separate “drop” of the Great Ocean of the Divine Consciousness — “drop” with name Lao Tse.
To merge himself totally with the Ocean of Tao, Lao Tse still needed to keep working hard.

[to be continued]

The Fifth Parable: Huang Di — the Great Emperor of the Under-Heavenly World

March 23, 2018

The donkey was trotting forward slowly.
Sometimes it stopped to refresh itself with another portion of grass. Then Lao Tse got off and let it graze.
Lao Tse strove to cognize all that Huang Di opened for Him as rapidly as possible.
He often asked Huang Di about His past incarnations, about those lessons of discipleship…
And that day, when they again made a halt, Huang Di allowed Lao Tse to see pictures of that distant past in which Lao Tse was one of the disciples of the incarnate Great Emperor of China.

* * *

… The procession was moving slowly and solemnly. The Emperor Huang Di, sitting still in a ceremonial dress on an eminence, contemplated it. Masses of people were passing by like a river. The solemn procession seemed to be endless.
“An incarnate God has come to people! How can He bear such endless ceremonies? Will I be really admitted to a personal meeting?” — Lao Tse recalled those events as clearly as if they were happening to Him again at that moment.
The ceremony ended. The guards led a few invited people into the inner chambers of the palace of Huang Di.
Only many years of meditative practice allowed Lao Tse to overcome the agitation and enter the room calmly… Several students were already there.
Huang Di tenderly looked at the newcomer. He seemed to be different: not that deity from the festive ceremony. Although the Divine Greatness and Calm were like transparent Ocean around His body, He was also just a wise and kind Man.
Huang Di said:
“I am glad to greet you all here! The fact that you were invited indicates Your substantial progress on the Path of cognition of Tao.
“I hope that they didn’t forget to accommodate you and feed you in the bustle of the festivity?”
… It was quite surprising to observe how His Universal Greatness combined with an understanding of the common human needs of His students.
… Very soon new disciples of Huang Di got accustomed to His corporal appearance and to the living presence of God in a human body. His presence near them was no longer a heavenly miracle that caused stupefaction because of piety… They could ask questions and listen to His answers, and they did not lose their power of speech when the Divine Ruler of the Under-Heavenly World addressed anyone of them personally.
… During teaching, sometimes He invited them to the room for conversations. Other times He carried all of them together with their bodies — by His Power — to other places of China: to the mountains, valleys, or to the ocean shore; and then His lessons took place there.
… Now Lao Tse saw himself among the disciples of Huang Di. They were in the room for conversations and were listening to the words of the Great Master.
Huang Di was sitting next to them like an equal among equals and spoke. It was as if there was no distance between the Immortal Master and His disciples. By this He also helped them to ascend to the heights of His Divine Consciousness.
The Ocean of the Living Light of Huang Di was above and below in relation to our planet… And His Boundlessness spread throughout the whole Under-Heavenly World! Yet He was also in His body — by a Part of Himself. He was sitting with His disciples in one room and explained to them the fundamentals of the Path. The Great Soul, Which permeated all things with Its Living Light, was joined to a human appearance!
As soon as any of the disciples opened the gates to his or her spiritual heart — the Heavenly Palace of that disciple became filled with the Love of Huang Di!
Here He was — the Divine Emperor of the whole Under-Heavenly World and the Emperor of their lives!
His eyes were calm. And when He smiled — His Bliss embraced them all.
“Whenever you lift your eyes to the sky, remember: the Heavens exist around all the Earth and within it. I fill them!
“I embrace everything with My Heart!
“Such is My Omnipresence!
“No matter from where you call Me — I immediately will come at your call!
“I am above everything and under everything!
“I am not unique! There are other Greatest Souls! Yet it is always easier to call that Friend Whom you know well!
“Now you may ask questions — and I’ll answer to you.”
One of the disciples asked:
“Why do almost all people live their lives as if Tao and Te don’t exist?”
“The Appearances of Te are not visible for one with an ordinary sight! Only loving, gentle, refined and great spiritual heart gains the ability to see Them!

        ”A body that carries inside it a little soul is easily overcome by diseases and other afflictions.
“Those who do not feel joy and Light but look only at their problems and sorrows, seeing only darkness, are also unstable in their lives.
“People should study and practice the ways of the purification of souls and bodies! Only then joy will come into their lives!
“The art of living and growing by soul — stable in the subtle and tender love — becomes the great support in life! A person who lives like this — soon will be able to see Immortal Te and rely on Their Guidance on the Path of the cognition of Them and Tao!
“Such people blossom by the souls and obtain for themselves the unshakeable Base of all things — Tao!”
… Huang Di looked at another disciple, and that disciple asked:
“How should we help people? I ask this because only very few of them want to hear a wise advice! And even those who have heard it usually object and don’t do those things that could benefit them!”
“Those who are weak and irresolute, those who haven’t matured on the material roads, and those who seek only self-assertion and are obsessed by the passion for the worldly — should be left to their fates. Don’t try to help them to reach those peaks which are unaffordable for them!
“At first, every person develops slowly. People experience what they wish and need to experience. Through this, they obtain — life after life — a large amount of different experience: sweetness of success, bliss of happiness, bitterness of defeat, sadness of disappointment… And only afterwards, the time comes when nothing attracts them inside the world of the things, nothing can evoke in them a desire to possess something else material.
“Then such people start seeking the meaning of their existence and turn their eyes of the soul to Tao! In that case, Te brings them to the road of knowledge.
“Not all people need the Truth about Tao since not all of them can withstand it right now! A soul has to grow in its personal evolution up to the stage when the passion to cognize Tao rises in it! Yet it’s impossible to teach this!
“You should learn to see and find those who really need the Path.”
… Another student asked:
“As for the worldly riches, I want to know if one should renounce them and if the material wealth is an obstacle on the Path.”
“As long as worldly wealth doesn’t ‘bind’ a soul — it can be useful. But how many of those who, owning gold and silver, palaces and lands, jade and jasper, are free of those material objects?
“On the other hand, a poor man is also not free from the worldly. The poverty fetters one’s personal development even more, since a poor man is constantly concerned about what to eat and where to get money for living. This ‘attachment’ to the worldly causes even more harm to this person than the excessive possession of the worldly things!
“To be truly free from the worldly, a poor man has to acquire it first…
“Moreover, those who never obtained anything important of the worldly things haven’t learned to deal with the worldly property… That is why, there is little hope that they will be able to accumulate the spiritual treasures and use them properly! They, among other things, won’t be able to give the sacred treasures, which they would obtain, — to Tao, Who sent them to the Earth for their education!
“That is why, souls don’t come to the Earth only once. Incarnating many times, they should learn a lot both in the material world and in the worlds of the Divine subtlety.
“Among other things, they should cognize love in all its manifestations. The one who is skillful in the worldly love can become skillful in the ‘heavenly’ love. But the one who is not skillful in the worldly love will not be able to comprehend and manifest the power of the transforming spiritual love!
“For this reason, people first learn to love in small things, where joy alternates with sadness.
“Yet the one who really has cognized and realized in oneself the Divine Love cannot be upset by anything! After all, that person acts according to the Will of Tao!
“… As for those who are not ready yet for the Great Path — they can serve Tao with their deeds. It will make their lives even better now, and their future destinies — excellent! Serving in this way, they plant good seeds in their destinies: the good done now — will produce fruits for them in their future lives on the Earth.
“The destinies of those who serve Tao in every possible way are pure and beautiful!”

[to be continued]

The Fourth Parable: Look over the Horizon!

March 18, 2018

Lao Tse continued His way.
That day He got up before the dawn and sat comfortably on the back of His good white donkey. His big-eared friend rested well all night and now was trotting merrily alone the path.
Soon they came to a beautiful place. It was the top of the gently sloping hill similar to a huge turtle shell.
Magnificent expanses opened in front of them!
The sunrise was visible from that place!
Lao Tse stopped to admire the beauty of the sunrise and got off His donkey.
The sun was rising slowly lighting up the misty remoteness with its gentle light…
Huang Di said:
“Yes, many thousands of years ago, people saw the sunrise like You now…
“But today I suggest You to start a new life with Me! To do this, You should know Me better!
“Be attentive to what I will offer You to do and feel Me all the time! Let Your arms of the spiritual heart embrace Your Teacher constantly! And the Teacher opens for a worthy disciple the passage into the worlds of the Transparent Calm and of non-material Fire-like Divine Light. This Light is similar in color to the light and tenderness of the morning sun that You are contemplating now.”

* * *

        “Look, there, in a distance, where the sky touches the earth, there is the line visible for the eyes but non-existent in reality. This is the horizon. You can try to approach it with Your material body, but in this way You will never get to the ‘end of the Earth’.
“However, this line can open for a worthy soul the passage into the worlds of Light — into those spaces where Te abides.
“If You look by the soul, formed of the spiritual heart, beyond the horizon of the material world — to that place from which the sun rises, this will open a passage into non-material world of subtlety and Light! This is the Divine Light!”
Lao Tse perceived himself as a soul free from “clothes” of the material body and found himself in that place where the Light is born! This Light rises as if from “the abyss behind the flat Earth”. In that “abyss”, in the depth, there is the Infinity of the Divine Light similar to a giant boundless Sun…
“What should I do now?”
“Jump into this Light!”
… The Infinite Light embraced Lao Tse… He submerged deeper and deeper in It — with the help of huge arms of the great soul… He became this Light — and looked from It, being It, to the direction where His material body was standing at the boundary between the world of matter — and the worlds of Te…
… Lao Tse made an effort and looked again through the eyes of His material body. He didn’t see the abyss… Only the rising sun was caressing and warming Him…
… Then He returned to the state of the meditation given by Huang Di. The shining Infinity appeared before Him. Having immersed in It and become It, He himself now could be the Source of the Living Divine Fire-like Light of Love!
… Trying not to lose this state, Lao Tse continued His way.

[to be continued]

The Third Parable: Listen to the Revelations of the Great Silence!

March 5, 2018

        Lao Tse was sitting motionless, leaning His back against a tree. Birds sat close to Him without fear and were pecking at rice from His dish. The white donkey was nibbling the lush grass nearby…
Lao Tse was sitting and listening to the Great Silence.
Sometimes this Silence became filled with the words of Huang Di.
He talked about Tao, difficult to comprehend for people immersed in worldly concerns:
“They do not know that everything here is created according to the Will of Tao and exists for It.
“If you talk with these people about Tao, they don’t believe you, because they believe only in what they see by their eyes and touch by their hands. But their eyes can’t see Tao yet, and their hands can’t touch It, since the eyes of the soul have to be open and the arms of the spiritual heart have to be obtained in order to see and touch Tao!
“Only if one is looking for the meaning of one’s own and universal existence — then Tao and Te reveal Themselves to this person. Such a soul then starts walking the Path, and, gradually, — as it makes spiritual efforts — the Great Invisible becomes visible, the Great Imperceptible becomes perceptible, the inaudible words become audible, and the Great Knowledge opens itself for understanding!
“The Appearances of the Immortals become evident only for the developed spiritual heart!
“There is a lot of different roads in a human lifetime. But only one leads to the worthy end of the evolution of the individual soul. This is the Path of cognition of Tao with the purpose of submerging into It, merging with It, and then acting from It!”
“Why haven’t I been able to recall anything for such a long time? I’ve been searching! I’ve been looking for the purpose of My life and of the lives of all other creatures… I’ve been looking for the causes of the injustices and evils that happen to people… I’ve been looking for that which, as it seemed to Me, could bring wisdom and peace and fill the internal emptiness with the boundless joy… But I haven’t succeeded, although I kept believing that there was the meaning for Me to live here…”
“It was necessary for You since it helped you to learn to understand other people that live only in the midst of the material things and endless bustle of events and desires. Even if some of these people want to find a way out, they don’t know where and how to search it. Having experienced their problems in Your own life, You can now help those who are searching the way to Me.”
“Yes, I’ve been looking for You all my life! I reread so many treatises, but haven’t found that one which would give me the opportunity to find You!”
“The spiritual Path starts in the spiritual heart of a seeker. Love, which is born there, stimulates the spiritual search and growth and allows seeing and choosing in life the reference points of Goodness, Wisdom, and Truth!
“I come to those who are searching and walking!
“I help those who aspire for the ethical purity!
“Man should avoid causing harm not only to an ant walking its way. Killing animals to eat their bodies is also causing harm. Surely, for man there is a lot of other — really beneficial — food! For example, growing and harvesting fruits and seeds, intended for nourishment, man doesn’t violate the harmony, doesn’t hurt anybody, and doesn’t sow death!…
“If someone kills animals or at least contributes to this, that person becomes similar to a wild predatory beast. Yet what is normal to the inner nature of a predator — is inappropriate for man! Human consciousnesses that live in this way descends to the lower stages of the Evolution, since they can’t perceive the subtlety and purity of Tao and Te!
“A large number of people honor their ancestors, but more simply constructed beings were also their ancestors. Each man grew — as a soul — in the bodies of plants and animals once! And it would be good for people to honor all positive manifestations of life, taking care of them and avoiding causing them unnecessary harm! Let this be the respect for ants, fish, birds, and all other peaceful incarnate beings!
“It was Tao That gave all them the opportunity to live on the Earth — for the sake of the development of the soul and the Evolution!
“The meaning of existence of everything in the Under-Heavenly World consists in that each soul gets an opportunity to grow and to perfect itself during an incarnate life. Having achieved the Perfection, such a human soul merges with Tao enriching It by itself. Therefore, Tao is directly interested in the situation when nothing hinders the development of every soul.
“Man claiming to be the successfully growing on the spiritual Path has to be guided by the kindness of the heart and choose for one’s life only those things that are right from the standpoint of Tao!
“In particular, this permits a person, following the principles of pure nutrition, to strengthen both the body and the soul, obtaining the clarity of the consciousness unobscured by coarse energies of pain and death!
“If that person sees wrong in other people, let he or she avoids interaction with them!
“Thus the purity of life, peace, and harmony in emotions are gained.
“There is a very simple rule for living in harmony with Tao: do good to others! And then the good in you and in the whole world will grow!
“In this way, gradually, the Treasure that doesn’t disappear with the death of the body accumulates in such a person.
“In this way, the soul gets accustomed to living in love.
“And in this way, the peace is multiplied among people.
“Those who accumulate good qualities — accumulate the real Wealth!
“Those who do evil — destroy the supports of the ladder which could help them to ascend ‘from the earth to the Heaven’!
“Yet the ethical perfection of a soul can’t be achieved immediately.
“To abstain from the evil and contribute to the good is the simplest beginning, appropriate for every person. It is easy to learn: don’t fan the fires of quarrel, forget offences, forgive, take care of others, doing the best you can for them…
“The ethical beauty makes a person valuable for Tao and pleasant for other people!”
“Huang Di! What You saying is really important!”
“Yes. And You will write a book about this!”
“How? I never wrote any books, I only kept the manuscripts of others!”
“I will help You! I will suggest to You ideas and formulate phrases! And You just don’t forget to listen to Me and write down the most important!
“You yourself should never insist that people follow My advice. Let everyone, having heard the truth, follow only one’s own understanding!
“You can’t prevent errors of the fools! You can’t stop the pride of the arrogant people! You can’t replace the knowledge of the idlers and loafers, who only speculate about the Path!…
“Only the reasonable people, having cognized the Truth, want to follow it! But even among them — You will not find many companions…
“Nevertheless, Your book about Tao and Te will be the source of wisdom for thousands of years! And everyone who is ready will be able to hear My instructions — as You hear them now! This is Your great service for Tao!

[to be continued]

The Second Parable: Build the Heavenly Palace in Your Spiritual Heart!

March 1, 2018

        Lao Tse was walking down the path slowly.
Invisible for strangers, His Teacher Huang Di was near Him all the time.
None of the casual passers-by could hear Their conversation.
And no one who observed Them could note anything unusual.
Lao Tse gradually was recovering His ability to see and hear His Master.
“How do You come here from the Abode of Tao?” — asked Lao Tse.
“This is easy!” — Huang Di laughed in response. — “This is much easier than to come in the Abode of Tao!”
Huang Di continued with a smile:
“Love unites so firmly that even the death of a body cannot break this union! All that we love — is securely stored in the memory of the soul!
“I remember You! And now You try to remember about the life with Me in Your past incarnation. Try to remember the Universal Home where All Those Who have cognized Tao obtain the Oneness!
“Anyone who at least once has entered into this Mergence in the Abode of All the Perfects retains this skill forever. And one day this memory will awaken the soul and call it again to stand on the Path leading to the Mergence with Tao and to the consolidation of this Mergence! Just as a river rushes to the sea, so such a soul, after being born again in the material world and matured there, rushes to the Boundless of Tao! These souls are looking for the Oneness, in which they find their Ultimate Happiness! And if we took all the pleasures of the material world and put them on a scale, they wouldn’t be able to match with this Greatest Happiness!
“The wise choose the Jewel of the Mergence with Tao! The wise prefers this Happiness to all the pleasures of the material world!”
“Could You recreate Your body — so I could embrace You?” — Lao Tse asked.
“I can do everything! But for You it will be better to embrace Me without Our bodies.

        Do this by the arms of the consciousness, of the soul! I’m not going to indulge You with the ‘miracles for the babies’! Soon You will recall everything, and the events that You now perceive as miracles will be Your usual knowledge and style of life.
“Meanwhile embrace Me tightly, My beloved!”
… Great Huang Di, in His Transparent Appearance, stretched out His Arms to embrace Lao Tse.
… Keenness of this touch of the Souls was much stronger than similar embraces with embodied people…
Now the Teacher and His Disciple merged as Souls.
Anyone who has experienced this — understands the importance of such an event.
And those who have not experienced it yet — can do this some day…
… Huang Di continued His lesson:
“Now recall what you should do to stay firmly in the Heavenly Palace, which You should create in Your middle dantyan. There — You can always see and feel Me!
“Always remember that the innumerable multitude of the material objects and the sequences of the events are just the outward manifestations of life. A human mind wanders from one external object or event to another. It looks at the past or dreams about the future… Still it’s possible to subdue the mind and to teach it to be in calm! For this, one needs to switch one’s attention from the external to the internal…
“This is possible when the mind is immersed in the middle dantyan, or, which is the same structure, in the chakra anahata.
“Then in that chakra, one can clear the space and create the Heavenly Palace of the soul. Only after this the Infinite Divine Consciousness called Tao can live there by the Part of Itself.
“In other words, the Heavenly Palace for Tao should be built in the vast depths of the human developed spiritual heart!
“And then one also can live in the inner chambers of this Palace — without grieving because of misfortunes and without rejoicing because of successes, but knowing the Base of everything — Tao!
“If You invite Me to this home, then I come there from My Home — the Abode of Tao. And I’ll come to You again and again until You yourself can come to My Home and settle in it forever! This is the Infinite Divine Home of all Te! There — all They are One, and this Unity is called Tao!
“So Your spiritual heart can become a home for Te, Tao, and You yourself!”
… Now Lao Tse began to submerge Himself in His spiritual heart consciously, and not spontaneously, as it had happened before during His contacts with Huang Di, when the emotions overfilled Him and the entire soul turned into love.
Yet at that moment, this area in His chest was not large and transparent enough…
Huang Di continued:
“Feel the arms of the soul, that is, the arms of the spiritual heart, which are consubstantial with it. You can use these arms to clean this space so that You can invite Me!
“You haven’t cleaned here for a long time. That is why, the inner chambers of the soul became like a house in which no one have lived for long time…”
… Huang Di left His disciple for a while, and Lao Tse began cleaning His inner chambers.
Soon they became like a crystal glass room shining like a diamond in the light!
“You worked well to be able to invite Me!” — Huang Di said manifesting Himself once again.
Then He continued:
“At the beginning, the spiritual heart may occupy little space. But the one who strives to merge with Tao should deepen it and then expand it again and again, trying to make it as infinite as Tao!
“Expand Your Heavenly Palace by the arms of the consciousness so that it can be decent to invite Me in it and You can contain as much of Me as possible!”
… Lao Tse pushed the transparent wall of His Heavenly Palace by His arms of the consciousness, and, oh wonder! — it yielded and moved easily towards the infinity… He did the same with all other walls, then with the floor, and then with the ceiling… He repeated this again and again, and soon the Freedom, the Expanse, the Light, and the Bliss were all around!…
“Now, this is truly the Heavenly Palace! — Huang Di said with approval. — “You’ve done it in a very short time, but You shouldn’t forget that for Your students it will be much more difficult. Some of them will need months for this work, if not years. Now I just have helped You to recall what You knew in Your former life on the Earth. That is why, it was possible to do all this so quickly and easily.”
“What should I do now? How should I live?”
“You should live with Me, recalling and studying further the Great Path!”
“And right now — where should I go?”
“Now — turn to the left. There You will buy for yourself a white donkey. Then You should gather writing instruments and set out on a journey. We have a lot of work to do!”
And in fact, having turned to the left, Lao Tse found a road leading to a market. He reached it and found Himself in the midst of bustle and hubbub of that place. But, surprisingly, all this did not disturb the peace that reigned in the Heavenly Palace of Lao Tse.
Feeling the presence of Huang Di, He was walking among people who were bargaining.
Soon He saw a man selling a donkey, but Huang Di said:
“Not this one! Keep going!”
… Lao Tse wondered at His new feelings: He spoke with the Immortal so easily as with an incarnate person! And He perceived the presence and the words of Huang Di even more clearly than the noise of the market!…
Finally, They found a cute white donkey.
Lao Tse began bargaining with a seller… and lost the sensation of the presence of Huang Di…
At last, the donkey was bought.
“You overpaid! The former owner was cruel to this kind animal and didn’t deserve such a payment!” — Lao Tse heard suddenly. — “Well, for the first one of our concerted actions, it is not bad…”
… Being guided by Huang Di, Lao Tse quickly finished all His affairs and disposed of His property. Then He gathered writing instruments and some food for the road.

[to be continued]

The First Parable: Let the Ant Pass!

February 23, 2018

        The archivist of the imperial library called Lao Tse was walking along the road and thinking about what He had read that day. He was completely absorbed and was not looking at the road.
Suddenly He heard: “Let the ant pass!”
Lao Tse looked down — and saw that His foot was over a little ant hurrying to an anthill. He gently stepped over the insect and looked back to see who had spoken with Him. But… there was no one around!
“Is there someone here?”
“Yes!” — the Invisible One said.
“Who are You?”
“Your Teacher!”
“Are You the Immortal Who has cognized Tao?”
“Why can’t I see You?”
“Because You are looking around only with the eyes of Your body and even forget to look under Your feet!”
“So how can I see You?”
“You need to look with the eyes of the heart: the spiritual heart!”
“But how?”
“Don´t hurry! Let’s start from the beginning. We were talking about the ant…”
“Does it matter?”
“Yes! Everything has its meaning and purpose! The life of every ant, worm, bird, and plant is not a “pointless accident”. They — just like You — are here according to the Will of Tao! Their lives also contribute to the development of the universe! And the one who hasn’t learned to respect lives of all incarnate creatures — won’t be able to take the next step in cognition of Tao.
“Many people on the Earth now have become insane, so to speak! Heartlessness predominates in the world: they kill animals, devastate bird nests, and catch all the fish from the lakes, rivers, and seas — to eat their flesh! They destroy trees, cutting and burning them without necessity! Senseless destruction of innocent creatures leads to the transformation of cruelty — into the ‘norm’! People have begun to consider those things that are harmful for them — as “useful”! And what is really useful ’doesn’t make any sense’ for them…
“Thus the Truth and the memory about Harmony, laid by Tao in the Law of Existence and Development of everything, are lost! Such behavior of people is contrary to their real interests, but they don’t know about this!…
“Yet people can correct their lives, following the principles of Love and Harmony!
“You, if You want to, can help them to get to know about the Law of Tao: about the principles according to which people should live in the universe. Anyone who knows this Law may find peace, joy, and harmony in life.
“Why did You choose me?”
“A lot of things from Your past life on the Earth connects us! Later on, I’ll remind You about the most important of them.
“The one who has already passed the entire Path can easily remember everything! You will need little time and effort for this!”
“Why was I born here again? Why don’t I remember the steps of the Path?”
“You have come into this incarnation with a special purpose. You have the Mission: You will help a large number of people to learn about the meaning of their lives and about how to live in a correct way! You and I will write a book about Tao and Te! Do You agree?”
“How can I say ’no’ to God?!”
“Quite easily! A lot of people do this, turning their eyes from the Heavenly. They look only at the benefits from the material life and thus become prisoners of material things…
“So, do You agree to help Me?”
“Yes! With great joy!”
“I’ll take You at Your word since it won’t be easy!”
“Let me see You! Tell me Your name!”
“My name is Huang Di. I am — forever — Your Teacher! And I had been Your Teacher for many centuries when You lived near Me incarnated in a body and learned from Me!
“And now I am ready again to be with You as long as You want it, even until the last breath of Your body!
“Together We can do a lot of useful things on the Earth! You will write a book — and My ancient Teachings will be heard again among the people of China! Your words, like arrows from the Abode of the Secret Knowledge, will be hitting destined targets for thousands of years!
“This doesn’t mean that the emperors and generals will begin to follow Our advice immediately. This doesn’t mean that the peasants, the officials, and the traders will change quickly their lives in accordance with the wise principles. But, nevertheless, those who will hear and understand — will get the possibility to find the Path of cognizing the Greatness of Tao — and walk this Path till the end!”
… Lao Tse was listening to Huang Di and was being born anew, so to say! That love which connects the Teacher with His disciple flooded His heart with Peace and Bliss. He saw the soft iridescent Light that, shining like the sun’s rays in the purest transparency of water, — took a shape of the Great Teacher Huang Di.
Lao Tse wanted to rush to the feet of the Master, but His ability to see Huang Di… left Him as suddenly as it appeared…
“Do not worry! it’s enough for today! We’ll continue tomorrow. Now take a rest…”

[to be continued]

Parables of Lao Tse

February 19, 2018

Written down by Anna Zubkova
Edited by Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian by
Anton Teplyy, Vladimir Antonov


        Lao Tse was riding on a donkey. He was not in a hurry. He was riding and listening, and if the words came and formed into complete sentences, He wrote them down.
Lao Tse had not chosen His way but had left this to God and the donkey. The Boundless Ocean of God surrounded Him and His donkey — and whispered to the sensitive animal where to go.
The Heart of Lao Tse was filled with the Great Transparent Calm. He listened to this Calm since the Great Silence became filled with the words of Tao and Te* when necessary.
In this way Lao Tse was learning Wisdom about the meaning of human life and about the laws according to which people can live without destroying the harmony of the terrestrial and the Heavenly, as well as about the steps of the stairway that lead “from the earth — to the Heaven”, that is, to the Divine, to the Primordial.
He listened about the Great Love, under the Guidance of Which the interaction of yin and yang takes place,  about how Tao loves every being, about how Te nurses and nurtures all souls, about how to cognize Tao and how the person should live who wants to know all this on one’s own experience and achieve the  Supreme Ultimate: the state, in which there is only the Primordial Ocean That creates everything and includes entirely in Itself everyone who reaches It. This Living Ocean of the Subtlest Primordial Consciousness — is Tao.
Lao Tse wrote down what He heard. Thus the book Tao Te Ching was forming gradually…
… Long time ago Lao Tse had left His honorary position of an archivist, which used to bring Him the respect of the people and good income. Now He kept a solitary life, which allowed Him to be always with His Teacher — Huang Di.
Although Lao Tse lived in the material world, He did not look at it, but at the Depths. He looked from the world of matter — into that Depth, from which all the material was manifested: into the world of the Divine Light and Great Transparent Calm.
There His non-embodied Teacher and Friend  Huang Di was always waiting for Lao Tse.
Lao Tse saw Huang Di not with the eyes of the body, but with the eyes of the soul — the loving eyes of the developed spiritual heart.
Only that soul which has become Light-bringing Love and Transparent Calm is able to see Te and the subtlest and infinite Tao and communicate directly with Them.
Sometimes Lao Tse saw the Face of His Teacher Huang Di. Sometimes He felt the presence of the Divine Master — as Love and Peace, which embraced the soul from outside and permeated everything inside. Sometimes Huang Di appeared as the Transparent Flow of Power rising from the Depths.
Now They were always together: man with a name Lao Tse and the Representative of the Primordial Tao with a name Huang Di.
For Lao Tse Huang Di was the closest Friend, the wisest Interlocutor, and the most important Teacher.
Sometimes images from the past of China rose before Lao Tse, and He perceived Himself as a participant of those ancient events of His life on the Earth when He was a personal disciple of the Great Emperor Huang Di.
Sometimes the words of the Revelations flowed like a river.
Yet it also happened that throughout the day Lao Tse managed to write only one sentence. Nevertheless, this sentence gave Him the possibility to dive during several days into the meditations of Mergence with Te and Dissolution in Tao.
Gradually, Lao Tse got accustomed to living always with Huang Di — in the indissoluble Unity with Him.
Lao Tse was now looking at the world through the Eyes of Huang Di, assessing people and events — from His position.
Sometimes They both stayed in silence… Sometimes questions gave way to answers in a living dialogue…
They were and are always together: the Disciple and the Divine Master.
… Do you want to know how all this began, continued and ended?

Tao in Chinese is the Primordial Consciousness (the synonyms of this word are the Creator, God-the-Father, Ish-vara, Allah). Te is the Holy Spirit (or Brahman). (See Tao Te Ching, under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov).

[to be continued]

Story-Parable on the Thirst for Truth

November 10, 2017

Philip the Apostle

Written down by Anna Zubkova

Under the editorship of Vladimir Antonov
and with his commentary

Paul finally got lost in the endless desert… Only sand dunes were wherever you took out. Sandstorm was over. But that, which was the likeness of a road, disappeared without a trace…

Now he understood how vain he was to not follow the advice to wait out bad weather and start on a trip later.

It seemed to him that a couple of hours of driving cannot promise danger. Why put off the leaving for a few days, what I can reach today?…

To repair the car, it was not possible…

… From the “today” has already passed more than a week. Three days he spent near a broken and sanded car. Then he decided to go — go, relying on the Will of God. Chances to survive — already almost were none. Water is also no more. To think about how stupid it was to spend the water, which was with him, it was unbearable…

The way that he was going to overcome during a day, became infinite…

* * *

Desert — always is desert… Modern civilization only pretends that it can affect the desert.

In an afternoon — exhausting heat, at night — piercing cold…

Cars and camels for tourists and travelers, the hotel with a hint of European comfort — all this remains as in another world.

… Mirages in the desert…

He revered stories of mirages as fiction. For he himself, as a famous writer, did not neglect sometimes the similar.

Now these “fictions” pursued him. How many times he saw as if a lake surrounded by trees — and walked out with the last forces to it…

He tried not to believe mirages. But, all the same, went to where he imagined salvation. It was necessary to at least do something! Just sit and wait for death was not in his nature.

* * *

One evening he spoke to God: “If you want to take me out of here, do it right now! But if my life has the meaning and is needed for You — show me the way of salvation!”

Paul did not even really know what God he was referring to. How much he has read in books!… And he himself has written about the beliefs and religions of many different nations…

But now — to Whom he cried with all the soul?

He even almost laughed at this thought.

But the confidence that this is the only right way, strengthened in him: “There must be One Whom is called the Heavenly Father, the Creator!…”.

Paul asked to show the way or terminate his life right now.

He did not insist. He just asked to give him an answer, way out… into life or into death: “Let Him decide. If He exists, the Merciful and Almighty, — let me know the answer!”.

He went to sleep with the thought that, most likely, no longer to wake up here in this world, in this desert.

… But it was morning and nothing has changed.

The cold night was replaced by the scorching heat…

He walked and walked, without hope, simply walking, losing his last strength from fatigue and endless, as a desert, thirst.

* * *

Suddenly he saw footprints in the sand — the recent traces of human feet!

There was no one around. But this could not be a mirage: the tracks were here, at his feet, he could touch them by hands!

Paul cried, collected all the remnants of the forces.

Hoarse cry, escaping from the parched throat, seemed for him weak and miserable. He screamed again, calling for help to the person who has passed here recently.

Desert answered him with silence.

He went on the trail of an unknown person. It was the last hope.

Paul tried to think about that God… still manifested Himself! He, Paul, asked to show the way — and now he knows the direction!

It was getting dark, and Paul was not able to catch up the unknown traveler.

Hope almost left him: in fact, to see the traces, which still stronger was sanded in the dark, was no longer possible.

But another miracle happened: he saw in the distance a fire!

Paul strained his last strength, repeating to himself, like a mantra, a phrase from some book about deserts that mirages do not happen at night.

The fire did not disappear.

* * *

Paul approached the fire in the infinite thick darkness…

Finally, he entered the circle of light from a small campfire.

A man was sitting by the fire. He was not an Arab. He could be called European. He was dressed in light clothes, a woolen cape was above it. If now on the site of Paul was that former Paul, easily sneering over all people, — that “old Paul” would say that the stranger was dressed in a costume as some actor depicting a hermit in the desert in the days of the early Christians.

But now Paul was in no skepticism or irony.

The stranger nodded calmly to Paul in greeting and looked up at him with his quite amazing eyes, in which one could plunge — and seem to drown, disappear.

The man gestured to sit by the fire.

He pulled out of the folds of clothing the clay bowl and handed it to Paul. The cup was suddenly filled with water…

Not quite knowing what happened, Paul said with dry lips:

“Can I drink it?”

“Yes, you can quench your thirst,” — the stranger’s voice was just as amazing as his eyes. It sounded as if the infinity of Peace… But Paul felt all this by only some part of himself, which this voice, coming from the depths of the unknown, raised here and enveloped with the gentle presence of something mysterious…

… Paul remembered how one day he would like to interview one Indian who lives as a hermit in a mountain cave. He then spent a lot of effort to make a sensational report about the Indian yoga. But the hermit did not answer his questions. He only said to Paul: “You’re not ready yet!” And then sang a single sound mantra… The way it sounded — it was the sound of an infinite Silence. It did not look like nasal chanting mantras of “gurus” that he had encountered in India at every step. Something on this subject, Paul wrote in his diary, but then for some reason, almost forgot about this episode in the bustle and whirl of life…

The stranger’s voice was like that sound, but he said the most common words.

… And now Paul… drank, drank, drank… He waited for all that water to deplete, but it did not end…

“You can stay at the time: the water will not end and will always be, when you need it,” — the stranger said with a smile.

Paul, with some difficulty, pulled away from the bowl and put it, still full, next to him.

Then the stranger held out his hand to Paul, as if giving him something. Paul stared at the graceful palm, lit by the light of the fire, a few seconds, until he saw that the bread rests on the palm.

Bread — it suddenly appeared!… Or rather it could be said that the bread… has become visible…

Paul took still warm hunk by slightly trembling hands and thanked. The stranger nodded in response.

Fatigue and something else, such as a thick transparent peace, enveloped Paul from all sides, and did not allow being surprised or frightened. Everything was… as if usual. It was as if every day he drank water from the bowl, in which it does not end, and ate materialized bread.

Then the Stranger offered Paul to rest.

“Can I ask You a question?”


“Are You — a hallucination?”

“Yes, I thought that of all the questions, you have accumulated, you would ask exactly this!” — He laughed loudly and held out His hand to Paul, on which He had just materialized the bread, — so that Paul could touch it.

The hand was amazingly beautiful, with thin graceful fingers. The skin of the Stranger was covered with the smooth golden tan of man with white skin, who spends much time in the sun. The Stranger was of the flesh, which could be touched.

“Yes, this My body now — it is the material reality,” — He confirmed. — “But there is also another Reality. And due to the fact that it is not material, it does not cease to be the Reality.

“But better we will talk about it tomorrow. Now you are most in need of rest.”

Paul lay down by the fire. The Stranger covered him with woolen cape as a blanket.

Paul fell asleep almost instantly…

* * *

In the morning, opening his eyes, Paul tried to understand whether all seen by him was a dream, or the fruit inflamed by thirst, hunger, exhaustion of imagination or, still, a reality…

Amazing Stranger was in the same place.

He welcomed Paul in silence — by a slight smile and nod.

Paul greeted Him in English, and thought for a moment about what language they were talking yesterday… Paul from childhood was fluent both in English, and French, but recently English was closer to him, he also wrote his books in English.

“You ought to wash,” — said the Stranger in English.

“Or would you prefer to speak French?” — He said in the same pure, as well as English, French.

“I prefer English.

“But to wash… here — where?”

The Stranger held out His hand in the direction of a large stone. The stone with some tension and a sound like cotton, suddenly split. From the resulting cracks, water started to flow.

Paul again was drinking, drinking… Then he bathed with cool clear water that flowed now in a small shallow basin near the stone. Gradually was formed a small lake…

“Clothes can also be washed.”

Paul did as said. He then laid washed out to dry clothes on the stone from which the newborn source flew.

* * *

Paul returned to the fire in a woolen cape of the Stranger.

Meanwhile, the Stranger laid out on a makeshift table made of pure linen — pieces of bread, nuts and fruits. And yet — bowls with water and juice.

Paul came up to this table. He turned to where he washed, checking: whether the marvelous source disappeared? But the stone with running from it stream of clear water was at the same place. Next was a small lake. On the other bank of it — appearing as from nowhere antelopes quenching thirst. They started at the look of surprised Paul.

“Do not scare them, they want to drink. Sit down at the table, breakfast is ready. And then we can continue the conversation.”

Paul came and sat beside Him.

“How do You do all this?”

“And how Jesus fed thousands with a few loaves?”

“But that is a Christian legend…”

“But I thought that you are a Christian. That’s you even are wearing a cross… Or is it — so simple: an ornament or amulet, like the Pagans do, ‘to be on the safe side’, or ‘from an evil eye’?”

“You’re almost right. Although I was baptized as a child, but — of me was not very good Christian, I still am questioning and read the manuscripts of different nations about their ‘gods’ and beliefs…”

“Searching for Truth — is not a sin! Reading and learning — it makes sense! Even Jesus has spent years of His life for the cognition of the different faiths of different nations — before He began to preach the Truth.

“And your baptism — does not matter… Another Baptism should be taken by the soul!

“However, now — the meal.”

And He looked by inviting gesture to the arranged on a clean cloth treats…

Paul was absorbed in satisfying hunger and thirst, and almost did not think about how wonderfully everything changed since last night…

* * *

When the breakfast came to an end, the Stranger still remained silent. He ate not a lot and slowly. Then Paul as if heard within himself the question:

“Did you want only to satisfy hunger and thirst — or you need the continuation of life for something more? Why would you like to live in this body: what to know, to understand, to make?”

The Stranger said slowly aloud the words that Paul had just heard inside himself-soul.

Paul thought. All life, like a film strip on fast-forward, appeared in front of him to remind him of his childhood with radiant perception of beauty and goodness, studying at the institute, the growing skepticism, career of a journalist and writer… His latest book — “Itineraries of a Lone Traveler” had a success… Then there were the fight for the circulation and quality, quarrel with the publisher… What he wanted, when he wrote the book? Money, fame, benefit of what he reveals unknown for people? Are needed for someone, in actual fact, all his arguments about the secret teachings of ancient Egypt, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, religious myths and legends of various nations? All this seemed so important a few weeks ago. But now…

“Your next book could be more interesting. You now have the opportunity to ask about the important for you and get answers. You may ask.”

“Who are You?”

“It is not the best question to start with. My name — Philip. The rest you will learn gradually.”

The next question froze on the lips of Paul, and he did not dare to say it aloud: “Are You — the Apostle, Satellite, and the Disciple of Jesus? But how is this possible: two thousand years ago — and now… alive?”

But Philip still answered this non-pronounced question — again as if by a voice that Paul heard inside. And then He repeated again the said, slowly and quietly uttering the words:

“Why do you think that this is impossible? You yesterday were looking for a meeting with the One Who will reveal to you the Path to the true knowledge. I use the word Path, because it’s impossible to reveal the Truth to another soul directly, just as it is impossible to quench your thirst by giving a drink to another man instead of you. Each should discover the Eternal Truth himself or herself. There can be only a little help in finding this Path by others.

“You aspired to God as well as here in the desert rushed for mirages. One mirage in life was replaced by other, but no one has brought you closer to the Truth. And a number of distractions pursue you from all sides so that you could get lost or even forget about the Goal.

“If lots of people follow along in a certain direction, it seems to them that they know where to go. But this is not always right…”

… Paul understood that the pronunciation of thoughts aloud was not necessary to communicate with Philip. But Philip has used it only as a confirmation: that in mind of Paul were no doubts in understanding of what he perceived as the answers.

Paul used to be very fond of the question on the possibility of telepathy, but he did not think it could be done so easy with himself.

Philip continued:

“Why do you think that the appearance in the resurrected body on the Earth after large time is not possible? You yourself believe in the reality of the resurrection of Jesus in the deified material body, right? You even wrote an entire article on the ‘Shroud of Turin’, which captures the negative of bodily form of Jesus at the moment of dematerialization of His body. And you yourself argued that the One Who was able to dematerialize His body — easily could recreate the body again…

“Why do you think that He did not want to teach others the same?”

“And have You mastered this?”

“Yes, but not immediately.

“And now tell Me: who are you?”

… The usual question caught Paul unawares: it seemed to him that Philip knew everything about him, even He read his articles.

“My name is Paul,” — Paul decided to compete with Philip in brevity.

“Why are you here — a person living on the planet Earth? Have you thought about this?”

“Yes, I thought… I thought that we all are here to learn…”

“Good answer!”

“Yes, I was looking for the Truth! I expounded in my books all that I saw, learned, and considered as the significant. I included into them also my thoughts about what I saw, about the people encountered, heard about the legends…”

“What will happen with all your knowledge, when the body dies?”

“It will remain in my books… Perhaps this can help others in their search…”

“What do you think: have you lived before being born in this body? And will you live without a body after its death? And will you be born in a new body to continue to improve?”

“It’s not fair! You promised to answer my questions, but instead throw me with questions whose answers I was looking for and did not find!”

“I help you to learn to find the right answers! I have still only begun!

“You read many times right and wrong answers to these questions, but did not feel, did not recognize the Truth! You many times passed the Truth!

“All external knowledge is only the husk! It is possible to believe or not to believe… But this “belief” does not change anything in man!”

“Christianity rejects the knowledge on reincarnation. Hinduism…”

“And you yourself? I’m aware that you’re familiar with the modern doctrines of different directions of faith, including of those people who call themselves ‘Christians’. You read, too, the books of many other different nations… But I ask you: what do you think about this — you yourself?”

“I thought, it would be right for the new incarnation to be — for one who made mistakes, … for one who started to learn, but did not know all… I think it is more reasonable, than the eternal torment of hell or eternal bliss of paradise. It does not seem logical to me a death, for example, of a baby: if its life was cut short, almost before it began… There must be an opportunity for it yet!…”

“Perfectly! Brilliantly! You’re already making progress!”

“But people do not remember their past lives. And those minority, who argue that they recall, — cannot prove that this is not a fantasy. And the Bible and other books do not explain…”

“Did you think about the meaning of your life and lives of other creatures, of the interconnectedness of souls, who come to the Earth, about God, if He is, to be fair, is not it?”

“Yes, You have well formulated my thoughts. I did not understand why various people so differently worship a Higher Power, God, claiming that only their faith is true, and that only “their God” indeed exists. But there are those who recognize the multitude of Gods or Saints…”

“You would like to receive a ready answer from the books. But you were looking from the outside. But the Truth must be found within.

“The first, and you did this, — one needs to set a goal and look for it. There are so many those who are not interested in the meaning of life, they just go with the flow, in accordance with their instincts and reflexes… But there are other people who are willing to spend a lifetime searching for the Truth!

“The second thing to do is the direct cognition of the Truth through personal experience. The entrance to these states you have inside you.

“Jesus pointed the Path for approaching the Creator: ‘God is Love!’. That is, He can be cognized only by becoming soul-love by developing oneself as a spiritual heart.

“Krishna also taught about it: “Only love can contemplate Me in My Innermost Essence and merge with Me!”.

“To cognize oneself as the Atman and Higher ‘I’, to cognize the Primordial Consciousness and to flow into Him — one has to become a developed and loving consciousness! Christians-Hesychasts believed that this stage — that is, the transformation of the me-soul into the spiritual heart — is the most important.

“The knowledge that you get from the level of words, rather than on the basis of the experience of the soul, — remains external, superficial knowledge. It is only information for thinking, it is useful, but… But the Truth can be really cognized only through your own experience! This is the knowledge gained as states of consciousness in Union with the Creator.

“Initially, these moments are brief. But it is possible to reach the level of knowledge, about which Jesus said: ‘I and the Father are One’.”

“Have all the Apostles managed this?”

“Many. Some of Them — quickly, others took more incarnations.

“But not only Jesus and His disciples have cognized this.

“Those, Who have mastered the Mergence with the Primordial Universal Consciousness, the Great United We, Which is called by people for the sake of simplicity as God, — Those can draw knowledge directly from the Source of the Universal Love, Wisdom and Power, Who are now at Their disposal. All the knowledge, stored in the Absolute, is provided to Them upon request. And this is limited only by the ability and experience of that Consciousness, which perceives this Knowledge.”

“Do You want to say that Those, Who have attained the Mergence, may also have restrictions?”

“I mean that the possibility to improve is boundless! This applies, too, to the Evolution and Life of the One, consisting of the Multitude.

“But for a person to start this Path, he or she needs to work hard.

“To replace one’s savage instincts by the Divine Awareness is not possible quickly.

“Souls gradually climb the ladder of development: from the lower forms of consciousness — to the top. This evolution begins in the tiny droplets of consciousness, growing, being fastened to the crystal lattices of minerals. Then the germs of souls grow, being connected with the plant’s and then animals’ bodies.

“Only man, who matured in a long series of incarnations, is able to improve oneself-soul — consciously. You have now already not the first incarnation of looking for the Truth, and you now have real chances to succeed.

“You are a vegetarian. You chose this according to the conviction that man does not want to commit the murder of any innocent animals. This is — a serious first step on the Path of goodness.

“You are doing Hatha Yoga. However, you were doing this as exercises for health. But even in this version, it has brought good results. The energies of your body are clean and are in very good state, when compared to the average majority.

“You are prepared to try and take the big stages of the spiritual Path. Do you want it?”

“Can there be any doubts? Yes!”

“To begin, you need to explore the intangible for usual vision, but very real structures of the organism: chakras and meridians. They allow one to trace the relationships between the soul-jiva — and its material body.

* * *

Philip started training Paul.

He explained how it is possible to move the concentration of self-soul through the chakras and meridians. Paul really felt, how the state of the soul changes from simple immersion, for example, in the chakra anahata: peace and love becomes natural, dominant thoughts disappear.

A few days Paul has devoted for clearing these energy structures.

The second task was to learn to live by the spiritual heart. Here Paul had to work much longer: in fact, the habit of constantly thinking about something — accustomed to life in the head chakras.

But Philip explained:

“It is necessary to master the continuous existence by the spiritual heart. It is the overriding basis for a correctly developing soul!

“The spiritual heart must become much more than anahata chakra, located in the chest of the body, where the spiritual heart began to grow from.

“The ability to be a soul-love, which has become much more than the tangible body size, fundamentally changes the status of the person. This is the first stage of the spiritual Path. Even just doing it — makes achieving the paradise as the natural state!

“And this step also opens the door to the secret world of the Divine Reality!

“The entire esoteric Path is needed for only mature and wise souls.

“But the ability to live as a soul-love — is adequate for every soul, it does not hurt anyone. It will bring all souls to the light and joy of life, even when life of the body lasts. And after the death of the body — it provides the life of the soul in blissful harmony of the paradise!”

* * *

Paul now spent a lot of time in meditations, filling by the soul-love the space above the Earth’s surface.

Endless desert, which before seemed to him such a ruthless and brutal, now… gave him the opportunity to expand the spiritual heart more and more, covering the entire space.

His previous attempts to “meditate” — sitting cross-legged and concentrating in the head or eyebrows, looked now as a funny game of a child who tries to show something, about which it does not know anything…

And Philip was gradually revealing to Paul the new horizons:

“Now you already have the understanding that you are a soul, not a body, endowed with the mind and organs for communication with the outside material world. Now you have the opportunity to cognize also that God is also the Reality. I will help you to gain first experience of direct perception of God.

“But for this it is necessary to feel the reality of life of the soul, without the limitations of perception, that overlap the material body.

“A soul, when incarnate, is connected with a body. This bond forms during embryonic development. Having been born in the material world, a person learns — through the body — to see, hear, feel, think. A child begins to interact with the world of matter with a help of this tool — the material body.

“But the soul can do all the same without having a body. It can see, hear, feel, think in other planes of existence in the Absolute.

“There are the enormous potentials to control matter from the Divine plan of life! But this is for you — the long perspective. Walking on water and materializing the bread or the water — this is possible for only the soul which has realized its Unity with the Primordial Consciousness, God! To do this, the soul, free from the limitations of matter, must learn to live and act in the subtlest layers of the Absolute.

“Not all the Divine Souls have reached the immortality of Their material bodies. Not many have mastered the full deification of Their bodies, like Jesus. And taking the body from the material world — it is not an obligatory feature of achieving the Mergence with the Creator.

“So, the main conclusion: the incarnate man-soul can communicate with God!

“Now, about — how.

“Let us return to our practical work. I promised you the experience of such interaction with God.

“To do this, the soul must be developed as a spiritual heart, that is, as love. If not — all is confined by fantasy, mental images created by the mind. This is the ‘stumbling block’, which stopped very many beginners in their spiritual search.

“So, the most important step on the Path — it is the development of the spiritual heart.

“Feel yourself in the anahata chakra as a whole, like in a room. Now open the window ahead — and clean the ‘room’ of all trash and shadows.

“Next, let your love, as a gentle light, shine and illuminate the space ahead! As well as a spotlight or the headlights of the car at night illuminate the space in front of you — so love of the soul can illuminate and caress space and all the living in it! At first, illuminate the visible by body’s eyes space, and then farther and farther ahead…”

… Paul loved the night driving of a car on the empty road… And now he was very apt to feel the light that illuminates the space in front! It was like a heart’s light is now illuminating his way through life!

Philip continued:

“Now in a bodily primary abode of the spiritual heart — the anahata chakra — it is possible to turn back the face of the soul. You can open another window — into the space of the Divine Light.

“Try to look back from the anahata chakra — just like staring ahead… Do you see the Light?”


“Come into that Light! Immerse yourself in It, as in the vast Ocean! Dissolve in It, going as far as possible…

“Now try to look from the Light to there where in the body you have lived before…

“And again — let it be only the Light!

“You were willing to take from God the experience of death of the body. Now — a part of this experience: the life in the Divine Light without feeling the body. If the body dies — then you’re… you remain! And you continue to live in the Light, being It, is it not?

“Being in this Light, you can feel It between the fingers of the hands of the soul.

“Or you can try to hug It — Infinite — with your arms. This leads to a state of blissful joy, delight!

“This Light consists of the mutually merged Consciousnesses of All the Attained.

“You can take Their Desires and Intentions.

“Feel your arms of the consciousness! They — are huge and can be even more, more… They can touch everything by the fingertips or take on the palms any creature.

“In the Christian tradition, this Light is called the Holy Spirit, in Hinduism — Brahman.

“Merged with the Flow of this Light, flow by It through your material body and around it, then — from above — down, upwards, from back — forward, from ahead — back. It is flowing the River of the Divine Love! Learn to always feel in the Communion with this Divine Love!”

… Paul miraculously perceived himself in confluence with the Divine Light, and at the same time… his body was on the sand.

He was now the Part of this Light.

He has realized that what he read in the New Testament: one needs to go by the soul towards God-Spirit!

He was infinitely free and infinitely happy!

But this state did not last long: the fatigue of meditations forced back into the body.

“Well, now you really have got the baptism in the Holy Spirit!” — Philip congratulated him. — “You can now be considered as the real Christian!

“A process of gradual transformation of the soul into the Divine Light is called Enlightenment. And one, strengthened in the state of Divine Light, is called Enlightened.”

* * *

Between these meditations, Paul again felt like a prisoner of the body. And this saddened him.

Philip once replied to these thoughts, which were not expressed aloud:

“Not all at once! Even you — who had already not small spiritual experiences in your past lives — need time to get used to the new states of consciousness.

“You will need a long time to work on the extension-growth of yourself as a spiritual heart, and on the further purification of structures inside the body and filling them with the Divine Light.

“Only when the substitution of the energies within your body by the Divine Light will be reached — it will be easy to live in this Light all the time. Then the Light will be your Home — the Home of the Soul. This Home does not have to be exited, despite the fact that the body is in the material world.”

… Philip showed to Paul every day more and more new methods of work on the expansion of the consciousness as love and replacing energies in the body.

* * *

After a few days, one night, Philip asked Paul:

“Would you like to talk with Jesus?”

“With Jesus? I?”

“What are you so puzzled about? You can not decide? But you believe that Jesus can hear what people say to Him, right? Those, who recite prayers in the temples, can they probably believe that they are heard by Him?

“Many people are crying out to Jesus. It is because they know about Him more than on many Others, Who have reached the state of Christ.

“All of Them and Each of Them may now be called as the Holy Spirit.

“One can selectively appeal to Someone among Them.

“The Creator consists of this Set of the Perfects!

“Their entry into the Creator is similar to the drops of water which flow into the ocean and become merged there with those drops that have flowed into the ocean before.

“These, the Perfects compose the Great United We! Someone calls Him God-the-Father, someone — Tao, someone — Allah, but the difference is only in words.

“Divine Consciousness, called the Primordial, — this is the Multitude of the Divine Consciousnesses mutually merged in One!

“But Each of Them can act in the Creation, parting Oneself. Just as the wave can rise above the ocean, while remaining an integral part of it, — and Those, Who have attained, can manifest Themselves, remaining in the Unity with the Ocean of the Creator.

“So, would you like to talk with Jesus?”

“Yes!” — Paul said emphatically, understanding that, if he refuses, then he will never forgive this to himself.

Something from his journalistic past flashed as a strange thought: “I did not ever think that it is possible to interview Jesus Himself!”

… There was the Light, approaching from the intangible depth. It was like the rising sun… Light approached. In It, was manifesting the image of Jesus.

And now — Jesus, the living Jesus!

He and Philip embraced…

Then Jesus went up at arm’s length to Paul. Paul tried to touch His clothes. Jesus was composed of Light, the body was not material.

Jesus said:

“It is not an illusion. This is the reality. Are you still not satisfied with the words of Philip, Who explained to you that the difference between matter and Light — it’s only the energy levels of subtlety?

“Why do you need My material body? In order to write a sensational report about a meeting with Jesus? For everyone, who reads your book, begins to seek a meeting with My materialized body?

“Well, look: My body may be the material.”

Jesus condensed His body of Light and sat down next to Paul and Philip by campfire. He continued:

“Miracles, in fact, do not change anything fundamental in human souls! However, I will be glad, if you write about that for each person either praying in the temple, or bustling in a big store, or going by a train, or sailing on a ship — can stand, sit, speak — and not notice that He, with Whom he or she is nearby, is Jesus. I have a lot of times of this happening among embodied people, and they did not recognize Me, did not hear Me…

“It would be nice, if everyone will know that pushing someone by elbows amid the bustle, he or she can alienate, without noticing, and Jesus…

“Within all this time, people, too, have not learned to see in each person a brother or sister…

“If I come, as before, and begin to perform miracles — I certainly would be called a ‘false prophet’!

“But for those, who know Me, — they do not need My body, consisting of flesh.”

“But why did You come in the body then — 2000 years ago?”

“I was sent into this hell of suffering and misery in earthly life — to point medicine and antidotes against them. I did it, too, by presenting people the Teachings about the Path of Love!

“Among the darkness of ignorance, I kindled the Lamp of Truth. I have shown the ability to be only Love — even in the hatred and other abominations of human souls!

“I showed people the Path of Love! I spoke about the possibility of exit from hell — to the Light of the Creator, to cognition of Him and Mergence with Him!

“The Path of service to God — this is to go where the bad, where you will be hated, killed… And one should be only the Pure Love, continuing to bring to people the Truth of God! Each of the Coming from the Heavenly Father onto the Earth — demonstrates this by His or Her life!

“In words — everything is easier. But Christ must live so — every day and hour, every minute of life on the Earth, not allowing the flame of heart to be extinguished and without breaking the Сonsubstantiality with the Father!

“Are you ready to start this? After all, just for this our meeting was planned!”

“I do not know, if I can do…?”

“You do not know this, until you try!”

“Tell me, did Your earthly life’s Feat help someone? Was it necessary for people? For they have forgotten everything again!”

“My Teachings have helped many. People need to be aware of the Path to achieve the Oneness with the Creator!

“Those, who then had understood Me, — they went this Path. We had got — many. And many others there were, who just approached and keep going.

“Even when darkness thickens around and there is no hope that the Light will shine — then it is only love that saves us from darkness and allows to keep a basis only in God!”

“And that gets up the so-called ‘Christianity’? Crusades? Inquisition? It does not fit into an understanding!”

“Any medicine, when used incorrectly, can become a poison…

“Even the most useful word or action, if it is not used properly or for evil intentions, — can bring the evil…

“I’m not talking about the distortions that were added intentionally by those who converted the Teachings of God — into a way to control people for the sake of themselves!

“In the wrong application, the force can become the violence, caution — cowardice, excessive concern — the suppression of development.

“Also, the belief in the existence of God can keep a person from evil. But the criminal leaders of religious movements make people, having fallen under their influence, to be perpetrators.

“Only the mastered love allows one to gain Wisdom to distinguish between good and evil — to a level as God distinguishes.

“And all is so simple!

“Everyone now can become My disciple — directly, without intermediaries!

“I would like you to tell people about it.

“And, to be My disciple, — it does not need to be close to My body!”

… Jesus dissolved His body’s image in the Light… and continued to speak. Paul easily understood Jesus, Who was now just a Light-Love, Light-Tenderness. This understanding was more than just hearing the words.

In the Light, the voice of Jesus continues to sound:

“I am Omnipresent! I can be right now next to each man!

“Everyone can aspire to fulfill the principles of life, offered by God. This will be the true Christianity! Not only I, but many the Attained will help such man!

“Notice: now your mind is completely relaxed, and the silence has filled the spiritual heart!

“God can be perceived only by the developed spiritual heart. Only the soul that has become the love can touch the Divine Consciousness, Which is Love. To this, I have called people ever since — by the words “God is Love!”.

“But this cannot be passed to anyone by means of only words!

“But you — give me a hug! My Light and Love — are waiting for you! I was long waiting for this moment! I love you!”

… There was only Jesus — Blissful Light of God, Who immersed in Himself and dissolved in Himself…

The soft voice of Jesus continued:

“Try to feel that here are Many of Us.

“Here is, in particular, Philip. You will now always be able to recognize Him. And it is not necessary for Him to be physically close to you — for you to continue to be trained.”

… The space of the Divine Light — the space of another reality of existence, stunning first by Its Tenderness, Beauty, Greatness, and Simplicity — it now was clearly perceived by Paul, because He was now in It and being It.

Ever-evolving Consciousness, Divine United We — consists of a Set of Perfect Consciousness. It does not know decay and death! But it is full of mature Wisdom and Omnipotence, fused with a gentle and caring Endearment of the Perfect Love!

* * *

The last day of the life of Paul and Philip at the source in the middle of desert had come.

Philip said:

“Time of our joint stay here is over. Stage of your training with the help of My material body is coming to an end. Then you can take help and guidance for your growth without My presence on the plane of matter.

“Did you read about meditation Cross? Fullness of this meditation, including the “Right” and “Left”, you are to cognize later.

“Now, before we leave, we have to do one more thing. In memory of our meeting, we can give to the desert the new oasis. And to be precise — to return the landscape that was here thousands of years ago.

“Water is already here. It remains to sow the seeds.

“Take these seeds of dates and of some other plants that are able to take root here.”

… Paul and Philip walked around the newborn lake, throwing the seeds along the coast.

“Do you believe that here something will be able to grow? Here is just the sand!” — Paul said.

“Where is the source — life can always develop! Animals will come to the water, soon the first plants germinate — and then the soil is filled with power and allow other plants to germinate.

“You now also carry a source of the Truth.

“You will also need to work hard to ‘cultivate a field’ of yourself-consciousness, that is, to cognize the fullness of Mergence with God and to plant the ‘field’ by many seeds. You can grow yourself more and more, and to help others to do the same. You can do it wherever you live and work. And God will harvest!

“That’s all! For our bodies — it’s time to leave.

“You have already started to learn to listen by the consciousness and understand God’s plans!

“The ability to communicate by the consciousness with the Divine Consciousnesses will help you never be without Divine Help and Advices. Not only Jesus and I have come into your life. All the Messengers of Light are always ready to help those who are turning to Them. Call!”

… They embraced.

Then Philip went without looking back. A light breeze was sanding His tracks.

Paul filled the jar with water, folded stock of provisions, left to him by Philip, and went to people…

Three days later, he came up to where the ordinary human life was in full swing.

And he did not have any tangible evidence of all that had happened to him, in addition to that surprising fact that he was still alive.