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The Fourth Parable: Look over the Horizon!

March 18, 2018

Lao Tse continued His way.
That day He got up before the dawn and sat comfortably on the back of His good white donkey. His big-eared friend rested well all night and now was trotting merrily alone the path.
Soon they came to a beautiful place. It was the top of the gently sloping hill similar to a huge turtle shell.
Magnificent expanses opened in front of them!
The sunrise was visible from that place!
Lao Tse stopped to admire the beauty of the sunrise and got off His donkey.
The sun was rising slowly lighting up the misty remoteness with its gentle light…
Huang Di said:
“Yes, many thousands of years ago, people saw the sunrise like You now…
“But today I suggest You to start a new life with Me! To do this, You should know Me better!
“Be attentive to what I will offer You to do and feel Me all the time! Let Your arms of the spiritual heart embrace Your Teacher constantly! And the Teacher opens for a worthy disciple the passage into the worlds of the Transparent Calm and of non-material Fire-like Divine Light. This Light is similar in color to the light and tenderness of the morning sun that You are contemplating now.”

* * *

        “Look, there, in a distance, where the sky touches the earth, there is the line visible for the eyes but non-existent in reality. This is the horizon. You can try to approach it with Your material body, but in this way You will never get to the ‘end of the Earth’.
“However, this line can open for a worthy soul the passage into the worlds of Light — into those spaces where Te abides.
“If You look by the soul, formed of the spiritual heart, beyond the horizon of the material world — to that place from which the sun rises, this will open a passage into non-material world of subtlety and Light! This is the Divine Light!”
Lao Tse perceived himself as a soul free from “clothes” of the material body and found himself in that place where the Light is born! This Light rises as if from “the abyss behind the flat Earth”. In that “abyss”, in the depth, there is the Infinity of the Divine Light similar to a giant boundless Sun…
“What should I do now?”
“Jump into this Light!”
… The Infinite Light embraced Lao Tse… He submerged deeper and deeper in It — with the help of huge arms of the great soul… He became this Light — and looked from It, being It, to the direction where His material body was standing at the boundary between the world of matter — and the worlds of Te…
… Lao Tse made an effort and looked again through the eyes of His material body. He didn’t see the abyss… Only the rising sun was caressing and warming Him…
… Then He returned to the state of the meditation given by Huang Di. The shining Infinity appeared before Him. Having immersed in It and become It, He himself now could be the Source of the Living Divine Fire-like Light of Love!
… Trying not to lose this state, Lao Tse continued His way.

[to be continued]


Divine Teachers

April 13, 2016

Anna Zubkova

Disembodied Divine Teachers, Who in the aggregate are called the Holy Spirit (Brahman) — can manifest Themselves in many forms. They — are Those, Who throughout the existence of the universe, were able to merge with the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness. Divine Souls, Who became consubstantial with the Creator, and then could manifest Themselves as Divine Teachers, Who are emanating from Him. They implement His Will in His Creation.

Some of Them are well known, and Their Teachings became the property of humanity. But there are also Those, Who were not known by many people, and because of that, the way They lived, and what They said, — did not get preserved in people’s memory.

Sometimes They reincarnate again into human bodies. They then are called Avatars, Messiahs, or Christs. They do this out of love for us: They then are able to help us better.

I would like to talk a little bit more about my own experience of communicating with Them.

* * *

I was living in this world, without knowing anything about the lives here on Earth of Sathya Sai Baba or David Copperfield. I had never even heard of them before my acquaintance with the books of Vladimir Antonov!

My acquaintance with Sathya Sai Baba started when reading Vladimir’s book Sathya Sai Baba — the Christ of our days. While I was reading this book, created with His blessing and blessed by Him afterward — in a published version — in His Indian ashram — I felt His Divine presence. It was the same when subsequently — I read His other books and books speaking about Him. With His immediate help the understanding of many different sentences were starting to unfold their real meaning to me, giving me a much deeper understanding than the one that I would normally have had.

In particular, He, helped me through directing my thoughts in the right direction while flooding me with His Love, or by explaining the drawbacks that I should eliminate right now.

And sometimes He created small miracles, by allowing, for example, to find and buy books about Him that were not reprinted for many years. Once, He put into my hands exactly two copies, one for Maria and one for me, — which were the only ones that “accidentally” were available at the seller. Or a stranger in a bookstore would suddenly give me His portrait…

I was already confidently feeling the presence of Sathya Sai in my life — and was anticipating my first meeting with Him at His place of power, as did, probably, His devoted followers who were going to India to see Him.

… Vladimir took us to one of Sathya Sai Baba’s favorite places — a place, where His Mahadouble can be easily seen and where it is especially easy to communicate with Him.

When we got there we took off our backpacks, had a little break after a long trip and then stationed ourselves next to His Mahadouble — Vladimir initially explained: Baba is approaching and is extending His Hands to us, He is touching our anahatas in us with them. After that he proposed to us to communicate with Him directly by ourselves.

I clung with all my being, with all my consciousness to the enormous Body of Consciousness of Sathya Sai and told Him, how I loved Him, how I would try to learn very, very hard… Then I ran out of words — and it became surprisingly blissful… I was completely surprised to hear His voice distinctly, addressing me — me who knew nothing and who was not able to do much yet, who was standing just at the very beginning of the Path. He said to me:

“We have — one Heart for all: the Heart of God. This is your “Highest Self”, this is what you will cognize, by becoming Him.”

I remembered those words my entire life. I lived with them, was repeating them like a mantra, like a password, that would let me be allowed into the Abode of the Creator.

And some time afterwards, while we were taking lunch, Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus, and Krishna came to bless us. When Baba approached me He stood behind me and cuddled me against Himself as a little girl. Something in me just “overflowed over the edge” … Then I saw clearly His large smiling Face bent over me.

Sathya Sai became for us since that moment one of Those Who is and will always be with us. He responded immediately. For example, He kept telling me “Do not fear anything, I am here, near you, always with you. Your Baba”. And those words “Your Baba”, were the ones that I kept hearing from the depths of my heart. They always helped me to find strength, courage, and patience and to understand what I had to do.

* * *

Our studying continued. Vladimir looked at us cleverly and said:

“Well, what should we do now? Try this!” — and he then gave us a task.

So we got acquainted with Huang Di — one of the first Avatars of the Earth, Who embodied several times in China. It was He, through Lao Tzu, Who dictated Tao Te Ching. He was “the Tenant”, Who, loving various extravagant jokes, gave secret knowledge to the group of Nagual of Juan Matus.

* * *

A forest trail. Around us — thick high spruces. Only the singing of robins and finches were braking the silence.

Vladimir introduced us to Huang Di. In particular, he told us how, once, Huang Di condensed His Body of Consciousness so that It became visible even for very beginners.

Vladimir then mentioned to us that it was possible for us to invite Huang Di into ourselves in the anahata and start chatting with Him.

… I could not see the face of Huang Di in my anahata in the beginning, so I began to imagine His image from the descriptions that Vladimir gave us — my art education allowed me to do this without any difficulty. A mongoloid type of face with broad cheekbones… Suddenly His eyes came to life and sparkled with joy, expressing a smile filled with tenderness… His face showed a real life mimicry!

I tried to speak with Him, but could not hear anything: due to the excitement I was not able to be relaxed enough to perceive the response. Then I asked Huang Di to answer by winking His eyes: I asked Him that if the answer was “yes” — to wink with his left eye, and with the right one — if the answer was “no” . And… — it worked!…

I asked Him a few questions and then, by the same “winking” system and having obtained His consent, I clutched to His neck by the hands of consciousness and asked:

“Let’s go behind the ‘Mirror’!…”

And then I got into the state of warm, dense peace of the eon of protoprakriti*.

I continued “to ride” on Huang-Di’s neck, over and over again, and asked Him “to roll” me by eons, until I could hear very clearly:

“You’re just lazy!”

But this was said so gently that I even could not get grieve. So I continued to enjoy with this amazing experience of cognition of the real God — Living, Gentle, Merry — with all His Universal Might!

However, remembering about this, I felt “uncomfortable” due to my own effrontery. How could I take “advantage of God” so easily? He was the One in my then notions, Who should only be prayed to on my knees! But what was I suppose to do?! Huang Di was here — Alive, Real! And falling on my knees before Him… — did not make any sense: He did not need this at all! And how can one even try to find the knees of the spiritual heart: if it has only the hands of love!…

* * *

Time was flying by in a strange way. On one hand, in the material world, I was living my ordinary life as usual with my work, family, and other relatives, whom by the way were all waiting: for the moment when all this “folly” would end, how long could it last?! And on the other hand I was living in a world, where only God existed. And Vladimir led us there very quickly, not giving us any breaks. Only a few months had passed by after the beginning of the classes!

… Vladimir took us to see the spring sunrise during the time of the black grouses lekking. We had been driving since the evening before, and were without tents.

… After leaving the bus, we quickly got immersed into the silence of the night forest. The starry sky, it seemed, was laying down on the Earth, a cozy blanket filled with the stars. I felt like I could touch the sky with my hands or grow my consciousness to such an extent, that I could just touch the thickness of the sky near me, which was filled with starlights. And through looking from the infinity, I was able to feel as if the little planet Earth was swimming in a soft universal expanse.

Huang Di came — and the whole infinity got filled with His presence. The coolness of the night suddenly disappeared, and everything around us got filled with warm Peace, saturated with His Love.

Happiness was filling me to the brim and was ready to splash out of me! But the Peace of Huang Di was stronger, and therefore my happiness had to burn as a tiny star in the Ocean of Universal Huang Di.

… We arrived to a place where we could spend the night. We were gathering firewood in complete darkness. When, at last, the bonfire broke out, Vladimir invited all of us to lie down comfortably and sleep for three hours before dawn, until the moment when we would go closer to the grouses.

I was not able to sleep, I was asking myself: “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing on this Earth? Why am I here? What should I do here?” — How many times had Vladimir suggested to us not to forget about these questions! But now — it was not only necessary to ask them to ourselves, we also had to answer before God — directly, with full awareness and with full responsibility: “I am — a part of the Absolute, a tiny droplet of the Living Consciousness. I am — that which is embodied in order to grow and realize its own consubstantiality with The One, to Whom we should strive.” And now I must tell Him about my own readiness to go to Him without hesitation. For there is nothing in life more important than this Goal!

Huang Di connected to my experiences and reminded me about an idea that I had read in one of Vladimir books: God never gives to humans unbearable tasks for them; but they must not continue to live in the dreams of something more**, not making every effort, that depends on them, for reaching the Goal, — it is necessary to not only make a choice in favor of God, we also have to note everything in our own life, preventing us to go to the limit of our own possibilities daily, hourly…

… I slept a little bit while holding the hand of Huang Di.

… We got up before dawn and, after we silently collected our things, we moved to the place, where grouses would be singing. In the predawn mist there were flying woodcocks, gently flapping their wings over our heads. Then the snipes began to sing their delightful songs, rising up, and then falling down and cutting the thick morning air with their splayed tail feathers, which were making the inimitable sound of bleating.

We also listened to the grouses…

… The sun was rising higher and higher and illuminating the fields. Birds were filling the space with their voices. Each species of birds was participating in the general chorus at a specific moment in relation to the quality of the brightness of the light. Males of all species were trying their best to attract females through their songs — so as a result of their love, children would be born, and then they would learn the songs of their own species from their fathers.

Vladimir told us all about this, and taught us to distinguish the voices of the birds.

And then he depicted, through compacting his consciousness into a new form, how grouses sing: so that we could see it more closely.

… If some of you have seen the actor Lebedev, depicting a very old horse in the play “Strider”, then you know that a person can portray a horse like no horse can.

So now try to imagine a man on a small hillock among the fields, who slowly turns into a huge singing grouse. He was tilting his head and torso, spreading his wings, which were almost touching the ground, spreading, as a fan, his large feather tail made of black and blue tinted feathers — and started “to warm up”, by shaking his torso and uttering grouse’s “chufykaning” sounds that later were growing into a jubilant song…

Then Vladimir straightened up, took a human form again, and laughed — and we all laughed with him.

… After this we looked at the Sunrise on a hill inside the Mahadouble of Sathya Sai Baba, Who had emanated from the depths of the boundless Ocean of the Creator.

… After that we went swimming in the icy water of the river, wich had barely got rid of its ice, and then took a sunbath under the already summer’s sun. All the experiences, tensions and delights of the night were washed away by a new day, which we had to live for God, here and now.

* About the eons (lokas) of the multidimensional space, look in [7] and other books by Vladimir Antonov.

** Words of one of the earliest songs of Boris Grebenshchikov.

Agni Yoga: Hard Karma

August 9, 2015

The life of many people on the Earth is full of suffering. However, it is their destiny (karma) created by the ethical mistakes which they made in the contemporary life or in the past lives. This situation is favorable for them to begin seeking the way out of the desperate situation and thus to begin changing themselves. If one does not do this, the situation becomes worse.

“… Human souls go through the ‘purgatory’ on the Earth.” [3]

(Another possible reason for our afflictions is God’s usage of them as a means for pointing out to His students a necessity for a radical change in their “course of life” [12]).

In any case — during whatever calamity and affliction — one has to heed the guidance of God more than usual, to get rid of one’s lower self, and try to stay closer to Him.

“One must understand that imperil (the psychic energy of hatred, anger) and coarse worldly desires produce severe ulcers… Ulcers of the spirit are carried over to the other world if they are not healed on the Earth. Liberation from the material body does not mean deliverance from spiritual ulcers.” [3]

“Forces serving the Light do not interfere with one’s karma, as some who are not aware of the power of karma believe. The Forces of Light observe human actions, suggesting the direction yet not interfering with life.” [3]

Only those spiritually ignorant become embittered by earthly suffering, thus dooming themselves to hell [3].

Liberation from the shackles of hell is achieved through repentance (conscious regret about misdeeds, its purpose is to learn to avoid repeating mistakes), through the work on growing positive qualities in oneself and approaching God. They who achieved with their developed spiritual hearts the Mergence with the Divine Fire become fully liberated from their bad karma.

God says: “I am the best Help to you!” [40:Leaves of Morya’s Garden. Call].

The best remedy for all afflictions is Mergence with Him. If we stay in this Mergence, we have His Shield. “All dangers are trifling. Even an encounter with strong dark entities is not dangerous if one maintains a firm connection with the Hierarchy!” [40:Heart]

In order to come to the Mergence, one has to wage war, the war against one’s own imperfections.

“Let people realize (now) the surrounding danger. … Life in the subtle world (between incarnations) is incomparably longer. One has to be prepared for it!” [40:AUM]

“… It is terrible to be afraid of the Light, because the Fire turns then into a devouring flame!” [40:AUM]

“It is so difficult for people to say the simplest law: ‘Blessed are the obstacles — thanks to them we grow.’ People admit tests easily until encountering them. No one is willing to quicken his or her advancement through obstacles!

“It is still more intolerable to humanity to hear about the usefulness of suffering. The reason is not that people fear pain or discomfort, but that they cannot think of a life beyond earthly existence! They are ready to suffer the discomfort of an overnight stay for the sake of tomorrow’s celebration, but they do not want to contrast the earthly life with the Infinity!

“Fear of the Infinity is the most shameful manifestation of a reasonable being!” [40:AUM]

Vladimir Antonov

Agni Yoga >>>

Agni Yoga

June 28, 2015

The term Agni Yoga was introduced to the western public by the Roerichs — Nicholas and Helena. They learned it in their expedition across Central Asia from mountain dwellers. This term means “Mergence with Divine Fire” or “Path to such Mergence”. Fire in this context is a flame-like state of the Highest Divine Consciousness. The Divine Consciousness can assume this form when It enters Its Creation.

The Roerichs developed the Teachings of Agni Yoga and brought them to Russia and other countries of Europe and America. And now the term Agni Yoga is firmly associated with their names.

The Roerichs were a remarkable couple: he was a zealous traveler and talented painter, she was his constant companion. Helena Roerich possessed a prophetic skill — the ability to converse with God. Records of these holy conversations were collected in fourteen volumes titled Living Ethics.

What do these records represent? They are very non-uniform, some parts of the text are hard to comprehend, some parts are not edited literally, profound truths are mixed sometimes with jokes of God or with long series of meaningless phrases. Why do they look so?

The point is that according to the intent of God these records were not meant for publication in their original form: He suggested publishing only thematic selections of them [3].

The reason for the qualitative diversity of the text is the following. God, with the purpose of training the prophetic skill of Helena Roerich, insisted that she make systematic, everyday records [3]. However, it did not happen always that there was actual material for the current moment. And then Helena Roerich, waiting for words from the Lord, was given almost meaningless series of beautiful phrases. It is a typical case in prophetic contacts.

And such jokes as: the legs feel cold because the entire energy has been used for the kindling of the heart — were meant only for encouraging the tired travelers in hard moments.

Another point that needs to be mentioned about these texts is the broader meaning of the terms fire and fiery, which was expanded to psychoenergetical processes and phenomena. It was done with the purpose of filling the readers with the spirit of struggle. However, to understand these Teachings correctly, one has to differentiate the concepts of the Divine Fire — and the “fiery” manifestations of the psychical activity of people.

The texts of Living Ethics and expressive paintings of Nicholas Roerich are filled with “fiery” energy. It was one of the most distinctive features of the spiritual movement initiated through the Roerichs.

The movement of Agni Yoga contributed a lot to the spiritual awakening of many people, first of all in Russia where there was mainly atheism instilled by the Communist Party and religious ideology degraded to the level of fairy tales. In most valuable precepts found in the books of Living Ethics, God once again presented people with explanations about what is God, what is man, what is the Evolution, what is the meaning of life. He showed people the possibility of attaining Perfection and abandoning the cycle of suffering, the way to cognition of God and to the highest self-realization in Mergence with Him.

The Teachings of Agni Yoga were given “not as a soporific but for saturating the entire life!” [2]

Let us consider now the main points of the Teachings of Agni Yoga.

to be continued

Agni Yoga

Lao Tse — Tao Te Ching

April 10, 2015

15. Since ancient times, those capable of achieving spiritual Enlightenment cognized hidden and hardly cognizable small and large steps of this Path.

Such seekers were hard to recognize. Let me outline their appearance: they were cautious like a man crossing a river in winter, they were circumspect because they were wary of strangers, they were alert because they knew that one’s time on the Earth is limited, they were watchful as if they walked on melting ice, they were simple, they were vast like a dale, they were hidden from idle looks.

They were those who, in calm, could transform dirty into pure.

They were those who contributed to the Evolution of Life.

They worshipped Tao and were satisfied with little in the world of matter. Not desiring much, they were satisfied with what they had and did not seek more.

16. Make emptiness* in yourself complete and achieve full calm! Let everything around you move by itself! Let everyone bloom spiritually and advance to cognition of their true Essence**!

Those who have cognized their true Essence achieve full calm. Thus they attain the common Abode of All Those Who Have Attained***.

One’s presence in this Abode has to become constant. The One Who has fulfilled this goal is called Enlightened, Perfect, possessing the Higher Wisdom.

Those Who have attained that Abode represent the United We, which is the Highest Ruler. That Abode is also called Heaven****. This is the Abode of Eternal Tao.

Tao is non-corporeal. It cannot be caught by anyone. Thus, It is invincible.

17. The Highest Ruler provides all Its people with the possibility to develop the consciousness. But It does not seek to reward them with something worldly. It also does not try to make people fear It.

Those who believe foolishly do not know about this. But those who have cognized It do not believe foolishly any more.

This truth is so profound!

Having achieved success, I go further, and a greater understanding about Everything opens up to me.

Here it means the meditative state Nirodhi. In this state, the individual “I” completely disappears, dissolving in Tao.

*Atman, Higher Self, Tao.

**The Abode of the Creator.

***Or Heavens.

To be continue.

Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present

Keys to the Secrets of Life. Achievement of Immortality

March 30, 2015

(forest lecture for film)

Why do we live on the Earth? What is the meaning of our lives?

From the history of philosophy, we know some unsuccessful attempts to find answers to these questions.

For example, the founders of existentialism asserted that the life of every one of us on the Earth is nothing more than a chance event. Moreover, no one of us gave permission to live here. They lamented the life on the Earth and regarded suicide as the only correct way out of this situation.

They were atheists.

But many contemporary believers, people who believe in the existence of God, never ask this question at all. They… just dream about earthly well-being and about avoiding going to hell after the death of the body… And what does one have to do for this? They believe one has to participate in various religious rituals, to repent one’s real and imaginary sins, also to pray — which means, first of all, to beg salvation from hell from God or from various deities and saints invented by particular religious movements.

This kind of absurdity was always preached in such religious movements. Priests instilled in the minds of their “flock” the ideas about wrathful God who punishes people; therefore, one has to fear Him! And we, priests, are your intercessors: we “pray” God to forgive you and teach you how to “pray” in the right way…

Why do I call such a form of pseudo-religiosity — absurdity? Because in reality, we, according to the Will of God, have to DEVELOP OURSELVES as souls in accordance with His Teachings — rather than moaning to Him about our sinfulness! And we should not beg earthly favors from Him but we have to strive to become “perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect” — as Jesus Christ commanded!

And another point: is it fear that helps to establish good relationships? No! It is love! It is not by chance that Jesus and all other Divine Teachers teach us not to be afraid, not to hate, but to LOVE!

There is another attempt to explain the meaning of our lives. It is also a wrong one, though of a higher level. I consider it to be of a higher level because it has some positive meaning, though quite little. According to it, we appeared on the Earth because God was bored of being alone in His Abode… and thus decided to divide a part of Himself into small particles — souls. For what? Just for fun, just to be able to look from the outside at Himself, to entertain Himself in this way… And what do we need to do then? We just need to become aware of our coessentiality with Him.

How should we regard these naive ideas?

They slightly resemble the truth… though in a very poor way!

Why poor? Because this tale misses the DESCRIPTION OF GOD. Therefore, it does not provide even a hint as to where one has to seek God in order to realize this coessentiality with Him…

The reason for this kind of misunderstanding is that the majority of the embodied people are psychogenetically young souls, who are not capable of comprehending with the mind such phenomena as the multidimensionality of space, for example. And without correct understanding of this concept, one cannot understand the essence of God and the way of cognition of Him.

We discussed this subject in our books; please read them! Now I am going just to say briefly that the spatial dimensions are strata of the Absolute, which differ among themselves by the levels of the coarseness-subtlety scale.

The Creator (or God-the-Father, the Primordial Consciousness, Ishvara, Tao, Allah and so on — He may be called differently in different human languages) is the most subtle Part of the Absolute — Its MAIN Part, which is INFINITE in size and exists ETERNALLY.

On the other end of the coarseness-subtlety scale, there is hell — the abode of the most despising souls: aggressive, malicious, consisting of dark energies.

* * *

In reality, individual souls originated not as particles of the Primordial Consciousness, but as particles of another component of the Absolute — so-called protopurusha.

The task of these souls (including every one of us) is to advance in their development to the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator.

It will be more clear to you if you look at the scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute, which shows in particular the dynamics of processes within the Absolute.

In the end, souls who have achieved Perfection infuse into the Creator and thus enrich Him with themselves. Having settled forever in the Abode of the Creator and living now in Mergence with Him as His integral Parts, these Divine Souls continue to work by providing help to other evolving beings. In the world of embodied people, They appear as Representatives of the Creator, Who are called Holy Spirits (in the aggregate sense, They are called the Holy Spirit).

This constitutes the meaning of the existence of the entire Creation, including the meaning of our lives and the lives of all beings!

As for those who do not follow this path, who on the contrary develop in themselves coarseness, aggressiveness, cruelty — their destiny is hell.

The information I am telling you now was not invented by me. No, this knowledge was imparted to people by God; the Holy Spirits taught this knowledge to embodied people in the past and teach it now.

Among such Teachers we know, in particular, Thoth-the-Atlantean (He was Hermes Trismegistus in His next Divine Incarnation), Pythagoras, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, the Divine Teachers of later epochs and our Contemporaries. (This information is presented most fully in our book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present).

* * *

So, what do we need to do in order to advance successfully to our true and ultimate Goal?

We must:

— study the will of God and aspire to ethical purity,

— develop ourselves intellectually,

— take care about the energetic purity and health of the organism, strive to make it as pure as possible,

— master the methods of psychical self-regulation which allow one, in particular, to transform oneself into a growing spiritual heart and to refine oneself as a consciousness. Invulnerability of the consciousness, by the way, is its inability to leave subtle and pure states, independent of the circumstances,

then we must:

— gain the ability to live in the state of inner quietness (hesychia), because successful meditative work can be performed only against such a background,

— then one has to develop oneself quantitatively (as a consciousness); an individual consciousness can be grown to giant sizes — thousands or million times larger than the size of the human body,

— then one needs to explore the structure of the Absolute with the developed consciousness, to settle in more and more subtle strata of the Absolute up to the Abode of the Creator,

— and to help others on this Path.

Let me note right away that attempts to use drugs with the purpose of going to “other worlds” are wrong: they result in destruction of the health both of the body and of the consciousness.

Probably, some points mentioned above need to be commented.

For example, one may say: “Now everything is clear to me! Now I will go to God! I will learn to meditate! Now I understand that there is no need to finish school, there is no need to go to university!” Yet, this would be a wrong conclusion. All forms of education not only enrich us with various information, but they also develop the THINKING FUNCTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS. And without a well-developed intellect, one cannot traverse the entire Path: one will UNAVOIDABLY go astray from it and will be lost.

* * *

As for avoiding contamination of the organism and cleansing it, the following advice is helpful. One needs:

— to wash the body daily with soap, if possible,

— to eat food containing a complete set of necessary amino-acids and vitamins; food cooked of bodies of killed animals has to be excluded completely: such a nutrition is wrong from the ethical standpoint and from the energetic standpoint as well, because it prevents the refinement of the consciousness and causes manifestations of gout and other diseases,

also one needs:

— to avoid close emotional relationships with energetically coarse people; such contacts are especially unfavorable in sexual relations,

— one needs to be in nature often, especially in the morning and evening; attunement of the consciousness with the subtle beauty of nature is a powerful purifier of the soul; we demonstrated this in our previous films,

— there are also special techniques of Raja Yoga which allow one to achieve quickly the purity of the energy structures of the organism, that is the chakras and meridians,

— and then, on the stage of Buddhi Yoga, one continues the work on removing bad energies from the organism and on MAKING THE CELLS OF THE BODY DIVINE.

* * *

By the way, what is the difference between Raja Yoga and Buddhi Yoga?

Raja Yoga is the stage of cleansing the organism and further self-development within the physical body and the energy cocoon around the body.

When everything necessary is done on this stage — one can continue the work on the stage of Buddhi Yoga, that is the work on the development of oneself as a consciousness outside the body and the cocoon. It is the methods of Buddhi Yoga that help one to become a Mahatma — a Great Atman. They also allow one to enter the Abode of the Creator — provided one knows how to do it and the Creator allows entering. After that, one continues to live in the Abode in the state of ETERNAL MERGENCE WITH THE CREATOR.

It is important to understand that one can exit from the physical body into the Divine strata of the Absolute only if the body is cleansed to the necessary level of purity. If the body is contaminated with coarse energies, then one can exit from it only into coarse non-material dimensions. Therefore, it is inadvisable to make attempts to go outside the body if it hasn’t been cleansed well enough.

The methods of refinement and growing of the consciousness, increasing its ability of acting in the non-material worlds, also the methods of direct exploration of the multidimensional Absolute are called meditations. There are many of them. Of the higher meditations described in the ancient literary sources, one can mention the meditation Cross which Jesus Christ taught to His closest Disciples (this meditation is mentioned by Philip the Apostle in His Gospel), the meditation Pyramid described by Thoth-the-Atlantean, the meditation of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita Supporting all living beings with the hands of love, meditation of Lao Tse Ocean. (You may read about them in the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present). Of course, in order to perform these meditations one needs serious preparatory training.

By the way, the ability of the consciousness which is free from the material body (though the body, at that, remains living, healthy, and able) — depends first of all on the size of the consciousness. The size of an individual consciousness defines also the so-called personal power.

It is very important to understand that on the Path to higher spiritual achievements, only the consciousness which is subtle can grow and develop successfully; the state of subtlety has to become natural, basic. If one has not achieved this status, it is quite easy to fall back to coarseness — and then such a person goes to hell rather than to the Abode of the Creator. In such cases, quite often one cannot notice one’s own degradation and coarsening…

Yet there are special techniques that help make the consciousness subtle. One of the techniques consists in working with so-called Mahadoubles of Divine Teachers. A Mahadouble is a Divine Consciousness that assumed a giant anthropomorphic form standing over the ground. In this form, our Divine Teachers appear to us.

A consciousness refined to Their Divine level of subtlety is capable of SEEING these Mahadoubles and TALKING with Them. For such an advanced spiritual seeker, They become personal Divine Spiritual Teachers. Filling the form of Their Mahadoubles with oneself provides one with invaluable initial experience of Mergence with God.

Yet this is only the beginning of the path to the achievement of Divinity.

Then one has to learn — with the help of the Divine Teachers — to live in Their common Abode: in the Abode of the Creator, in the state of firm Mergence with Him.

This Goal can be and must be realized during life in the physical body. This cannot be done after the death of the body, because it is the material body that allows the transformation the energy derived from the ordinary food into the energy of the growing consciousness.

* * *

In the works left by some incarnate Divine Teachers — that is Messiahs, Avatars — there is information about the possibility for man to achieve Immortality. What does it mean?

There are two forms of such Immortality.

In the first form, one abandons the cycle of births and deaths, that is, one does not need to be born in a body on the Earth and to die any more. This form of Immortality is achieved through the firm and full Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness in Its Abode. Further incarnations of such Divine Souls may take place — but only voluntarily and not for the sake of personal self-development but with the purpose of providing the most efficient help to incarnate people.

Yet, there is another form of Immortality — when on the basis of the achievements mentioned above, one achieves also the immortality of the physical body. This requires that the cells of the material body be brought to the Divine level of subtlety.

It was described in our book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present. Among Those possessing such immortal bodies we know Jesus Christ, Adler, and Thoth-the-Atlantean. They explained to us how one can achieve this goal — and it seems quite feasible.

* * *

Hopefully, I managed to inspire you to make efforts on the spiritual Path. Walk it! By doing so we realize the Will of the Creator, Who sent us to live on the Earth!

Now, once we have understood the meaning of our lives — doesn’t it make sense to dedicate all our time and efforts to the realization of this meaning?

Walk this Path! Even if one manages to traverse not the entire Path but only some part of it — anyway this makes one’s life happier in the current incarnation, and it will be much easier to continue walking the Path the next time!

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

Atman and Kundalini

March 25, 2015


The word Atman (pronounced as Atma in Sanskrit) is interpreted as the Main Essence of man, man’s Higher “I”. A in this word is a negating particle. Tma means darkness. The word tamasignorance, spiritual darkness — has the same root. Therefore A-tma or Atman means opposite to darkness, shining.

In essence, Atman is the best, Divine part of one’s multidimensional organism.

Atman is the Brahmanic Fire when we become this Fire, and the Atmic energy Kundalini — the precious content of the “money-box”, where the best of us, which has been accumulated in all previous incarnations, is stored.

… It turns out that every time man incarnates into the next body, not the entire soul gets embodied, but only that part of it which requires correction and improvement. But God saves the best of it, i.e. something that has been nurtured against the background of the emotion of the most tender love, in this “money-box”. Nonetheless, Kundalini still remains a part of the human multidimensional organism and takes part in its life activity.

Ordinary material food that we eat is used by the organism for growth and renewal of the cells of the body, but it also provides: a) the energy for the activity of the muscles, nervous system, glands and for other needs of the body, b) the energy stored in the organism in the form of special bio-chemical links at the molecular level, c) energy for the chakras and other energy structures, and d) energy for the direct growth of the consciousness.

Therefore, both qualitative and quantitative growth of individual consciousness is ensured, on the one hand, by the quality and quantity of material food and on the other hand by intensity and quality of life (that is spiritual or non-spiritual, in the true meaning of these words).

At the end of the world, all Kundalinis get infused into the Consciousness of the Creator. But the souls that failed to unite with Atman by that time get disintegrated to the protopurusha state.

Let us get back to the transformation of energy. Our bodies are as factories where transformation of “material” energies into the energy of the consciousness takes place. But the quality of the growing consciousness primarily depends on what emotions we live in: subtle and the subtlest — as opposed to “gray” or “black” (coarse) ones.

As we can see from the above said, God “feeds” and “grows” evolving thanks to the transformation of food in our bodies, which was created by Him from akasha. The energy produced in our bodies from this food transforms ideally into Atmic energy, which He then “infuses” into Himself. From this the role of creation of the worlds and the place of all living beings, including us, people, in His Evolution becomes clear once and for all.

So, if we love God — let us take an active part in this process! And, as we can see, it makes sense to express love for God not by begging something in front of the icons but by increasing our Atmic potentials by living actively in emotional love.

… The Kundalini resources of people differ. They depend on the number and quality of lives we have already lived, as well as on how we live in this one.

Our Kundalinis usually exist in akasha inside the body of our planet.

Echoes of the knowledge about Kundalini gave birth to the myths that every person has a sister-soul, meeting with which is what everyone dreams about.

Kundalini is connected to the body of each man with a special energy canal that enters the body at the front part of the muladhara chakra. Kundalini participates in the organism’s activity in various ways, including replenishment of the embodied part of the consciousness. The greater Kundalini one has, the richer his or her spiritual potential and spiritual expressions are.

But being Divine (identical to the energy of the Creator by its quality), the energy of Kundalini is still individualized. It is like a drop which is not merged yet with the Ocean of Primordial Consciousness.

When man matures in a series of incarnations up to the stage when the current incarnation can become the last one and when all defects of the incarnate part of the consciousness are eliminated — the time comes when the Kundalini may be brought up to the body, raised through it, and merged with the remaining part of the consciousness. After that, one has to infuse with Kundalini into Paramatman (i.e. into the Highest Atman, into the Ocean of Universal Primordial Consciousness).

* * *

Accumulation of person’s Kundalini takes place only when he or she is in the emotional state of tender love. This is what God wants from people. These are the states that He calls us to live in. For example, Jesus taught: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another!” (John 13:34), “And above all things have fervent love among yourselves!…” (1 Peter 4:8), “Beloved, let us love one another!…” (1 John 4:7), “Be brotherly loving one another!” (Romans 12:10).

Where can we experience states like this? First of all — in harmonious sexual relations, filled with tenderness, which are inspired by the understanding that subtle and pure harmony of love this is what God wants from us the most, this is an important part of the Path to God, by this we enrich not only ourselves but also Him. We also learn how to love when we take care of our children with joy and tenderness, or when we attune to subtle works of art filled with tenderness.

People, who have become established in these states, later prove capable of experiencing intensive bliss from the direct communication with God.

These states, collectively called sattva, are the states that God wants us to live in — for it is in them that we can grow directly (as consciousness), preparing ourselves to the total Mergence with Him, directly participating in His Evolution.

All our opposite states (they are called tamas) do not contribute to this and thus are not pleasing Him. And by cultivating them we turn ourselves into the “waste of the Evolution”, destine ourselves for living in the “cesspool” — hell — regardless of our being members of a particular religious organization and our fervor in performing its rites and “sacraments”.

… It is significant that aggressiveness and violence are typical of people who belong to the tamas guna; they have a zealous desire to make all other people similar to themselves.

This gives birth to “holy” wars, to propagation of alcoholism and eating bodies of animals, and to desecration of the beauty and value of sexual relations.

Or look at the “religious” rules that demand people to enter the “legitimate” marriage “blindly”, without studying sexual compatibility with the partner first.

But people differ dramatically by their sexual features! And successful matches in this respect are rather rare than common! And the majority of spouses in the “religious” marriages suffer and torture each other in sexual disharmony…

But sects prohibit divorces…

And now let us look — is this what God wants?

… Sattva guna (sattvic state) — is the state, which God calls all of us to live in.

Sattva guna is bliss!

And the state of God is also bliss!

Those who got accustomed to bliss on the Earth — easily enter into the Creator’s Bliss.

However, the process of entering the Abode of the Creator requires additional efforts. Sattva should not become a “trap” for us; since it can appease us with the earthly kind of bliss and make us give up efforts on active cognition of the Creator in His Abode, on entering it and Merging there with Him.

Yes, if we grow ourselves (as consciousnesses), living in the states of subtlest love and “feeding” the “furnaces” of our bodies with food adequate to the spiritual Path — that is killing-free, which does not contain alcohol, drugs and other toxins, is rich in vitamins, microelements, protein — in this case we successfully fulfill our individual minimum plan in the Face of God.

But He also has a maximum plan for us. It implies that we try to perfect that part of ourselves (jiva) that lives in the body apart from Kundalini. Then we will be able to enter into Him with the whole of ourselves, retaining full awareness, and then to help other embodied people from the highest Divine level, like Divine Teachers that are frequently mentioned in this book do.

But let us get back to work with Kundalini.

The term raising Kundalini, well known from yogic and occult literature, denotes the method of bringing this energy to and carrying it through the body.

The word Kundalini means snake. The origin of this term will become clear as we proceed with this issue.

We have already discussed that bringing Kundalini to the body can be performed only by a Divine Teacher. But subsequent stages of the process are conducted with participation of the aspirant.

Here God encounters a difficulty, about which He says Himself and which consists in the lack of knowledge about work with Kundalini that people have lost due to the ignorance that prevails on the Earth.

This is why the work with Kundalini now can only be performed within few spiritual schools that reached a high level of competence.

I want to note that any attempts to “awaken Kundalini”, for example, by knocking the coccyx on the floor, which is recommended by various pseudo-gurus, do not have anything to do with the truth. (They believe that Kundalini is stored in the muladhara chakra, which they think is located in the coccyx. But in reality neither muladhara chakra nor Kundalini has any relation to the coccyx). Attempts like this can result only in bioenergetic or mental disorders.

… So, God brings Kundalini to the body of His worthy disciple first. (I want to mention that developed Kundalini has a size of many kilometers).

Then quite a fine work on carrying Kundalini through the body should begin.

The prerequisites for this kind of work are absolute cleanness and perfect development of all necessary energy structures of the organism: all seven chakras, sushumna, chitrini, the front and the middle meridians, as well as the developed clairvoyance abilities of the aspirant.

The process of raising Kundalini usually takes many days, a month or more. (Although the use of special places of power can help shorten this process significantly).

The exercise of raising Kundalini is performed in the horizontal position of the body and repeated many times.

Every time the passing of Kundalini through the body is initiated by the practitioner: he or she reaches with a hand of the consciousness through the muladhara chakra for the Kundalini, which was brought to the body, and as if he or she stirs the head of the snake that is coiled up there. Then the energy of Kundalini starts flowing through the body, washing and purifying it with the Atmic power, healing its remaining defects. The aspirant, like a hospitable host, has to let the flowing energy through a particular meridian into all the chakras and all the segments of the body.

Upon passing through the body, Kundalini spills out through the sahasrara chakra and concentrates over the head. One should learn how to become one with this energy by merging with it inside this accumulation. In this way we accustom ourselves to living in the state of Atmic subtlety.

The Atmic energy Kundalini, brought in this way through the body, infuses then into Paramatman (Highest Divine Atman, the Heart of the Absolute). Thus the practitioner moves There — with a very significant part of oneself.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)


Religion — and Religious Movements and Schools

March 23, 2015


The word religion is translated from Latin as “Mergence with God” or as “Path to such Mergence”.

All religious movements created by God among people were created by Him with that purpose.

Yet with time these movements get perverted by people — up to the completely opposite — because they were led not by true spiritual adepts but by aggressive and selfish primitives, who seized the power in them. These organizations, conceived and established by God, were converted by people into sects.

But in many countries there were also heroes who cognized the Creator and served Him by opposing the evil of religious perversions.

The fanatics of those sects very often persecuted and killed such heroes. Yet many of them managed to create spiritual Schools and to help a number of good souls to approach the Creator.

And now in many countries there exist or appear new religious leaders who create their religious organizations.

These organizations are quite different though. And one cannot say that all of them go in the right direction, although very often their leaders claim that they are guided by God and that they hear His directions and follow them… Why then are they so different? What is the reason?

… We have discussed already that people of the same society, living at the same time may differ much. Among them always:

— the majority are psychogenetically young souls,

— there is a certain fraction of people (depending on the cultural traditions in the present social environment) who indulge in vices; such people prepare themselves for hell; they are the “waste” of the Evolution; as we have discussed already, people prepare themselves for hell primarily by cultivating in themselves coarse emotional states: hostile attitude towards everyone, hatred, anger, irritation; drug addicts including alcoholics also degenerate,

— in every country there are also a number of people who are mentally defective from birth; they can be incarnations of souls who in their past lives were alcoholics or other drug addicts; they are born by parents with adverse destinies (which they themselves formed),

— there are people with average and high level of intellectual development, working more or less successfully in various kinds of social activity,

— and there are those who have passed already the stages of the development of the consciousness which allow them in this incarnation to approach the Divinity or even to attain It.

The religiosity of these groups of people depends on all these factors.

For example, I knew a sect whose followers intentionally developed in themselves the ability to hate intensively — for the sake of gaining power over people…

Another similar group of “sorcerers” with the same purpose “charged” themselves on negative places of power with devilish energy…

There are also certain sects and groups created by sexual maniacs who disguise their activity as religious work.

There are some schools of “modern psychology” created by diabolic persons, who like to humiliate and mock people. These monsters justify their activity by the necessity of destructing the lower “I” of their victims…

… If we want to consider more “decent” level of sectarianism, then one can mention such typical methodological errors as wrong understanding of the localization, structure, and functions of the chakras; one’s focusing attention only on the lower or on the upper chakras; harmful exercises of assigning colors to the chakras according to the colors of the rainbow; wrong opinions about the methods of work with Kundalini, which is allegedly located in the coccyx; worshipping astrological fantasies, taking for “teachers” spirits and “aliens” — instead of the Holy Spirit, etc.

… In order to come from the description of negative phenomena in pseudo-religious environment — to positive ones, let us consider what is really advisable to develop in oneself for the sake of approaching the final Highest Goal:

— We have discussed the necessity of the development of the intellect. It is very important to accumulate as much natural scientific knowledge as possible — in the fields of medicine, bioenergy, fundamental psychology, ethnography, astronomy, on the history of development of religious-philosophical thought. One has to know also the political matters. After all, our spiritual studying is intended for our growth to the Divinity. And one cannot achieve this by meditative exercises alone: one has to strive to approach the Divine competence in everything most important! And this requires a large broadness of outlook!

— It is very important to master harmonious communications with living nature. In order to learn to love the Creator, one has to master first love for His Creation with all its creatures. And this cannot be done in rooms, or museums, or laboratories, or temples. On the contrary, in harmonious natural landscapes with various manifestations of life — if one has a correct (that is loving, careful) attitude towards them — this can be achieved naturally and easily.

— Good health is also important: the purity of the consciousness and its quantitative growth are not possible without good health of the body. Therefore, one necessarily has to study and follow the principles of a healthy way of life — this concerns nutrition, tempering the body, correct ways of clothing the body and curing it from most common illnesses.

— Skills in esthetics with its various aspects — in music, dance, painting, photography, etc. — are important in the work on the refinement of the consciousness.

— The strength of the body, developed through physical labor and sport training, is favorable for accumulating the power by the subtle consciousness. It is also very useful to master the skills of self-defense — in order not to be timorous in contacts with the representatives of the human filth. Yet, excessive keenness on martial arts cannot be considered as a good quality on the spiritual Path: the spiritual Path is the Path of Love rather than aggression!

— Skills of psychic self-regulation including the ability to relax the body and mind, to move the concentration of the consciousness within the body (in particular, in the chakras and main meridians) and then outside the body — are essential for success in spiritual work.

— Everything listed above is necessary. One cannot succeed without this. Yet the most important thing is to develop oneself as a spiritual heart — the organ of spiritual love. “God is Love”! Therefore, in order to approach Him, one has to transform oneself into Love. In other words, one has to accustom oneself to living constantly in the state of love — including love for those who attack you, torture and kill your body!

— It is also important to have the correct knowledge about God, about the meaning of our lives and the ways of its realization. The work of any religious organization cannot be effective without forming in its followers the attitude towards God as to a Real, Living Main Teacher, as towards a Goal that we have to cognize, as towards the Main Object of Love.

* * *

… And the last thing: how can one distinguish between true prophecies originating from God — and jokes and mockery of the inhabitants of hell or other spirits?

For highly advanced spiritually disciples of God it is not difficult: they see with the eyes of the heart their Divine Interlocutors and easily converse with Them. Divine Teachers cannot be confused with someone else: They are giant and subtlest Consciousnesses. And even colors of Them as Consciousnesses are also opposite to those of the inhabitants of hell: the color of the former is tender-goldish-white; the color of the latter is coarse-black.

Yet beginner mystics who have not learned to attune to the Divine subtlety get often confused in this matter.

So are there criteria for distinguishing the information of this kind if one cannot see directly its source? The answer is yes.

First, God never suggests to anyone to do anything harmful to others.

Second, God tells about how one can approach Perfection, how to help others in this. Devils and demons say flowery yet meaningless words and provoke one to do ethically inadequate and foolish deeds. God also never makes forecasts except for concrete situations: for example, go to that place not sooner than this date, before it the weather will be bad…

Also God never encourages vicious desires like one’s striving for wealth.

He helps to perform only that which He needs in His Evolution.

Earthly passions of unwise people are encouraged only by those non-incarnate beings who lived in such desires and are competent in these matters…

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

How Can We Fall in Love With God?

March 8, 2015


Our love for God must guide us not towards attainment of paradise but towards reaching even greater spiritual heights — towards Mergence with the Creator in His highest eon. This is what He expects us to accomplish, because this constitutes His Evolution, His very Life! And if we love Him, we have to do this — for His sake, not for our sake!

It is good to fall in love with Him — to such a degree that we long for Him, being unable to find any peace without Him!

Being in love with God must become similar to being passionately in love with another person! It implies longing for the real Mergence — the Mergence of consciousnesses, just like human souls, flaming with love for each other, merge.

In order to fall in love with God like this, one has to know about Him as much as possible.

And He can be cognized in reality, not only intellectually.

But He becomes audible, visible, and tangible only for those who have reached the Godlike state of the soul.

God is Love. And only those who have also become large, refined, and strong Love can perceive Him like this. And Mergence with God for them becomes not just mere words but their own experience.

… Those who attained Mergence with the Creator become integral Parts of Him forever. But, when necessary, in order to accomplish Their Missions on the Earth or on other planets — They can separate a Part of Themselves without losing unity with Him.

Jesus described this, using the image of a vine (John 15): from the “Soil” (that is from the Consciousness of Universal God-the-Father) comes the “Trunk” — the Consciousness of a Divine Teacher, Who supports with the “Hands-Branches” many embodied souls.

In this way Divine Teachers manifest Themselves for embodied people. At that, They can either have physical bodies (be embodied) or not.

Incarnate Divine Teachers work not only where Their physical bodies are present: They can be with Parts of Themselves-Consciousness in any place on our planet and work there. They (as Consciousnesses) are incomparably greater than our planet; They place only very small parts of Themselves in Their bodies.

* * *

Let me dwell on it some more to clarify the difference between pagan “deities” and personal Manifestations of God-the-Father. Confusion regarding this issue is primarily due to the fact that almost all religious people do not know about the multidimensionality of space.

The criterion here is the following: only that One is a Part of the Creator Who lives in the state of Mergence with Him in the highest primordial eon, which is one for the whole boundless universe.

As for pagan “deities” — they are either fictitious folklore characters or real spirits of a certain (but not the highest) level of evolutionary advancement.

God in the aspects of the Creator, the Highest Teacher and the Ultimate Goal for all of us, is One, though He consists of a multitude of Perfect Consciousnesses merged together. What They have in common is that all of Them live in the Abode of the Subtlest Consciousness and act on various “islets” of the Creation by coming out from this Abode.

It is clear now, is it not?

All that we have to do is to get into There and to establish ourselves There in Mergence with the Creator.

* * *

The most fundamental landmark in the beginning of this Path is realization of the functions of the spiritual heart (the energy of the anahata chakra or the middle dantian). This energy structure of the human organism is the organ responsible for generation of the emotions of love.

Very few people have a developed spiritual heart “from birth” (i.e. from the previous incarnation).

Some women can easily succeed in developing the functions of this organ in a harmonious marriage, since the female organism with its typical hormones and erogenous mammary glands directly connected to anahata, and which also provides an opportunity to perfect one’s love by taking care of children, gives the souls embodied into female bodies a matchless advantage over the “stronger” (in coarseness and violence) sex.

For the rest of people, the use of special psychic techniques, which have been developed by spiritual schools of Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and other religious traditions, remains the only possibility to change themselves dramatically.

… God is Love. He asserts this Himself. Everyone who has really cognized God can also confirm this.

And in order to become Godlike, we have to become Love in the literal sense of this word.

One begins to accomplish this with accustoming oneself to living permanently with the concentration of the consciousness in the anahata chakra.

That brings the energy of the consciousness to the state of emotional love.

After that, with the help of meditative training, one gradually expands in this state to become significantly larger than the body and then to encompass the whole Earth with the spiritual heart, and later to embrace God with oneself turned into Love.

In this way we can become “universal spiritual hearts” and infuse ourselves into the Ocean of the Universal Creator.

But in order to realize this simple scheme, one has to perform an enormous amount of work. The problem is that God does not let in Himself the unworthy.

Now let us talk about realization of this scheme — gradually, from the very beginning, — so that the unworthy may become worthy of complete spiritual self-realization even in the current incarnation.

* * *

One has to begin spiritual work with studying and accepting the concept of the Path. Then follows initial ethic self-transformation, and only then one enters on the spiritual Path and starts walking it.

The word spirituality originates from the expression of Jesus Christ: “God is Spirit”. That is, spirituality stands for association with or likeness to God-Spirit. And the spiritual Path is the Path of gradual transformation of oneself into Him. This transformation is realized through growth and qualitative change of the spiritual heart first of all. In other words, the spiritual growth is one’s growth as a spiritual heart.

I have described already how one can become a spiritual heart and transmute oneself further. Now I want to note that the criterion of the first success is the ability to look at the outer world from within the chest with the “eyes” of the soul (not in a figurative but in the very literal sense!).

When we begin to experience ourselves not as bodies but as free consciousnesses, then we begin to see with the eyesight of the soul.

It is with this eyesight that unembodied spirits see. And with this eyesight God sees what happens to us in His Creation.

One can say also that the Creator is the Heart of God — God in the aspect of the Absolute.

This is why one can know Him and merge with Him only after having become a perfect spiritual heart.

* * *

In one of the greatest spiritual scriptures — the Bhagavad Gita — there is an omission that resulted in a multitude of errors of people who tried in vain to attain Perfection without love, not through love.

Namely, in a talk with Arjuna, Krishna, pointing to His chest, said that between these “eyebrows” one has to open an exit of the Atmic Energy (it was a joke: He pointed to the hair on His male chest)…

But His gesture was not mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, and the joke was not understood by the readers and later many people were trying to “open the third eye” — the eye of the soul — not from the spiritual heart but from the one of the most coarse chakras — ajna.

But the results were always sad: dramatic coarsening of the consciousness and sometimes stresses and health disorders. (In some cases people acquired the ability to see the colors corresponding to various emotional states of other people, but it had no value for the spiritual Path; it only “strengthened” this vicious tradition).

That is, one has to open the “third eye” (trikutta) not on the forehead but in the center of the chest.

If you do not believe me now — you may ask Krishna, as I did. But first you have to get close to His state and, having become a developed spiritual heart, learn to see Him as a Divine Consciousness. (Otherwise you will hear anything from a demon who calls himself as Krishna).

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

“Raising” of Kundalini

February 24, 2015

Practice of the Straight Path: Higher Methods

Before we can enter the Abode of the Creator, we have to complete another significant stage of work — “raising” of Kundalini.

Kundalini is Atmic (of Divine level of subtlety) energy of consciousness that everyone accumulated in all the best moments of all their previous incarnations. It is produced and accumulated when we are in the states of tender and refined love. But this energy does not get embodied every time the incarnating part of the soul (jiva) enters into its new body, but is “stored” in a sort of “money-box”, whose shape resembles an elongated balloon.

The size of this structure, when it is developed, is measured by kilometers; it is located in the corresponding subtlest eon inside our planet at the level of its mantle. The size of Kundalini correlates with the level of evolutionary maturity of the soul.

Kundalini and jiva of each man represent an integrated system, being connected together by a special energy canal, which is attached to the lower front part of muladhara.

Only those people can “raise Kundalini” up to their bodies and use it in spiritual work who have accumulated a sufficient amount of this energy, i.e. mature and worthy of entering the Abode of God-the-Father and Merging with Him.

So, as it must have become clear for the reader by now, Kundalini is not located in the muladhara chakra and all the more it does not have anything to do with the coccyx, as some authors write in their books. And the “raising of Kundalini” can be attained neither by beating the coccyx against the floor nor by jerky dancing. Exercises on “raising Kundalini” that Rajneesh was teaching his admirers were nothing but jokes.

The true “raising of Kundalini” can be performed only after completing the preparatory stages of work, which were described in this book, at special places of power (or without them) with the help of a competent spiritual Master or directly by a non-incarnate Divine Teacher.

The purpose of the “raising of Kundalini” is: first — to merge this accumulated individual Atmic energy with the Creator (Paramatman), second — to perform “burning through” of the body cells with the Atmic energy that heals and transforms them, and third — to learn to identify oneself with Atman. The latter becomes possible when Kundalini has come through the body (this must be performed in horizontal position; the body lying on the back) and formed a new energy accumulation behind sahasrara.

It follows from the above said that before starting to “raise Kundalini” one has to think twice.

If the energy of Kundalini is transferred into Paramatman, the person (as an individuality) loses it. And the only correct way out of this situation for such an adept is to merge the jiva with the Creator in the current incarnation. If this does not happen (for example, if the adept, who has not become well established in subtlety, reverts to coarse emotional states because of a certain reason) — the next time he or she incarnates, it will be without this invaluable energy potential and the person will have to accumulate it again starting from scratch.

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Vladimir Antonov
Ph.D. (in biology)

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